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Bullet Tears

She looked at his crisp uniform

He looked at the sullen sky

Tears had started welling up

When he said that it isn’t a goodbye

He left his harmonica with her

The teary eyes looked at his medal clad chest

She said,” Play one tune when you return,

Just one part if not the rest.”

He heaved a painful sigh

As her eyes spoke of all her fears

No bullets had hit him

As hard as his daughter’s tears


52 thoughts on “Bullet Tears

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  1. SMiles

    Akshita Beautiful

    Tears For A Hero

    For my Wife Difficulty

    Of Missing Someone

    Who Never Showed

    Love Never Met

    Her Father
    Mother rarely
    Showed Love

    To Her

    Nor Did My
    Father To Us

    Yet My Mother
    Radiant Smiling




    Is Sadder

    Than Tears

    Of A Hero

    Is the
    In This
    World Where
    No Heroes Exist
    At All True This World

    Needs More Every Day Love๐Ÿ˜Š

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