My Doll

I had a doll

Which did all sort of bad things

Scary, terrifying and terrible

Incidents you’ll be afraid of reminescing

She took out my cat’s eyes

And played with them like ball

We never saw her doing it

But she was with them in the hall

A voice used to sing at night

A sad and haunting croone

It lead to the doll’s cupboard all the time

That prolonged lullaby tune

She killed the neighbour’s dog one day

With its insides all pulled out

We found a blood knife

It was her, without a doubt

My parents are throwing the doll away

Instead I got a new ball

Now I’ll have to be good and quiet

Till I get another doll

50 thoughts on “My Doll

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  1. Ah Yes β€œThe Shadow”
    Doll Humans Who
    Do Not Bring It
    Out in Arts in

    Life to

    Master it
    Akshita Often

    Find Themselves

    Slave to Shadow

    Doll For

    No Reason

    Yet Refusing To


    Dark Within

    Exists And

    Is Here

    To Develop

    Back Bone To

    Love Without

    Fear And

    Least Harm

    For If We Do Not

    Master The Dark of Us
    Shadow Doll of Others




    Our Unconditional

    Love For Them



    We May

    End Up With

    Stranger Of Our
    Shadow Alone And
    True the Inability for

    Younger Generations
    To Face Confront And
    Relate To Shadow Within
    And Cooperate With The
    Whole of Humans Dark



    Is Why

    So Many
    Folks In Younger
    Generations in

    Part Are



    And Even Suicidal
    For While Material
    Goals May Rise Poverty

    Of Not Coming
    To Understand
    And Cooperate
    With Both LiGHT
    And DarK of SoUL
    Within And Others

    Too Is Greatest



    Of All Not
    Becoming Best
    Cooperative FRiEnD
    Of Whole Soul Within



    Both Sun And
    Moon DarK And LiGHTπŸπŸ™πŸƒ

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  2. Your writing is always so powerful and alive…you have a gift of making your words so palpable! Great writing, my friend! And an epic ending πŸ–€πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ€—

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