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I am Jealous

It’s hard to watch

Hard to remember

All that she does to me

All that she did

So well liked

She had so many friends who loved her

Always the best, coming out on top

Skillfull and affable

Smart and confident

Every quality you’d like

I wonder when the success got to her head

And when she turned into what I am

I am jealous of her

I am jealous of my past

I am jealous of what I was

I know this is too vague, cryptic and probably even cringy but I had vot this idea and so had to write on it.

Have a great Sunday and week ahead!!


50 thoughts on “I am Jealous

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  1. Reality is Every Now We Transform
    Into A Slightly Different Existence
    As Human Being And Yeah..

    In Eras of My Life Then i’ve
    Wondered What Happened

    To Those Smiling Eyes and
    Joy For All of What Life Offers As Present

    With Fears of What Future Brings too…

    With Enough Years And Hehe


    We Finally
    May Find

    The Inner Manual

    So We Won’t Have to
    Look Back to Older Days for
    Better Days WHere Every Now

    Becomes A Better Now to Create
    in Colors of Life Real… This Much i Know
    Feel and Sense for Sure A Best Day oF A Life

    May Not Come Until one is Almost 61 Where one

    Feels the Most Love The Strongest of All And the Most

    Fortunate to Be Alive too… True It’s All About A Better Day Now

    To make

    It This

    Way Truly

    Present Now
    Akshita the Ups
    And Downs That
    Stay Yet Rising Higher
    in Change We Help Create And Master Now..:)

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      1. Move And Repose
        How Many Scholars
        Of Soul Express



        In All Existence

        Dear Akshita
        Night Makes Day


        Sunrise Same

        TWiLiGHT Balance


        God Sees
        All Us Seeds

        Living Trees Indeed๐Ÿ™

        Forest God BreatheS EAsE

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