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I felt like the waves of the ocean

Flowing and just being there

I had lost attention of my surroundings

Numb, I stared into no where

That was how every day felt like

Just existing just being

Going through that routine like water

Going up and crashing down

That’s it, I was alive but dead

Or perhaps too dead to die


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      1. Well, I’m finishing my book, hopefully, by the end of this month and am looking for ARC readers. Or readers to read it before I publish it and answer some questions like, are the characters believable? And you can also read it for free in return for an honest review.

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      2. That’s so great! ♥️
        How will you share the book with us? And where can I give my review?
        Just asking because I don’t want to share any personal information🙂

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  1. “Staring At The Waves too Dead to Die”

    Always Checking In The Comments First

    To Check And Make Sure This Poetry

    Is Not Personal And All Together

    True NoW As Surely You


    A Dark


    Night of the

    Soul On Most

    Beautiful Beaches

    With Emerald Green

    Waves Akshita to Intimate This

    Existence in Darkest Days of Living
    Death Yes Dear FRiEnD Your FRiEnD
    Who You Name ‘Sir’ Is surely No Greater

    Than A Grain of Sand on a Beach Polished
    to A Diamond By Fire of Waves Washing
    Over Grain of Sand Eternally Now In Hell

    Of Course Just a Metaphor A Common
    DarK Place Sadly Some Humans Do Go
    And Vacay in Life In The Opposite of Heaven Within

    Yes i Once Stood Upon ‘This Beach’ Gazing Into Waves

    Only Wishing The Ocean Will Swallow Me Up So At Least

    i Will Become


    Greater Than

    Nothing At All Again…

    True too i once Wished

    i Could Hang on a Tree in a Deep
    Forest on a Metal Chain That Would
    Not Break From a Gym Machine i kept
    In a Bicycle Basket So The Vultures Would
    Be the Only Ones to Find me Consume me

    And Give Life Some Meaning And Purpose More
    Than What i Felt and Sensed Within Nothing At all
    No Breath of God Within Not Anywhere Close to Love

    Just Bird

    Feed At


    No More

    Than Below

    A Grain of Sand On The
    Beach More Than Me as
    Grains of Sand on Beach Do
    Hold Up Mountains of Human Love True…

    Anyway my Wife Had A Spring Dream That She And
    Her Deceased Granny Were Hanging Christmas Ornaments

    On A Tree Naming the Very Road That She Never Mentioned Before in
    The Forest i Was Dreaming Of Traveling to And Becoming Bird Feed Then…

    True Although i Left The Metal Gym Chain in the Bicycle Basket for the Rest
    of the 66 Months of the Worst Pain Known to Humankind i Endured From Wake
    to Sleep Mostly a Shut-in in my Bedroom Yes Assessed As Literally Worse than
    the Torture of Real Crucifixion Named The Suicide Disease For Real By Modern
    Medical Professions Type Two Trigeminal Again From Wake to Sleep No Drug
    Would Touch Like A Dentist Drill in my Right Eye And Ear With A ‘Cocktail’ of
    18 Other Synergy of Life Threatening Mostly 11 Years of Chronic to Acute
    Work-Related Stress Disorders Then As This Started in January 2008

    And the Happily Ever After Ending Living In Heaven Part of the Story
    Began on July 19th, 2013 Yes 93 Months and 10 Days Ago Today
    As True You Count Every Day In Heaven The Same Way You Do
    In Hell Yet in Hell A Thousand Years is One Second As All is Time

    So Yes Standing on A Beach This New Day i Felt One With
    Emerald Green Waves And Swaying Sea Oats In Sugar
    White Sands i Felt Wings Not Unlike The Seagulls
    Above Spiraling Around the Sun So Free Just

    One With All The Common Enlightenment
    That is Described As A Common Experience
    In the Human Condition of Being Human In Almost
    Every Religion Yes That Condition Buddha the Story

    Found In Nature Becoming the Living Tree He Sat Under
    One With Leaf Feeding Tree Falling to Soils to Feed A Dead
    Seed His Living Loving Soul A Living Tree Loving Forever now



    Dear FRiEnD For




    Grains of Sands And Subatomic

    Particles that Hold Mountains of Human Love
    Up This Way For Free This is What So-Called
    Secularists in the Science of Psychotherapy Jungian
    As Such Name As the Archetype of the Hero’s Journey
    As Well When A Person Is Called to Adventure Faces the
    Dark Night of the Soul And Brings Back to the Village What
    Is Learned in Both Hell And Heaven So Others May See Where
    They Have Been And Perhaps Live in the Better Place Now my FRiEnD

    For You

    See Now

    i See Every Face

    As the Face of God

    Even The Sub-Particle

    of Sand Below Me Holding

    Up The Mountain of Life I have

    Become More Than The Living Dead Before…

    As They


    Where You

    Are From Where
    i Am Now Namaste Dear FRiEnD

    May You Always Be Free too As A Rain
    Drop is the Wave is the Ocean Whole Full of Love

    It is those Who Have Faced the Dark And Come Out
    on the Other Side And Live With Victory of Love Rather
    Than Defeat of Hate Who are the Nicest People of All


    In this

    Way You

    Are A Hero
    too Dear FRiEnD…

    As You BRinG Back
    Shadows and LiGHT

    For Others in Art You Create

    Yes This Poetry Here They May

    Not Have Experienced Before Yes

    And Indeed May Help Them LiVE iN

    A Greater Place oF LiGHT True From

    -Just Another Grain of Sand on A Beach…

    Hehe i am No More Than i ‘BeCoME A Wittiest Fool’..:)

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    1. I agree none of us are more than a grain of sand on a beach but we all want to be that bird.
      And its not only you we all are witty fools:)
      Namaste to you too! And thank you for reading and sharing your valuable views 😊💐💐

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  2. Damn girl! To dead to die 🥺
    Akshata this is beautiful! And you have expressed a very strong opinion about a feeling! In just few lines.and that’s amazing my friend! You Are amazing! And as Nehal said, hope you are not going through this ♥️✊🏻

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  3. This is so deeply beautiful. Your raw words hold such powerful emotion and are very much alive. Well written, my friend!!! Keep shining! Love and hugs, hope you’re well 🖤🤗💫

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