I Dreamt A Dream

Last night I viewed a strange view

That people had given up on war

There were no more gun shots heard

On streets there was no gore

There was no more discrimination

Everyone lived in harmony

They did not kill in the name of love

Nor in the name of money

Lush green forests were together in existence

With the tall skyscrapers

No more people protesting on streets

With bold slogans on papers

Animals weren’t hunted anymore

For the sake of joy or hobby

They loved us, stayed with us and laughed along

Teased us by being snobby

It shattered like all god things do

And all I had was a memory’s gleam

For once it wasn’t good to realise

That I had dreamt a dream

What We Need..

When you’re suffering from a problem

And you need help; that’s said

People, wanted or unwanted

Come to your aid

You are huddled inside a room

With those people filled in

And all at once they start

Begrudgingly, talking

They hurl advices and suggestions

Which you’ve listened to a hundered times

And what you did wrong and how to do it

Is thrown at you like dimes

You’re stuck in there

Talk and talk is all they do

You are supposed to listen to it all

‘Cause they know what’s best for you

I don’t know why they don’t understand

Even after years

That what we need isn’t a talking mouth

But, just a listening ear


You know what, I am tired of ‘they’. The people whom we address as  , “They say…” You get it?

Let me list some of their characteristics:

  • They think they know everything.
  • They have a misconception that they have a lot of brains.
  • They think they can rule everyone’s life
  • They think they are supposed to rule everyone’s life.
  • They think that everyone should live by their rules.
  • They think their opinions are the only correct ones.
  • They believe in stupidness
  • ‘They’ say a lot of things and we are supposed to go by that.

It’s time ‘they’ stop telling us what to do, how to do, when to do etc. I have not employed them and I am the sole person reponsible for my life. I know who I am and I know what I want to do.

Just the fact that I am correct does not make you wrong and just the fact that you are correct does not make me wrong.

Everyone’s opinions matter and are very important. Respect that.

Perspectives are healthy to have and we must no be afraid or ashamed to state it if it does not match everyone else’s . We are unique and our thoughts are unique.

Well, for clan ‘they’, stay happy knowing that we don’t care about what you think🙂🙂🙂

Why me?

If you have to ask “Why me?”

When in your heart you have no glee

When the world is pouring its colossal drops

And you can’t handle the mess it has caused

When the sky doesn’t look blue again

When sunlight is not fresh but a strain

And you’d rather stay in

Lying in bed; covers up till chin

Then when the sun shines bright again

The lusture, the rainbow again attains

When you bid problems adieu

Please then ask, “Why me?too


I am tired

Not by the lack of rest

Not by the fact that I have a lot of work

Or there are assignments waiting on my desk


It’s something else

The tiredness is embedded

At the back of my eyes

In my nerves, deeper within myself


I am tired of the fake people that exist

Who pretend they care about you

Who use you, make you love them

And then throw you into the dark mist


I am tired of having hope

Only to have it crushed down

By people again no less

They have left me no scope


Unfortunately, the thoughts don’t leave me

And nor do the people

I am weared down by the world

I have given up on most humans


I don’t want to be tired

But, there aren’t enough hours at night

For the kind of rest at night

So, I make a fleeting attempt to be energetic

My Secret Keeper

I could never trust a person

I always concealed the truth

As all that I said was held against me

So I trusted it with you

Every single emotion I had

That I had lied about

Was something I opened up to you

Said everything without a doubt

Every moment of sadness

Every tear that escaped my eyes

You dried it without a question

By just staring at me

I could hold your tranquil gaze

Fir days and weeks and months

And every moment you’d calm me

With you I could be upfront

All that I hated about the world

Which people didn’t want to hear

As it made them feel wrong

Was something you’d hear

It wasn’t like you would disown me

For something that I have said

That didn’t match your view

Or for which you would want me dead

That’s the reason why

I often stare so high

Standing at the window

I let my thoughts escape to you,sky

People always want to hear what will please them and act as if our opinions don’t matter. That’s why most of us often stand at windows and watch the alluring sky which soothes me and you.

A letter from Algebra

Dear Students,

I am not gonna ask you whether you are fine ’cause I know that most of you will say that I have made your life a living hell. So, let me start with the main topic of this letter.

You people are extremists! Don’t deny this because I’m gonna prove it. Some of you don’t even look at the problem and just say that Algebra is hard and I can’t do it. And the question is 2+2. I am not even there. I mean you don’t even need to work. And some of you love even questions like Riemann Hypothesis. Do you think you are the only one with problems? Half the times my child x goes missing. When I am unable to find her, I seek your help and you don’t even try😡 Yesterday, Pythagoras Theorem and Theory of Special Relativity were fighting for my niece c^2. I can even give you proof. See👇

Few days back I called up =equals to be in one of my sums. He didn’t agree with the money I was giving. I became angry and said that he is very arrogant. He then said that he is the most humble person. When I asked how he said, ” Because I am not > or < than anyone🤷‍♀️. Many people don’t even understand me. I simply said,

And people are like I don’t get you. I mean its I ate some pie!( i 8 sum pi) What is there to not understand ?🤔

Everything doesn’t end here. People come to me and crack such silly jokes. I don’t even understand how people laugh at it. They are like, ” You know why Romans liked you. For X was always 10. Haha” I was like🙄😑

You aren’t the only person with problems (that is me; get the pun?😁) I too have various other ones. That was all. I am most certainly not waiting for your reply. Yeah, before using a hundered x(s) at the end kf your letter. Remember you’re referring to me.😜

Your Satan,


Sent from:

X Land, Mathonovia.

A War Against One’s Own

The night is my biggest enemy

Or perhaps I have made it so to be

It makes me think about things

Which I want to forget, which can’t return swinging

As I lie on the bed

The night’s silence envelops my head

All those memories start seeping in

It makes me overthink

It’s hard to not do so

As my mind takes a mind of its own

I am at war again

Wasting, brawn and brain

A garrison of reasons, plethora of wrongs

Capture me like a pair of tongs

Sometimes the silence seeps in too

It never lasts though I wish it could

It’s just a glimpse, a glimpse of hope

A vision of what it could be before it copes

With reality again it crashes my mind

In the middle of war again I find

Myself, at a war not easily won

A war fought against one’s own

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