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My Secret Keeper

I could never trust a person

I always concealed the truth

As all that I said was held against me

So I trusted it with you

Every single emotion I had

That I had lied about

Was something I opened up to you

Said everything without a doubt

Every moment of sadness

Every tear that escaped my eyes

You dried it without a question

By just staring at me

I could hold your tranquil gaze

Fir days and weeks and months

And every moment you’d calm me

With you I could be upfront

All that I hated about the world

Which people didn’t want to hear

As it made them feel wrong

Was something you’d hear

It wasn’t like you would disown me

For something that I have said

That didn’t match your view

Or for which you would want me dead

That’s the reason why

I often stare so high

Standing at the window

I let my thoughts escape to you,sky

People always want to hear what will please them and act as if our opinions don’t matter. That’s why most of us often stand at windows and watch the alluring sky which soothes me and you.


52 thoughts on “My Secret Keeper

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  1. This poem is wonderful!! And for some weird reason it reminded me of my younger self 😂

    I am one of those people who listen to all my friends problem. They tell me everything and for some reason I never share stuff with people. But when something they told me bothered me, and it was their secret, and I had to get it out, I would talk to the plants in my house 😂😂😂 that actually helped in a weird way lol

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  2. Ok! Wow! Hey, fellow blogger. You know, your poems remind me of one of my favourite blogger friend, Akshita’s poems. I am always oh-so-jealous of her because she writes poems which are *100 times better than what I write.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! You started calling me Panna as well😂😆
        And my poems are not *infinity. Maybe *10? Yup. I’m not flattering you. Don’t be modest. Just accept the compliment.

        Liked by 1 person

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