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I am tired

Not by the lack of rest

Not by the fact that I have a lot of work

Or there are assignments waiting on my desk


It’s something else

The tiredness is embedded

At the back of my eyes

In my nerves, deeper within myself


I am tired of the fake people that exist

Who pretend they care about you

Who use you, make you love them

And then throw you into the dark mist


I am tired of having hope

Only to have it crushed down

By people again no less

They have left me no scope


Unfortunately, the thoughts don’t leave me

And nor do the people

I am weared down by the world

I have given up on most humans


I don’t want to be tired

But, there aren’t enough hours at night

For the kind of rest at night

So, I make a fleeting attempt to be energetic


60 thoughts on “Exhausation

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  1. Akshita such honest revelations in your poem but if you are honest with yourself you can spot them a mile away and just fly by… The real ones are treasures found and luckily you only need a few of them for a fulfulling life. 💖👏

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  2. Human Warmth More
    Materially Reductionist
    Speaking Akshita The Love
    Neurohormone Oxytocin
    We Are Wired At
    Birth To Bond
    By Mammalian
    Human Mother’s Touch
    Is A Garden We Are Nourished
    In Life In All Ways
    Human Touch
    Powerful Making
    Us So Much More
    Resilient to Every
    Human Anxiety
    And Fear
    As Oxytocin
    And Love Shares
    In All Ways Warmth of
    Touch is Literally A
    Greatest Preventive
    Human Natural
    Remedy For All
    Human Stresses
    That Are Indeed
    The Origin of
    Much Human Disorder
    Many People Have Become
    More Wired Like Cold Machines
    They Use As Science Shows
    Muscles For
    Warmth Indeed
    Yet It’s True What
    We Can and Will Master
    Is Love Yes Warmth Now
    We Give And Share Freely
    Caring With No Expect of
    Shows As
    We Master
    This Art One
    Altruistic Act of
    Kindness Will Transform
    The Giver Happier Warmer
    For Months Even The Rest
    Life When
    Love Becomes
    A Practice of Warming
    Life in Greater Ease Yet
    As You See Our Modern Life
    To No
    Time To
    Truly Breathe
    This Way And
    Yes it’s More Than
    Just Platitudes Yes It
    Is A Human Organic
    Biological Deficit of
    Mammalian Love
    This Is Why Humans
    Have “Service Animals”
    The Other
    Furry Mammals
    Still Feel And
    That Kills
    Anxiety And
    Fear Sadly What
    Humans are Becoming
    Increasing Deficient
    In Transforming Into
    Machine More
    Human Yes
    Tools We Use
    Nature In Us
    Outside Us Will
    Never Be Fooled in What
    Is True
    Of Warmth
    As Cold As
    We May Be
    Spit out As
    Love If We Don’t
    Put Love And People
    First Our Very Essence
    In Meaning And Purpose
    As Social Animal
    Yes Together
    Warm And Truly Alive😊🙏
    Have You Ever Heard Someone
    Ask What The Meaning
    Of Life is If
    They Don’t Say
    Love Obviously
    They Are
    Paradise of
    Love We Feel
    Within When
    We Fulfill
    Who We Even
    Are As Dog’s Are
    Being Hired As
    Of Love
    Replaced For
    What Ordinarily
    They Are Best
    On EartH
    Yet Only
    In Balance
    Not Transformed
    Into Cold Tools We Become😊
    Sadly I’ve Heard Many Men
    Say Feelings Are Mush And
    Worthless in Life
    A Big
    Of Why
    Life Insurance
    Is Higher For Males
    And Dudes Die Earlier
    From Heart Attacks
    Yes Love
    The Heart
    Muscle Stronger
    And Lives Flourish Longer😊

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      1. SMiles Dear Akshita Thank you
        And Yes Like Most Algorithms
        With Social Media they Can

        Be Quit Wonky As Folks
        i’ve Communicated With
        For Years May Suddenly
        End Up In my Spam Folder

        And on The other Hand
        i’ll get 20 Posts Now From
        One Person In The Reader

        In One Day Whereas i Only
        Post Once Every Two Weeks

        And my last Post didn’t Even
        Show up in my Reader And
        Apparently lots of Other Folks

        Too As You Are the Only one
        The Reader Reached Yet That’s

        Okay i Enjoy The Writing most
        And Most of My Blog Posts are
        Copy And Pastes of Who i’ve
        Already Personally Connected

        With In Poetic Letters to Folks

        All Around the Globe

        Haha no way

        To escape my

        Blog With SMiles🙌😊

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  3. Wow!!! This is amazing, so relatable and incredibly well written! Your honesty makes the piece even better…fantastic work, my friend!!!!!!! Keep shining 🤗🖤

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