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I Dreamt A Dream

Last night I viewed a strange view

That people had given up on war

There were no more gun shots heard

On streets there was no gore

There was no more discrimination

Everyone lived in harmony

They did not kill in the name of love

Nor in the name of money

Lush green forests were together in existence

With the tall skyscrapers

No more people protesting on streets

With bold slogans on papers

Animals weren’t hunted anymore

For the sake of joy or hobby

They loved us, stayed with us and laughed along

Teased us by being snobby

It shattered like all god things do

And all I had was a memory’s gleam

For once it wasn’t good to realise

That I had dreamt a dream


76 thoughts on “I Dreamt A Dream

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  1. This was beautiful writing, you truly have skill with the pen. I think almost everyone’s had this dream before – we all hope and wish for better days. This reminded me of the song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. Have you heard it before? He also wishes for a better world like this one in the song.

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  2. Ahh this poem is soo incredibly spot on and timed correctly, taking into account all that is happening around the world. I mean people are dying because of a virus but they are more worried about ethnic cleansing and territories. 😞😒 It’s just so sad. Your dream truly feels like a dream. Nonetheless, I hope it’s one of the rare ones that miraculously come true no matter how impossible it seems. Lovely poem ✨❤️

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    1. I know right!! And how can people be so inconsiderate when all they need to show is kindness? How can one hoard and do black marketing of oxygen cylinders?☹
      Yes, all we can do is hope🤞


  3. Wow so creative and filled with deep truths, my friend! I absolutely love the ending, keep dreaming this reality 🙌🏻🖤. Much love, your writing is always amazing and I look forward to your posts 🖤🖤

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