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Alone or Lonely?

I tried explaining them why I am sad. Nothing came out. Perhaps I didn’t understand it myself. And that’s when they all start talking, saying I am not alone.

I know I am not alone but right now I feel like a shooting star. Everyone looks at me, acknowledges me but I am destined to fly with other stars which aren’t like me. They don’t understand me. And they don’t even try.

It hits you now right? That being alone and being lonely is not one and same.


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  1. Lovely writing….I can recognize this….can relate to it….one can feel alone in crowd….it’s to do with the inner state than the outer surrounding…..keep expressing ✨

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  2. Thank you for sharing such a unique piece. I guess I never thought of shooting stars in that way before. True, we always pay attention when they pass, but only because they are so unique and different in the sky and therefore not like the other stars. I really liked that metaphor that you used. Yes, there definitely is a difference between being alone and lonely. Sometimes I feel alone when I’m surrounded by people.

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  3. you can’t be alone in a pack of people, but still cold and lonely at heart! You have portrayed the thin line between these two words perfectly😃

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  4. Yes akshita it does hit! To everyone. People say that it’s a phase, and don’t acknowledge it always. People say it’s a phase. I shall pass. But it wouldn’t pass until the society the people help us to! I am surrounded with billions of people. Yet I feel alone. I get goosebumps thinking that. A phase May pass. “May” pass! Help us fight that phase. Help us society!

    Oo akshita this feels like a part 2 of your post. Delete this comment 😂 I want to make it into an article of my own

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    1. I know right. It feels sacry and complicated and I just wanna get back to my old state of mind.
      Well, whenever you need someone to let it all out, I am here
      Hehe, I’ll be the first one to read that post

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      1. Aww akshita it feels so good when someone says “I am there”
        I am so blessed to be a part of this community! You guys are awesome! I feel detoxed here! 🖤😘

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