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It Took Over

I see you lying there

It’s a bittersweet feeling

It feels me jubilation and yet grief

As I see you there, still and lying

A gasp marks your face

Your eyes wide with shock

I think I see a few unshed tears

A lot of red though, on your frock

I loved you friend, trust me when I say that

But I couldn’t forgive you for that night

And that’s why you are at a chaotic peace

As I stand by with happiness and fright

You could have saved me from the torture of jail

After all, I did save and gave you a cover

But sorry,sweetheart 

The darkness took over

Is this a bit too cryptic? Sorry for that


54 thoughts on “It Took Over

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  1. Yeah Akshita So Someone In Authority

    Yeah Akshita So Someone in Familiarity of Family

    Yeah Dear Akshita So Someone in the Trust of Love




    A Stranger
    Abused Love,
    Familiarity, or Power
    of Authority To Take

    What is Not Theirs The

    Personhood And Free Will

    Of Another Human Being

    Not to Be Stolen Away

    As Property Becomes

    Body Parts to





    So They Were
    Held Responsible

    So They Will Not

    Get Away With it Taking

    Advantage of Power, Familiarity

    And Trust Of Love For It isn’t Okay A

    Woman Is Human too Fully She is Not

    Just a Tool She is A Full Human With Personhood

    Free And If She Loses Her Freedom So Will They

    Or They

    Will Do

    It Again

    God Yes

    There Are


    to Pay So They

    Will Understand Other

    Lives Now Are Worth As

    Much As Their Human Being….

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  2. I didn’t think that this was too cryptic! In fact, I thought it was fascinating. The idea of feeling happy yet grief after killing someone for revenge is really interesting and not something people talk about often [maybe my interpretation was wrong, this is what I thought it was about]. Even though it was a poem, it made me imagine a whole story to go along with it. I really liked this one!

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