I Guess

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

I guess I never really knew you

I guess I never really understood you

I guess you never really found me

I guess you never really wanted to know me

And I guess you never really wanted to understand me

I guess you always hid from me

I guess you were afraid of me

I guess I was scared to find you

I guess I never knew you were there

And I guess I am not the one for you

It hurts to say this

But you is me

And me is you

And yet we know nothing of each other

How much do we allow ourselves to know ourselves?

Our Beloved Classroom

That chalk and duster

Accompanied by the blackboard

With which the teachers taught

Even if we were bored

That occasional chattering

Passing secret notes

With worksheets and question papers

Making paper boats

With divider and compass

Sculpting our own masterpiece( on the table!)

Eating food in between classes

With our besties

In the exam hall,

“Psst! What’s question 10?”

And ah, the sword fights

With our beloved pens

Giving our teachers

Funny nicknames

Throwing balls into the dustbin

From our seats, with good aim

Who isn’t familiar,

With this aspect of our lives?

For some it continues

While for some the heart strives…

How many of you relate to this post? The comment section is always open. Thanks for reading and have a good day.😊

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