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Our Beloved Classroom

That chalk and duster

Accompanied by the blackboard

With which the teachers taught

Even if we were bored

That occasional chattering

Passing secret notes

With worksheets and question papers

Making paper boats

With divider and compass

Sculpting our own masterpiece( on the table!)

Eating food in between classes

With our besties

In the exam hall,

“Psst! What’s question 10?”

And ah, the sword fights

With our beloved pens

Giving our teachers

Funny nicknames

Throwing balls into the dustbin

From our seats, with good aim

Who isn’t familiar,

With this aspect of our lives?

For some it continues

While for some the heart strives…

How many of you relate to this post? The comment section is always open. Thanks for reading and have a good day.😊


127 thoughts on “Our Beloved Classroom

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  1. This was a nice poem. But unfortunately,given the fact that the same teachers are giving us homework on the double,and setting the toughest exam papers, I don’t find myself wanting to go back to those classrooms πŸ˜₯

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  2. I remember Shamit (Book worm Shamit) was my seat partner, I was the class representative so I had access to move around; Whenever he used to move out of the class in break time or for any other reason, I used to take his stuff and give it to a random person and ask ppl to pass it until it reaches the correct person, BWS used to go crazy after seeing that his Notebook or pencil box has reached Ritikas table…

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  3. I relate to it so muchπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ. I can’t wait for Covid to be over so that schools can go back to normal. School right now is boringπŸ˜›.🀣giving teacher’s nicknamesπŸ˜†. **sigh**
    Lovely post AkshitaπŸ’œ

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  4. Such a lovely poem dearie … brought back so many memories ..
    once while eating between classes the spoon and the lid of the box fell!!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…it was so embarrassing..

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  5. I could definitely relate. You’ve captured the feeling of being in school so perfectly here – especially the part about whispering the answers to questions in the hallways. Me and my friends used to do that a lot 😊

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  6. Yes Dear Akshita
    i Surely Relate to
    The First Day of

    Catholic Kindergarten

    The Day They Tied

    me to A Desk

    And Pencil



    The Day

    The MuSiC
    Within Started
    To Die i Used to

    Have Dreams of
    Returning to Work



    Until i Became
    A Child Again
    Dancing Singing

    For No Reason



    Dance And Song 🎢

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  7. Oh goodness, this post made me realise how much I missed in 2 years of online classes. You know, there was this one time, we moved all our desks to the wall, in preparation of PTM. And there was this one eraser on the floor in the middle of the classroom and we all played with that eraser. Like 24 people playing football with one eraser. It was so fun. Can never ever forget that. Nice one AK 17!

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  8. Two years of online classes, and these memories were on the brink of going poof! And who doesn’t cherish them? I remember very well, we used to host competitions and the one who binned the paper ball from the farthest won!

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  9. It reminds me , 1.5 years back there was a time when we went to school ……. opening our tiffins beneath our table , giving teachers nicknames , using a compass to carve our names on the table , and even throwing foils in dustbin and on other student’s head , and sticking chewing gums on the table
    And running out from our PT class , those were such good days !!!!!

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  10. It’s so relatable. It’s just been a year since I passed out from school and I already miss it so much. I never thought I’d miss school ever. Thanks for the nostalgic ride!πŸ’œ

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