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I Guess

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I guess I never really knew you

I guess I never really understood you

I guess you never really found me

I guess you never really wanted to know me

And I guess you never really wanted to understand me

I guess you always hid from me

I guess you were afraid of me

I guess I was scared to find you

I guess I never knew you were there

And I guess I am not the one for you

It hurts to say this

But you is me

And me is you

And yet we know nothing of each other

How much do we allow ourselves to know ourselves?


81 thoughts on “I Guess

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  1. Hey, Akshita! Since your article is getting published in the CauseBecause magazine (it was the prize for a bonus winner), may I know your grade and state to include in there?

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  2. Brilliant piece, Akshita! โค

    In the beginning, I related it with a lost friend. The closing lines were great. I second your thoughts. At times, we do not know much about ourselves as we think we know. The scales differ. It can be capabilities, our cognition or any other aspects.

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  3. SMiles Dear Akshita
    Soul Reflecting

    H U M A N i T Y

    What Modern
    Work A Day World

    Takes From Humanity
    Most Whole Complete


    Without All
    The External

    Sidewalks Without

    Meadows Dancing
    Singing Free Within

    Others Basically Living
    Dead What Price What



    Is So-Called
    Civilization to Machine…

    โ€œSAiL On LoVE NoWโ€

    Love Sold Lost All



    CiRCuS PLaY๐Ÿคก

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  4. Wow wow wow, this is just stunning. I can totally relate to this and I truly love every single word. Thank you for this perfect piece, such a gift. Fantastically done ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค

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  5. Wow AK17! This is amazing. Reminds me of friends who are no longer friends. I love how everyone can relate to this with someone who mattered in their life. Good job!

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