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A Letter to Fictional Characters

Dear Characters,

I don’t think I am sane enough to write a proper intro coz you people have really messed my head up(in both a good way and a bad way) Leta get to the bottom to it. The letter is divided into 3 parts- Protagonists, Antagonists and Side but important characters. Lets get on with it


Clearly speaking you lot either make me want you or want to be you. Like I wanna be a demigod, a witch, a shadowhunter, a tribute/warrior, a fighter, a princess spy etc etc. And what do I say about the damn guys? All the perfect guys are you!! Leo Valdez, Zachary Goode, Rudy Steiner, Michael Moscovitz, Mathieu Beauchamp etc. Seriously, I have loved and crushed on so many perfect fictional guys that no real guy will ever be enough, you know. Like they can’t compare. Also look at the gals. While they are hunting Kronos beside a talented guy or training to be a Princess at the Plaza, I am solving trigonometry and learning the Ohm’s law with tons of other things. That’s the height of comparison. What hurts the most is when you people die. That too when I am reading night. Coz night has heightened emotions. And its really tough to not cry. And then I remember you never really existed( like my friends like to annoyingly remind me). And then I cry even more ’cause I am crying for someone I love, who doesn’t exist. *people just grew bored of your multiple sentences, Akshita*

Never mind, we’ll just move on 😪



I understand that you are intellegent and I appreciate that but why do you have to come and ruin the ✨perfect✨ lives. Are you allergic to awesomeness? They say that games make you violent but I grow violent enough with just thinking about you( Kronos, President Snow, Alan Lewis!!!) Honestly, I don’t wanna waste more energy on you, lets move on

Side but important Characters

Sep here, just reminded me how much I feel bad for you 😔 Everyone overlooks you. I know how that feels. Like most of the times the incidents happen because of you. Like without Prim we would never had Katniss! Without Mrs Ruchet, no Maude Laurent! Without Lilly no adorable Boris and Tina😉😉 get what I am saying right? And so you people ARE IMPORTANT. Take ’em seriously people!

Sometimes I wonder, people say that technology makes you ignore people but I ignore people just as well with your(characters’) help! I would just ask you to not mess with my head(not happening), not die(no chance) and just be real(impossible) Feels really hard but adieu for a second!( coz I am picking up my book as soon as I stop typing)

Yours BookLovingly,

Akshita cum all bookworms


63 thoughts on “A Letter to Fictional Characters

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  1. Percy Jackson fan hi-fi! True, I can’t get over the ‘fictional’ characters. It doesn’t matter if they don’t apparently exist in reality, they exist with you and that is good enough. The antagonists, we all hate, but we all love to hate them. Especially their witty remarks are, (hate to admit) good. In baking, we always put a pinch of salt or the flavour just doesn’t come out, similarly with a book. The side characters! God! They’re the best. Always there for the protag, always there to kick some evil ass and the worse, they sacrifice themselves. Some side characters are even better than the protag.

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    1. Hi5!
      Exactly! I love to hate! Ahh so true, i mean when they give a really witty remark I am like why can’t the prog come with a bettwr comeback, ahhh?
      Side chars are so underrated! Like from percy jackson our dear old goat boy grover and ofc Thalia!

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  2. I love what you wrote about french girl in new york series. Without mS ruchet no Maude Laurent. True to every word!!!!! And without prim no katniss.
    And that is why i like side characters too much( sometimes more than main ones!!!!)
    Loved it honestly, ( Have you read Mortal Instruments? how many times you felt wanting to kill Sebastian😂)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah matt is so so I dont know. Like can we have someone like him??!!! still today? I sometimes honestly felt angry at Maude too!
        Would someone make or devise a song like ‘New York vs Paris city’
        And the thing is it is my fav series. I can read it like any time. Just like Three Idiots movie I suppose😂

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  3. “…you people have really messed my head up(in both a good way and a bad way)” you and me both🤭🥂
    Yes no guy will probably (don’t shoot me for saying probably) ever me enough. I know😪😛
    I have almost cried so many times when protagonists die🤭😅. They are just so freaking amazing😭😍!!
    Yeah I grew bored of your multiple sentences – like seriously😒 (nah I’m just kidding😅😂)
    Antagonists seriously always have to ruin the perfect lives but then again the way protagonists sort them out makes me fall in love with them even more (the protagonists) 😍!!
    Can we honestly stress the importance of side but important characters😭?!!

    This post is so awesome Akshita🤩!!

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  4. I LOVE this post. But I think I disagree with you on the antagonists. I mean yes, if we take Percy Jackson as a reference, then the distinction between antagonists and protagonists is very much there. But like in harry potter (inner potterhead rising xD), it is very difficult to just absolutely hate the so called antagonists. Excluding Umbridge and Bellatrix of course.
    But yes, I loved this post a lot!!! It was soo relatable❤

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  5. I jumped straight to side characters first, then to protagonist and antagonist later. I’m not familiar with any character you mentioned except one or two.
    I noticed scar in the pictures which made me like side characters more because, “Timon and Pumba”.
    Makes a good morning read.

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