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Everyone says, don’t care

People always and come and go

But, how can I stop thinking about someone

Who has been inside me, forever, who left me alone?

How can I forget someone,

Who has been with me since I know of?

What can I do to forget my own past?

How can I forget who I once was?

The bubbly happy girl, always positive

Nothing on her brain, just small things

Not thinking about the problem

She would have to deal with, first thing in the morning

It’s funny how I wanted to be older as a kid

And now all I want is to be a kid again

Maybe if I sit in the rain right now

I can drown in something

Other than my nemesis,

Other than my own thoughts


65 thoughts on “Unsaid

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    1. Truee that!
      Its probably the past that makes us what we are today
      (Totally out of topic but as soon as you mentioned we may be erased with it, I suddenly recalled avengers endgame. Remember how nebula killed the old nebula? I still think how the new nebual survived coz she just killed herself in the past..)


    1. Exams are the worst
      It feels like being an adult is easy but right now only I feel like growing up is tough and I am few years away from adulthood.
      I suppose you are younger than me then😅 enjoy life rn


    1. Also panna, i am still thinking about what to give for your magazine. I had this idea. How about I ask people for book recommendations and I’ll dedicate songs to them. Would you want that? Otherwise I’d try and write a poem..

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      1. Nah, it’s done for the month. You can always send it in tho. I’ll use it for the November issue. And my magazine is not like rayna’s. It’ll only be poems, write ups, quotes and letters.

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      2. Yes it was. But I got so many already. So yeah, I knew it was exam time. DW, but I will be waiting for your Aksh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I’ve got no shame 🙂 I’m begging you to send one of your awe-mazing works!

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  1. Every word you have written is accurate! I don’t know how people cope, or I should say get rid of their past. I never had that courage to move on. I am still repeatedly get hurt from my past experiences. I know there is a lot of literature, even more people to teach you to forget your past. However, I think, when the past decides to tinge on you, it certainly will. No matter how much you have trained yourself not to feel that way.
    It is evident for humans. We desperately want to be older during childhood, and after becoming one, we regret to waste that precious childhood. Actually, we just try to run from our obligations of a particular stage of life. That’s true!!!
    Well, it’s a good composition.

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  2. Harvesting A Net of Thoughts
    Spiraling Never Ending

    Nautilus of Reproducing
    Words So How Shall A

    Hurricane Blow Greater Winds

    In Focus How Shall A Galaxy

    Spread Its Arms Perfecting

    Balance As Only A Practice

    Of Existence Now Yes

    Calm Center Grace

    The Eyes of A Child

    Unfolding Free to Absorb
    Whatever Springs next to Flower
    or Challenge Life Where Will We Go

    Will Direct Us
    From Rags to
    Riches Within Again…
    Dear Akshita With SMiLes..:)

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