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Scars and Time

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One time I got cut
The wound, though skin deep, hurt a lot.
Slowly it became a scar and faded away
Time heals everything, right?

After that I was cut again
A very deep cut
It bled. It hurt.
Took time to become a scar
But it never faded away
It bleeds sometimes, still
Mark of a painful memory
It hurts but I don’t cry like I did
Maybe just got used to the pain

Time heals everything is a fallacy
It just hides


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  1. SMiLes Dear Akshita
    i Remembered The Scars

    Until All Memories of Smiles

    And Tears No Longer Came

    Only A Breath of

    Love to

    Live Again
    No Longer Wandering
    The Earth A Ghost Not
    Realizing i am Dead Then…

    On The Other Hand It’s True Some

    Scars Just Don’t Go Away A Friend In

    Youth An Only Friend in Youth Going to

    College So Poor Then Barely Getting By

    A Stranger Friending me then Yet

    So Disturbed As Well For

    Her Father


    ‘Abusing Her’

    Such A Beautiful

    Half American And
    Guamanian Young Woman

    Some Years Later After She Got
    Married And Had Two Beautiful Loving

    Children She Ended Her Life In Her




    His Revolver Yes

    It’s True Some Scars

    Never Do Go Away

    i’ll Never Forget

    Her Scars

    Not Unlike
    my Son Who
    only Lived 51 Days
    Ryan With Only Pain
    in A Children’s Hospital…

    He Never Had A Smile at All…

    When i Lost my Smile the Feeling

    Within for 66 Months Plus Worst Pain
    Known to Humankind From Wake to
    Sleep and 18 Other Life Threatening

    Disorders With Not Even the Possibility

    of Feeling Hope or Any Other Emotion

    Only Pain And Numb i Told Myself

    Everyday Even Though i

    Couldn’t Feel

    Or Remember

    What A Smile Felt Like At

    All Yes There Were Pictures
    of me That Proved i Once Lived

    And Pictures of me Now That Prove i Came Back to Life…

    It’s True Some Scars Never Do Go Away Yet Breathe Yet Smile Again…:)

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  2. Its not the wound neither the blood which posses the utmost importance. Rather it is the enjoyment of pain, which ultimately scares. Yes! time heals nothing.

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