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These days I have become pretty good at
Smiling, all the time
Everyone says I look so happy
Everyone says I am a jolly person
Everyone says I have such a positive outlook
And that smile, it never fades

I envision someone coming to me,
And say, "I saw your mask crack",
Asking me if I am okay
I imagine that someone, knows me well enough
To know that I am feigning

But, no one around me bothers
To know what's going inside
No one seems to even think
That I probably cry myself to sleep each time
No one thinks of me

But, maybe I am the one wrong here
Isn't it me who is pretending?
Shouldn't I ask for help?
Shouldn't it be me who opens herself?
But again, don't people know its hard to do so?

So, here’s another post of #BookBits based on the quote:

“Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it twenty-four hours a day.”

Excited to see, who guesses the book!!


56 thoughts on “Visages

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  1. Something about this poem confirms my strange uncanny belief that you have a lot more going on in your life/head than you ever let on. I never said it before because I didn’t wanna sound creepy, plus it’s so obvious it’s hard to open up. Plus, I relate! I loved this poem, so so much!! 😭

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    1. First of all, its not creepy. You’re a wonderful person to have concerns about someone you don’t know irl.
      Well, it is kinda true that there are things going on and its hard to deal with them all at once. Mostly, because its scary realising that I am actually growing up. You get what i mean?
      I can’t stay I am glad you relate. Guess, we both have things going on? If you ever wanna talk or vent out, remember me❤
      And thank you nehal. Just asking makes a lot of difference 🤗❤

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  2. SMiLes Dear Akshita Death is Only Haunted

    By Those Who Have Forgotten to Inhale

    Peace Exhaling Love Eternally Now

    Yet It’s True That Also

    May Require



    Abyss of BLacK
    Hells So Cold Numb And

    Misunderstood by Those
    Awaiting Fires Loving Death
    For Heaven More As This iS How

    Death Becomes Haunted By Human
    Living Breath Dead

    Yet There Angels

    Still With Arms

    Wide Open All

    Wide Awake

    Still Loving

    This Breath
    All Connecting

    Evermore Peace
    Inhaling Exhaling Love For Ever More..:)

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  3. This is so deep and true
    And adding to the last line, it’s not just that it’s hard to open up, it’s also that they don’t understand, they think it’s easy and it’s them who make us want to pretend all the time

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  4. AK17! This poem was GORGEOUS! I love how you write so beautifully, that your poems work even without rhymes. The book is The Book Thief isn’t it? I’ve read the synopsis and I came across this quote on GR. Haven’t read the book tho. GREAT JOB!

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