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Roads to Me

I was walking forward in the quaint highway

As I thought of the roads left back

A sudden thought gripped me,

To experience what I had experienced; to look back

There was I again, in the old corridoor

Shy, timid, without a sense of dignity

Smiling at everyone, bawling when bullied

Palpable without without capability

There I was again, sitting in the empty classroom

Sobbing gently over a lost friend

Who was wrong not wronged

And yet was the one to announce the end

There I was again, sitting on my bed

Emotionless, rudderless and blasé

Broken in the worst way

As I could no longer understand who I was

And here I am again, on the highway

After living through that intense grief again

It strikes me then, that I am no longer

The shy timid girl, who never stood up for herself

Or the one who blamed herself for everything wrong

Or the one who couldn’t keep in touch with herself

Maybe what they say is true sometimes

Maybe it takes suffering to change one

Maybe I have changed, for the better

Here we are again, in this lil’ blog

As you might have guessed the “there was I again” line was inspired by All Too Well by none other than Taylor Swift!

Here’s the book quote: “Perhaps that was why I had to endure pain— because true transformation can only happen in the crucible of suffering. All impurities fall away from gold only when it’s heated to melting.”

Lets see who knows the book!


61 thoughts on “Roads to Me

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  1. SMiLes Dear Akshita As We
    Dig The Tunnels of Our Life

    It’s Nice to Come Up

    For Air In Ways

    Of Introspection

    Seeing Where We’ve

    Been And More Clearly

    The Tunnel We aRe On Now

    Hehe and Of

    Course in
    The Case

    Of Taylor
    Swift It’s Nice
    That She Gets to
    Do That And Have
    So Much Fame And Fortune

    Yet Maybe Not For With Fame
    And Fortune One May No Longer
    Be Able to Get Lost Enough in A Crowd

    To Set


    Free Away From
    The Crowd With SMiLes
    Oh to Be Target Audience
    Free Just Being Who We
    Are to BREaTHE NoW..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOVE THIS AKSHITA it’s amazing and love the way the poem flows and describes a process – amaaaazing

    AND THIS LITERALLY GAVE ME ALL TOO WELL VIBES every-time I read ‘there was i again’ atw kinda played in my mind – genius .. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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