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My Battleground

There is no war greater than 
The one going on in my own mind
The spear of my fears piercing
My own flesh and yet
Forcing the blood to stay in my veins
The swords of insecurities are
Cutting down the dreams perched on wings
The shield of acceptance lies
Shamefully aside, not even trying to protect
I look in the mirror, my scars my wounds hidden
The reflections shows a smiling, ever smiling girl
With hidden haunted eyes and hurting cheeks
I forget in moments like these
What it is like to be gentle to myself
That I am a person to be loved
That I am my own home
And not a mere vessel
It strikes me that peace cannot co-exist with war
Maybe I was always acting like my own enemy
Maybe I need to tend and nurture
My own mind, and spread white flags
In the battleground, that I have made my insides to be
Maybe I don't need the kind of self love
Which is all draining
But the kind that energizes me
Maybe all the love that girl wanted
Was the love of herself
I need to stop myself from being myself
And discover the real me
That I have stopped myself from becoming
Maybe all I ever needed was to be needed by myself

This one’s based on the quote-

“You can not stop you from being who you are.”

Tell me the name of the book if you can guess!!


58 thoughts on “My Battleground

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  1. “I forget in moments like these
    What it is like to be gentle to myself
    That I am a person to be loved
    That I am my own home.”
    You didn’t forget.
    Because you remembered.
    God is in these details.

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  2. This is a masterpiece! Phenomenal writing. I tried to pick a favourite line but I give up. Every sentence, every phrase, every WORD here is precious! I was drawn into the exquisiteness of your poetry from the very first line. Delightful poem, my friend. Fabulously done! 👌💖

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  3. Sounds Like A Great Book Dear Akshita

    As Love Matures As Life Become Naked
    Enough Whole Complete Within Energy

    Of Peace Inhaling
    Love Exhaling Moves

    From Within to Giving,
    Sharing, Caring, Healing

    With Plenty Left

    Over For


    Ride All
    The Way
    Home With SMiLes..:)

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      1. Doing ok dearie … day 1 of this year started with the message that my hubby tested positive … I too got COVID, recovered. All well now .. still in isolation n leave. So hopped in here to say hi 😬

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