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The title doesn’t leave much to imagination, does it?😅

I am going for an indefinite(probably till 2nd week of Feb but not sure) hiatus. Its a bit hard to manage the blog with academic stuff.

Sorry for not being as active as I was anyways. I promise to read all your posts once in a while or atleast once I return.

Have a great day ahead!


44 thoughts on “Hiatus🙃

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  1. Ah Yes, Dear Akshita School
    And Next Workm And Next
    Mortgage, Car Loan, and

    New Family Budding
    Sooner or Later

    Will Surely
    Take Every
    Breath of Creativity
    Away as True There are

    Only 24 Hours in A Day and
    For me at Least almost No Creativity

    From Ages 13 All the way Through Age 53
    Like Wandering A Desert for For Those Long Years
    Then Without too Many Colors of Soul to Paint or Feel
    And Sense Anyway At Best Keep Your HeART And

    Your SPiRiT
    And SoUL Will
    Flow Free or Perhaps
    You Are A Very Rare Bird
    Who Will Juggle All the Balls

    Of Life
    And Leave
    Still With
    Wings to Play Free
    HAha i Surely Didn’t
    Have What it Took to Do
    That in 40 Years of Desert Life..:)

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      1. Hehe… Yes Dear Akshita
        i Rest my Dancing Feet
        While Singing A Song
        Of Writing i Rest
        My Singing
        And Voice
        While Dancing
        Other Than That

        i Snack Nap


        On Repeat… HAha…

        Yes! Perhaps You are
        More Resilient in Keeping Your

        Of Art
        Lit 🔥 ACross
        All Challenges of Life!

        Sadly, So Many Stray
        Away Not Only For
        Challenges Yet


        For Some Kind
        Of Fame And Fortune

        That Ironically
        Often Extinguishes
        Original Creativity Even

        If Realized
        Slave To The

        Desires of Target
        Audiences More
        Than Creativity
        Breathing Free
        HeART To Express

        in SoUL



        Best Wishes Akshita!😊

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    1. Thank you riddhi!!
      Also I kinda realised i can read wattpad novels without signing im and I have read all the parts of yours.
      My first thought was like I NEED A GUY LIKE NOAH. I mean, he listens to TS, is willing to read books once pressurized and he is sweet!
      I loved the part where lisa legit punched him coz he insulted books😂 Go Lisa!
      Eagerly waiting for an update!

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      1. good 4 u , u’ll be happy and healthy not me
        Without Shakespeare to eat your brain😬
        I am assuming you had/have(?) CBSE
        And thanks, I’ll need that😖


  2. I am pretty much in the same boat. My finals are starting in 2 weeks and my syllabus isn’t complete even in coaching 🙃
    And of course, a certain person called physics is hell bent on murdering me😬

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