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haaappppyyy birrthdaaay olivia


16 thoughts on “haaappppyyy birrthdaaay olivia

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  1. SMiLes Akshita i Had
    No Idea Who “Olivia”

    Is yet i’ve Heard/Felt
    The “Driver’s License”
    Song More Than Once

    Lots of Pain in That
    One For Sure

    And Surely
    of How Shallow
    A World Will be
    For Someone too

    Until They Learn/Feel/Sense
    Their Love is Only THeirs to Give
    Yet never the Less A Reality of Feelings

    for Sure

    Yes, Precipice
    Tween Heaven
    And Hell
    The Whole
    Human Romance
    Story in the Darker Parts…
    Never The Less Surely Happy
    Birthday For A Shooting Star Now..:)

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