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Then and Now

A taste of freedom

To live and love the world

A song I harboured

That sand of dreamy lands and words

A place with no expectations

A place with no restrictions

A place with just fixations

A place which was my dramatisation

A fantasy shattered

Broken expectations

One taste of reality

Took all, it seemed

Now I recall

The days of no destination

The days with time for procrastination

Just the world of careless running

Just the world of just living

This was inspired by the quote- “All your life you wait, and then it finally comes, and are you ready?”

I hope someone knows the book!

Also what do you think I am talking about in the poem?

Also, apologies. I know I said I returned and then I vanished again. Lets just say I got busy. Again

I am scheduling some posts and I promise I’ll catch up with your posts soon.

Have a great day!


19 thoughts on “Then and Now

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  1. SMiLes Dear Akshita i Read a Science Study
    the Other Day that Simply Affirms What Sages
    of the Ages Have Related for Yes Ages and

    That is Children are actually overall More
    Creative than Adults As Studies Show

    After 4 or 5 Years of Data Download
    Grade School That Practice of Life
    As Modern Institution Withers
    Away the Natural
    Imagination and
    Creativity of A Child
    to “Paint Even More Colors
    of the Wind,” Liberally Paraphrasing
    That From the Disney Movie’ Pocahontas’
    Who looked Just Like my Wife When We (Still Does)
    Got Married 32 Years ago Yet that is Another Story; Yes, A
    Narrative of my Life That is Reality and Not Even Fiction hehe…

    So How Do ‘They’ Suggest (The Scientists) To Get that
    Creativity Back For Adults to (Facepalm) Increase Creativity
    And Productivity in the Corporate Work Space to Sell and Buy

    for the
    Way Well

    Of Course that is
    An Origin of the Issue (The Facepalm Part)
    Yet Never the Less ‘They’ Suggest
    Just Practicing ‘Taling’ Narratives
    of Fictional Stories So Bingo! What You

    Are Doing Here Now!
    Yet A Moral
    oF A STory


    Don’t Get too
    Busy As Life
    May Present
    Land Mines And
    it Will Be All over Before
    We Even Get Started Now
    Again Painting More Colors of the

    Wind; Yes, Finding “All the Light We Don’t See”
    Before, “All your life you wait, and then it finally comes,
    and are you ready?” And You Find The Next Step is a Land Mine…

    Hehe, if you
    Are Lucky Yes

    It’s Just a Dud
    And You Finally

    Get Inspired to Actually Live
    Painting More Colors of the
    Wind than You Ever Imagined Before…

    Smiles Dear Akshita Whatever Your Profession
    is going to Be Don’t Let the World Take the Child

    of Imagination
    And Creativity
    Away As Science
    at Least Suggests
    That Blogging Fictional Stories
    Will Help Meanwhile i’m Gonna Do
    Reality is More Interesting Than Fiction

    And Just Continue ‘This Grand Narrative’ of
    Actually Moving Connecting And Co-Creating With


    Even if only
    An Avatar Online haha

    And A Public Dancer in
    Flesh and Blood Breathing Life too…

    i Was A Cog in the Machine of Capitalism
    The Selling and Buying ‘Thing’ For 40 Years

    i Escaped
    And of Course
    Being Financially
    Independent is ‘Key’ hehe…

    ‘Hybrid’: Half Dollar/Half Human
    is About the Best Reality ‘Civilized’ Humans Overall

    As Adults Make ‘These Days’ at Least; Better Than ‘Nothing’…

    i Just Left the ‘Office’ of A Busy Non-Profit Health Care, CEO, PHD
    Doctor Administrating 5 Large Clinics in New York City; She Writes
    Stream of Consciousness Stories, A Few
    Paragraphs, Every Day, Without Fail Now


    No Worry
    over Grammar
    or Punctuation
    Each Day Yes in
    Her Home Away From
    Office Blog Probably A

    Best Part of Her Day Now
    Just The Freedom to Look Within and Be



    Create Something
    New that is Not Spoon
    Fed for Her to Do Almost
    Every Moment of the Rest of Her Day…

    That’s Truly Inspiring to me; She Still Wants to
    Truly Breathe…


    She Does It…

    That’s A Real Key: ‘Just Do It’
    Without Any Worry of Selling Fancy Athletic Shoes…
    And Remember Nike is A Real Goddess of Victory

    Within For


    Hope i Didn’t
    Blind You Today
    With too Much LiGHT
    Yet i Tried Anyway HAha…

    Yawn, Just “Another Day
    in the Life” of “Breathing” mY FRiEnD..:)

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