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A Lifetime Of Comets

Just a nerdy girl, with a sporty one
Catching comets and storing them in a stack of memories
Their minds synergised and melodies resonated
Walking along the path of growing up
Scared to lose, Scared to gain
Not ready yet to accept the change
Promising to always co-ordinate their feet
Even if they lead to different destinations
A promise upon a comet, enough to keep them going
And even if they have to turn around
Those shooting stars caught would last a lifetime

This is something I wrote for an irl friend and I kinda liked what I had written after a long time. So, here you have it

Have a nice day!


31 thoughts on “A Lifetime Of Comets

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  1. SMiLes Dear Akshita Life Is A Cake
    Our SPiRiTS of Emotions And Senses

    Bakes Moving Connecting





    Solo too

    Yes Freely
    Poems Will
    Hold Depths
    Of Memories

    A Slice of That
    And This Cake

    Hehe Most of my FRiEnDS
    Are Nerds And Shy Now Even
    Ones Who Pretend Not to be hAha…

    A Flip of
    A Dime
    i Move
    Co-Create Both Ways
    ToGeTHeR Or Allone..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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