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maybe i'm not that off-putting
maybe i'm capable of being liked
maybe i am loved
maybe there's nothing wrong with me
maybe it's not me, it's them
maybe it's okay to crave different things
maybe it's even good to be unique
maybe i don't need to fit in
maybe my thoughts matter
maybe my feeling aren't over the top
maybe it's fine to care too much
maybe my body's beautiful the way it is
maybe these maybes are dichotomous hopes
maybe these are all i need

This was a product of me overthinking and then pondering upon the word maybe and how it is paradoxical. And the small letters are there because….there’s no reason, I just felt like it I guess?

I hope you like it and have a nice day!


39 thoughts on “Maybe

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      1. ohhhh I’m so glad to hear that. Hey hon can you do me a favor and unfollow and follow me and see if my Anthology Post shows up in your reader? I had a big issue today and only a few are seeing my post and I’m supporting the Anthology I’m in. I would so appreciate it if you would head over and read and visit. Thanks a lot. 💖💖💖 Yikes! 💖

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  1. SMiLes Dear Akshita
    If Microsoft Word is No

    Longer Up to the Task to
    Grade Your Grammar And
    Even Your Spelling and Capitalization

    With SMiLes Yes That Means You Have
    Graduated to Original Creativity And You

    Are Truly Breathing

    Free Welcome to
    The Chaos


    of Creativity

    There Are No Limits
    Here only What is New to See and Be

    mY FRiEnD May Be May Be May Be
    Whatever You Feel Like Doing Next Free..:)

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  2. All of it is true…💙
    And so very beautiful!
    We often overlook the impact these thoughts have on us in the long run, but they’re exactly what we need to be careful with. Being aware of the truth is the only true way to connect with positivity.
    Thanks for the reminder, Akshita😊
    Reminded me to always watch out for myself, and most importantly, have my own back! 🔥

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  3. Aw amazing! I overthink now and then too. I haven’t opened one of your poems in a while to be honest. Sometimes I just ignore posts that appear on my reader. But this is such a beautiful poem- Loved it. Keep writing- and keep blogging. Cause I mean if u write but dont blog we cant read ur beautiful work. loved this poem…keep thinking….but try not to overthink…now ima post this comment…b4 i overthink it.

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