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My baby’s 2!!!

disclaimer: yes idc if some of you think of a weird analogy due to the title. Like even our own riddhi says our blogs are like our babies

Ahh yes, so as you could guess I mark my 2nd year blogversary today!! Wow, I didn’t expect myself to hold out this long when I started, nor did I expect to find so many fabulous people here along the way! Love you guys and thanks for staying with me always! There’s so many memorable memories, like typing out whole song lyrics, discussing opinions on books, discussing opinions about opinions held about us readers, talking about our frustrations and exams, talking in Shakespearean and so mannyyy moree!

I’d like to thank my irl friends as well for being so supportive- Alekh and Prisha who were totally boosting me when I published my first post, Arnav and Aman who read everything I write and really appreciate you telling me when what I write sucks and Anoushka- you’re my book buddy and thanks for every feedback you’ve given me!<3

Thanks to my parents for supporting me when I wanted to start this:D

And now it’s time for this poem I wrote for ya all:

Staring up at the stars tonight
Reminds me when I gazed at you that day
Mended bridges and thawed hearts
Remain with me because you stayed

A lifetime of memories and more to be made
Surround my brain like a melody today
A ghost of a smile, a snort or smirk
Remain with me because you stayed

You can drive away my sanity some times
The other times I try my best to not run away
A word so sweet, a promise to be
And I laugh now because you stayed

Maybe we won't be the same tomorrow
Maybe we are different today
Yet even in another world from now
I'll always remember that you stayed

Thank you for staying with me! *cue confetti*

PS: today is Rishika@The Etheral Unicorn ‘s blogversary too! So go an bombard her with comments!


52 thoughts on “My baby’s 2!!!

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  1. SMiLes Dear Akshita So True
    What We Can And Will Master

    Is Staying Even When Others Go Away

    Yes What We Can Control Now is Always
    Forgiving With Mercy For We All Make Mistakes

    And True Best of All

    Giving May

    Feel Even

    Better Than Receiving

    Never Running Out of Love Within
    Happy 2nd Birthday to Your Blog

    Keep Writing As Long As You

    Are Here i Will Be

    Your Poetry

    to Stay
    Hehe As Long
    As i Can Move A
    Keyboard At Least..:)


  2. Happy Blogiversary Akshita🎉🎉. Yes, our blogs are like our babies🍁. I wish you many more blogiversaries to come. You’re an amazing blogger and even more amazing writer and that poem is beautiful🌼. I’m glad I stayed🌺.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooooh la la, two years huh. Congrats ak17 thou had done the most spectacular job 🤩🤩
    I want party 😤.
    And the poem is so good dude! I should really come up with more synonyms to describe your poem because they’re all starting to get jumbled lol

    Liked by 1 person

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