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A New Series!

As you all already know I write about almost everything on my mind on this blog. Be it poems, articles, short stories, random ramblings, stuff about music, EVERY SINGLE THING.

And you know what are on my mind most of the times, so obvious, Books! And I realized that I haven’t really talked about books a lot on this platform and won’t that be a shame!

Sooooo here’s:

*drum roll*


A series where I’ll talk about everything bookish every Wednesday

Book Reviews – check!

Book Recs – check!

Pining for fictional characters – check!

Simultaneously cursing and praising authors – check!

Book Memes – check!

Every bookworm’s dream come true – check check check!

well, you get the point!

So, here’s me hoping you’d read and enjoy and stay with me through yet another series!! The first post will be out tomorrow! See ya!


16 thoughts on “A New Series!

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  1. “BOOKALICIOUS!” Great
    Subject to Write About Dear
    Akshita And True i AM A Bit

    Bookish too yet it must all still
    Be Free Reading A Book A Week
    in Barnes and Noble Almost Every
    Sunday AfterNoon For 8 Years and

    Months Yep Over 400 Books For Free!
    Of Course Dancing And Listening to

    Music Still
    The Star Buck’s
    Cafe of Students
    Studying For College All
    The Way Free! Free! Just
    Free! What A Life When All is Just Free!

    And It’s True Although i’ve Written the
    Equivalent of 250 Novels of Poetry i Am
    So Far From Paying Back in Writing All

    The Reading
    i Have
    Totally Free!..:)

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