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The Face That Shone

Deep under the water

Submerged but I never drown

Suspended in a timely frown

Yous and mes, all far away

The moonlight stays up

The halo far above

A stairway of love awaits

Alone and afraid, I can’t climb it

I am still searching for a face

That shines through the blue

Colours all my colourless hues

Brings me closer to the surface

And then you came to the shore

Waved a hand, called me

I refused, you still try

You’re relentless

You couldn’t come down

But you threw pebbles and shells

Livened my surroundings

Your momentary care turned to my forever

A hand reaches out again

Afraid yet happy, I grab it

The cosmos reflects in the watery mirror

As you help me climb the stairs

I have found my face

That shone through the blue

Coloured all my colourless hues

And brought me to the surface


16 thoughts on “The Face That Shone

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  1. SMiLes Dear Akshita While Some Folks Spend Days, Months,
    Years and Even Perhaps Decades to Come Fishing on ‘Dating Apps’

    Casting Lines Out Shallow in Oceans of Souls Hoping With All

    Their Might to Find Their Perfect Soul Mate(s)

    Indeed Your Poem is Wiser

    You Start Deeper in Your

    Own Ocean Of Soul

    You Continue To Swim

    And Rise Up Until You Meet

    The Mirror at the Surface of the

    Ocean And Truly Find You Your True

    Best FRiEND Forever Who May Never Leave Again

    Yes The Soul

    Mate Within

    The Face to
    Truly Make
    Best FRiEnDS With
    And Love Unconditionally

    Without Fail When We Become
    The Water The Wave the Ocean Whole

    And Truly Become Able to Love Others Without
    Catching Purchasing Owning them For Who We Believe
    They Should

    Come to


    Us As True
    When They Find
    The One Within They

    may Truly Be Able to
    Love Without Taking
    Share Without Hoarding Now

    Loving Freely Waves Holding
    Hands Water Ocean Whole at Peace
    Truly Every Wave Naked Enough Whole

    Now Again

    Ocean Whole
    Water Complete
    Only MaKinG New
    Shores to Explore Now
    LoVinG Shining All New..:)

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