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Whispering Wind

I speak to you, the wind wafting in
The one so paradoxical
Cooling me down
Yet you watch the city burn
With rage, hate and envy
Carrying the whispers of the devil
Hearing the unheard
And passing it as lies
Or half-truths; even worse
And there you still blow
In the midst of blazes 
Meant to blow out
But the spread maniacally
You bring with you, the cool mist
A cloak of complacency
In the guise of soft coolness
And fill the sky with coal dark clouds
Sometimes to disperse ashes
Or to bring enraged rain
Diffusing the fog, yet seldom leading to it
As we stand, watching, helpless
With mere windows and curtains
To hide and save
Still we hear the wind
Carrying its own voice
Making the city burn

And yeah, I still don’t know where that came from. Guess this is what reading symbolism and poetry by Sylvia Plath does to you :S

I would love to know your interpretations in the comments.

Have a nice day!!


14 thoughts on “Whispering Wind

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  1. There are so many intricate lines in this piece. This imagery is just one of the many amazing examples ‘fill the sky with coal dark clouds’. I know what you mean about being inspired by the other poets you read, I find myself doing the same at times.

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  2. Forces Within Dear Akshita
    Often Sublimely Beautiful

    As Well As Vague Reaching
    From Subconscious Mind to
    the Surface Of the Ocean
    That is Our Awareness

    For All That May Exist
    Around Us Parts Whole

    To Come to Focus Next
    And It’s True Our Souls
    Dance And Sing Mysteries

    To Uncover So Deep Below
    So Shallow Even Above Listening

    For A Dance And Song Within to Come

    Again Freely Finally Finding Integration

    For What We
    Feel Above
    And Below

    Mastering This
    Reality Now With
    Feelings and Senses
    All Integrating MaKinG Our Ways..:)

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      1. I’d give you the background for why the poem reminds me of her but I don’t want to spoil the show for you. But she was the ‘mother of dragons’ – so fire and stuff. That’s a hint. ☺️

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