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Notes From Me, To Me

Alone at the edge of the universe,

Humming a tune unlearnt, unheard

A melody of my own

Stretches far, seeking home

A soul to affect, a voice to compliment

The notes sway and pray for a human shell

Renounced, they bounce back off surfaces

Not allowed to penetrate

Still the wind carries them in whispers

Hopeful, Sensitive, Relentless

A forage in vain, they return

Wanting love, understanding they couldn’t discern

Pure apathy from a busy life

Depths of debts from helpless heights

That was when they hit me

Right where rested my heart

I let them in

And that’s when the notes,

Erupted into a melody

So yeah, that just happened.

Credits to Dream Sweet in Sea Major by Miracle Musical for the first line. I was made aware of this lyric by an irl friend

Is this way to cryptic? Or can you interpret it? Tell me soon!

Have a great day!!


17 thoughts on “Notes From Me, To Me

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  1. SMiLes Dear Akshita to Explore
    With Curiosity Is to Find Answers

    Yet to Explore With Wonder is to

    Open Up All New

    Worlds of Art
    As Yes Your Soul
    Is Singing Free HeaR

    Remember ‘Reason’ Is About
    5 Percent of our Mind the 95 to
    Even 99 Percent is Art Just Waiting

    To Come out in Flow
    of Free Creativity

    Just As You Do Today

    And True THere Could
    Be As Many Meanings As
    There are Eyes and Ears of
    Imagination And Creativity Reading

    And This is Key
    To Evolve A Soul
    In Creating More Than

    Just Data Download From
    Work and School my FRiEnD

    As I surely Did That for 5.3 Decades or So too…
    Now i Flow Now i Explore Wonder For What i See
    You Doing

    Just Setting
    Your Wings Free

    No Need to Worry
    How You Fly As Long
    As You Do With SMiLes..:)

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