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Musing, Music, Meeting

I wish I could do it.

Have you ever gone to the sea shore at night? With the tide water creeping inside half the beach and the cool , wet sand and the moonlight dancing on the waves, I like it better than in the day. There’s something about being suspended in this roaring silence, where it’s just me and nature both with our own melodies. Crashing waves and chirping insects and soft guitar strings and piano keys.

Every night, I sneak out to sit on the shore, stare into the distance and sing along. Not because, I wanted to be a singer, just because it helped calm my nightmares down and it was easier to close the doors to the monsters lurking about.

I press play on the my phone and the soft drum and the piano rings out into the night sky. It is in moments like these when I wish I could share this with someone. Show them this beautiful place that I had discovered for myself.

” Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close? “ I sway along to the notes as I wished for it again. Someone to sit beside me, as we rest our heads, tears and smiles on each other.

A smile forms on my face as the bridge plays, nothing could ever be as sweet as that.

” Swear to be overdramatic and true, to my lover “ but this time it’s not just Taylor singing. I turn back to see, a guy. Dark hair and clear green eyes and a voice that you could drown in. ” And you’ll save all your dirtiest jokes for me “, he croons.

“Why did you stop?” I shook my head as we went into the chorus once again, together.

He sat beside me as the last notes faded away.

“So is it just me or do you too think that all swifties are beautiful?”

“Narcissist much?”, he looks confused before realization shows on his face and he throws his head back, laughing… like a little kid? I look at my phone to see Begin Again playing.

I stand up to return because its getting late and he makes me nervous .

” Going so soon?”

” Um yeah, it’s already late. “

He gives me a small smile as he says, ” I’m Blake, here for the summer. ” His eyes display the silent question.

” I’m Henley and I live here “, I say thinking I couldn’t be more lame.

” A pretty name for a pretty girl. “

” How many girls did you get with that one? “

He laughs again, making the dormant butterflies flutter. ” See you around. “

I smile and wave as I head back, my throat in my heart. Ugh, I mean my heart in my throat.

Sooooo, how’s that for a meet cute?😁💜

Wrote this for the contest being held on Evin’s and Maggie’s blogs. Check them out!

34 thoughts on “Musing, Music, Meeting

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  1. my, my, my Beach SMiLes Dear
    Akshita This Practically is the

    Beach i Grew Up With in Fact
    my Great Grandfather of First

    Homesteaders With 150 Acres

    To Start Farming on the Other Sound
    Side of Shimmering Florida Diatoms

    in Midnight Romance

    True As You Tale

    An Interesting

    Story of Dreams

    Hehe Many Real

    Memories for me
    Yet i Won’t Go into Detail Here hehe
    As True Day And Night i Roamed This

    Paradise For Decades and i Still Do Hehe
    When the Heat Index Isn’t Way Above 100
    Degrees At

    Day Yet
    in Surging
    Waves Expanding

    Shores is the Kind of
    MaGiC that No Poem
    or Words or Science Alone Will Capture

    The Feeling Sensing of Oneness Truly Connecting to All that

    Is When The Romance Expands to All That is DarK And LiGHT


    in All Unconditional

    Love For All Not A Negative
    Word, Feel, Sense, Left, Pure Peace
    Love of Beach One With All With No Fear…

    It’s Likely Harder to Do This in The SCaRCiTiES
    of Hot Deserts Without Even Any Water True WHeRE

    i Am Seeded

    Bravo to All
    the Nomads

    Who Still Take
    me HeaR to Paradise Real…

    It’s So Much Easier to Love Others ALL
    Unconditionally With No Head Games
    At All When We Are Naked Enough

    Whole Complete

    Beach Now This
    Way Ocean Wave
    Whole Water Real New

    Not Even A Word Left
    Necessary to Do mY FRiEnD..:)

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  2. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 no but i mean…….the fact that he started singing 🥺🥺. I mean……why would you do this to me 🥺. I was studying chem and now I’m dreaming of this of so fucking perfect guy 🥺. And all other crushes I’ll never get- Leo, Nate, harry, Percy 🥺

    😭😭😭😭😭😭U r so bad😭❣️

    Liked by 2 people

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