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Flowers Speak

Blooming midst the salty breeze

Every flower speaks to me

Like maple leaves from the autumn tree

Swaying swiftly, gaily free

Moving in it’s melody

Dewy petals, and nectar sweet

Pollen dispersed in the wind of sea

Wildly growing under the maple tree

The flowers dance with my feet

And we speak and speak till dawn, early

47 thoughts on “Flowers Speak

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  1. So True Dear Akshita
    Nature’s Dance is All
    Colors of FLoWeRS

    Singing Sweetly
    To Us in Our

    For Every
    Breath of Life
    in Abundance
    Inhaling Peace Exhaling
    LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

    Waves Create A Song
    Of Ocean Blues matching
    A Sunlit Yellow Sky of Blue

    Clouds Bringing
    Ocean every


    Of Life We Do
    Rain of Life Within Blood Streaming Free
    SMiLes As Clouds Are Sun THiS Way
    And Of Course FLoWeRS iCiNG on
    Nature’s Cake

    For Our
    Real mY FRiEnD
    Nature’s Dance And
    Song A DeLiGHT We Do New Now
    Yes in Free Dance Song Poetry True..:)

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