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Untitled( A Poem )


24 thoughts on “Untitled( A Poem )

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  1. JHFDHJFDHJFDHJ AKSHITA WHAT???? THIS IS BASICALLY FABULOUS AND PERFECT AND I LOVE IT??? SO MUCH OK?? officially one of my most favorite poems OF EVER,, i love all the messages so much AND ALSO AM FOREVER IN AWE OF YOU (plus your handwriting too)

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  2. Amazing poem! And I have to jump right to it- You have amazing handwriting.

    Ahhh I have no words for this poem…its so good…i cant put what I want to say about it into words.

    Love this! Keep writing!

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  3. SMiLes at Best This is a Letter
    to Your SoUL Dear Akshita No
    Matter What it is Surely A Best
    Effort mY FRiEnD With SMiLes

    And Hehe Such Lovely Handwriting
    With Somewhat of An Indian Accent
    In The Spirals of the Letters All i Have

    is Chicken Scratch
    Without A Keyboard
    i Would Be Mostly Crippled..:)

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