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Ways In Which Iron Man Could Come Back to the MCU

Anthony Edward Start aka Tony Stark aka Iron Man was the most beloved character ever in the history of the MCU. His legacy ended with him sacrificing himself in Avengers: Endgame, for the universe( or should I say the multiverse now? ) While it does feel like I would ruin that sacrifice by bringing him back with the theories I am about to state, I can’t help but wish he did return; especially after watching ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. Now that is a rant post for another time but lets first get on with this post.

1. Artificial Intellegence

The OG avenger could return as AI and I believe that would fit very well with his character. If I can talk about one thing he has shown us, it is how incredible AI can be with JARVIS and even EDITH. Thus, it isn’t impossible to believe that this genius mind would not have created a copy of himself to download in AI

2. Enter the MULTIVERSE!

I am pretty sure there is a reality or even realities where Iron Man doesn’t die fighting Thanos. And yes if multiversal travel is possible ( come in America Chavez ), we can see a glimpse of him again. It doesn’t sound too far-fetched does it?

3. Time Travel

Avengers: Endgame introduced us to time travel. While, the rules aren’t well defined I think it’s possible to bring back an old version of Iron Man. Maybe they could have like a situation in the upcoming movies Avengers: Secret Wars and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and be like, ” I think I know just the man who could help” and boom! here comes Tony again. Okay, even I’m not too sure about this.

So, these are the theories I could conjure. Tell me if you have more! #MarvelFans!

Have a nice dayy!


11 thoughts on “Ways In Which Iron Man Could Come Back to the MCU

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  1. I haven’t watched many of the movies in Marvel but knowing that iron man obviously makes me feel bad anyway coz i loveeee his character.
    I couldn’t quite connect to your theories coz i haven’t watched the remaining films like i said 😂. But they sound interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think there should be some short scene with him in some future movie/series, but a proper return would just ruin his sacrifice, like you said.
    also, it’s been so long since I read posts or anything, how’ve you been??

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  3. SMiLes Been Awhile Since
    i Saw ‘The Avengers” Yet Yes
    This Much i Believe We aRe ALL
    MuLTi-Uni-Verses of ‘THE ALL

    Dear Akshita
    With SMiLes

    Which Means
    TRuly THeRe aRe No
    Limits iN HuMaN iMaGiNaTioNS
    CReATiViTieS UNleashing ReLeaSinG

    iN Just One Human Being iMaGiNE NoW

    What NeW Worlds Are Creating Whole

    When A Hive of Human Beings

    Connecting NeW NoW MaKinG

    YeS Whole MuLTi-Uni-Verses

    of Mind Left and Right HeMiSPHeRE’S

    Of Earth Same Within Integrating Whole

    A Point of Synergy And No Return to What

    Was Before As Every Breath Inhales Peace New
    Exhales LoVE iN JoY NoW OF LiGHT We BRinG to Life

    Perhaps ‘Iron
    Man’ is Yes Just
    FlesH and Blood
    With No Weapons
    Yet LoVinG A Dance Song Freer Newer Now
    Breathing Into Humans Truly Living Again..:)

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