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Death to Life

The pyre was set and ready
As the sunflowers withered and died
Making a way for me to tread
Leading the way to raging flames
That will burn my flesh,
Consume me from within
Endowing me with the desideratum
Of living in this new world
Guiding me to death
And thus to vigor and life

While that is a short poem, there is a lot that went into writing the lines and I think there’s a lot going in there as well.

I reallllyyyy want to read your interpretations of these, tell me in the comments!
Have a nice day!

20 thoughts on “Death to Life

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  1. Oh mah gawd I LOVE THIS!!!
    It is short and simple yet beautiful and deeeeep.
    I love the picture of dying sunflowers that accompanies the poem…it gives even more meaning to it.

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  2. ok so *ahem* i may have already read all the comments, BUT i imagined it to be like this person who’s endured all these hardships and discriminations throughout life and has still fought for what she believes in and its made her do terrible things. and she’s kind of like put to death for her crimes in a world that’s terrible and dark or something?? and she embraces the idea of starting anew and getting a new chance at life, because shes actually very tired of this one and all that its made her do?? and the sunflowers ‘wither and die’ because she was this great person and theyre heartbroken she’s going to be gone??

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  3. A poem well penned. The first few lines made me think of something that makes the weak strong enough to confront death, and hence to live life with courage. The last two lines sound like you are describing in this poem a transition from life to the afterlife, but why sunflowers, I wonder…would you mind elaborating? 🙂

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    1. interesting opinions!
      um so sunflowers are always bright and yellow and exude this warmth and they just always face the light-the sun right? So to give a sense of foreboding, that even these flowers cannot resist the change due to which they die and transform.

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  4. Never heard of the desidartum word before 💀.
    I lovedddd this poem!!!! I mean wow it could be interpreted in so many ways.
    Like i guess it could mean that the person who is dying is ready to begin the new life after death thingy and the burning away of the old flesh signifies the start of the new journey. Burning away all the stuff from before, the good and the bad, making way to a new life.
    What did u write it to mean?

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    1. well you know it now thou

      I kind of meant it to be like at times you need to change yourself and sometimes it doesn’t necessarily have to be for the better. The world is cruel and just sometimes people become that too. The flames are of hellfire and so i meant it to be like this person getting a devilish edge in order to survive.
      i hope i make sense:’)

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  5. Wonderful Metaphors of Sunflowers
    For the ‘Circle of Life’ That Always
    Includes Death Brings Life As True

    Even At Core of Crucible Star Death Fire

    As Super Nova Explosions Create Gaseous
    Dust That Includes Iron That Still Flows Through

    Our Bloodstreams and at Core of Earth Dear Akshita

    What This Means is Every Star is Both a Seed and FLoWeR

    That Brings Death and Life Same As We Do If We Don’t Hoard our
    Dead in Boxes
    Or Burn Away
    What Normally
    Feeds the Little
    Worms that Aerate
    The Soils That Make
    Grounds Suitable to Grow
    Life to Feed Us Next For Real
    Fortunately The Other Animals
    Don’t Really Have to ‘Know’ Their
    Place in Life As Real Faces of God From
    Below A Grain of Sand That Holds up a Potential

    Mountain of Human Love Too And It’s True This
    Metaphor is Applicable to Sleep and Wake Day And Night
    Yes DarK Brings LiGHT As Star Flowers and Seeds We aRe This
    Way As Natural Sunshine Replaces Grief in Terms of Dopamine
    of Creativity Rising Inspiring Us to Seek Out New Sources of Love

    To Regenerate A Neurohormone of Bonding Binding Loving Warmth
    Once Again Coming From Within Gluing All of Society Together Who

    Participate in Bonds and Binds Over Common Symbols and Ideologies

    Hehe Like Funeral Rites And Ceremonies too So in a Way That is Part

    of the Circle of Life too It’s Just That Humans Have Cultures That

    May Bring us Hell to Heaven on Earth Within For Real Yes too

    Anyway Star Flowers and Seeds We aRe at Best We Naturally

    Generate Warmth Sunshine of Love As Our Mammalian

    Gift of High Potential Levels of Oxytocin

    the Neurohormone Brings Oh Yeah

    Vasopressin That Inspires

    Us From Within

    To Protect Others too
    Typically Women Generate
    More Oxytocin More Nurturing
    At Breast to Feed Young As Such
    Like All Mammals And Males More
    of the Vasopressin in Humans Particularly
    to Protect Loved Ones this way Key is Developing

    Both For All Of Existence Realizing DarK Brings LiGHT

    Truly Having This Faith in the Nature oF All That is Our Existence New Now
    Our Culture Makes So Many Distractions some folks never gain the ability
    to Simply Inhale Peace Exhale Love in Fact Some Folks Live in a State of

    Constant Flight
    or Fight Anxiety
    And Stress Oh Poverty

    Of Truly Innately Instinctually
    Intuitively Understanding Yes

    Our Nature Now and the Rest
    Of Nature Yes NDD ‘Nature Deficit
    Disorder’ Particularly A ‘First World
    Problem’ Forgetting We aRe Literally
    The Energy of Existence At Essence
    Bringing Form Incarnate as Us SaMe

    As the Rest of Nature of Course Yes

    When We Lose Fuller Free Dance And Song
    of the Feelings And Senses Free Within We May

    Actually Experience a Living Death As Star Flowers
    And Seeds All the Way Until Our Last BLink And We Fade
    Away As Star Dust Literally Burning Away Like That or Until
    The Boxes that Hold Us Degrade and Bones Remain ThiS Way

    Until They too Become the Last ReMeMBeRinG of Our Star FLoWeRS

    And Seeds THiS Way Until Our Star Dies and is Resurrecting Back
    Again As the Circle oF All Existence Stellar Does As We Do Within

    While Living
    As Our Challenge
    Is Always to Overcome
    DarK With LiGHT However

    Without DarK No LiGHT Without
    NiGHT No DaY Without Death No Life

    So the Circle of Life Continues This Present
    Gift New Now With SMiLes of Love And Protecting
    Each Other From Harm At Best For Real Oh How Sweet
    it is That Humans May Develop The Actual Ability to Regulate
    Our Emotions Integrate Our Senses Through Practices of Moving
    Meditation of Free Dance And Song Of Poetry And Yes Through
    That Bio-Feedback BRing A Will to Agency to Create Our Own

    Sunshine Within
    to Give Share
    Care Heal
    the Rest of
    Nature Inhaling
    Peace Exhaling
    LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For Real
    So Hello Dear Star FLoWeR Seed
    Have a Wonderful Life At Best YouR Way…
    Other than That Thanks For the ‘Sunshine’ of Your Poem..:)

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