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I’ll Be There

You walk past me

Smiling as if nothing’s wrong

A weeping star

Caught in the midst of storm

And they don’t realise

That your cheeks are tired

From wiping tears and faking smiles

Tying yourself with a laugh

That’s threatening to come undone

But you don’t have to try so hard

Don’t need to put on a mask

For when it rains too hard

And the slippery ground deceives

I’ll catch you if you fall

I realise, all you want is love

For you give it away like free gifts

Hoping it’ll end up treasured

But you got left like a penny in rain

And now the tide’s high

You’re jumping right in and letting go

But you don’t have to be alone

Don’t need to carry on

For if the squall goes on too long

And the winds take you in

I’ll hold your hand till it’s passed and gone

Was listening to Tied Together With A Smile and Nothing New when I wrote this. All credits to Miss Swift for inspiring a few lines here.

Dedicated to friendship!

Hope you liked it, have a nice day!!


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