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Her and Me

The night sky is arcanely deep

An indelible grief it weaves

Unimaginable, unconquerable, palpable

The darkness creeps around her

Forever swirls the broken melody

Of cries, tears and screams

All her dreams stand out of reach

Out of sight is gaeity

Standing before the mirror

She glances beyond, past me

Through my scars, my fears, my tears

Looking for answers in the black nothingness

Finally she dares to look at me

And tries her best to not flinch

Those black orbs settle on the tiny door

That rests where my heart lies

A confused startled visage stares back

Curiosity and amazement soon glazes

She knocks, asking to be let in

After long, my tired lips smile


20 thoughts on “Her and Me

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  1. Indeed The Mirror Is Your FRiEnD
    Dear Akshita Get to Know Feel And
    Sense All of Her For True She Will

    Be the FRiEnD

    Who Never Leaves

    Your Side Even on the

    Days You Wish She Would

    Yet Can’t A Best FRiEnD

    Forever ThiS Way

    A Mirror

    One Day
    Enough New
    Whole Complete Now..:)


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