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Book Review: Divergent series (aka Welcome to another rant! )

Here’s me ranting about another series everyone seems to love


Seriously people, why can’t I manage to find even one good dystopian series after Hunger Games and Uglies?! **cries of frustration**

So here’s what I thought the author was thinking when she wrote this:

Okay, so I need to write a good YA book. Must be dystopian as well, so why not take things form my precursor Suzanne Collins. A small, petite girl-check, is different from rest not just ‘metaphorically’ but also ‘biologically’-check, kills people-check, veryyyyyyyyy brave-check, boyfriend falls in love with her and gets coaxed into to hating/killing her-check, underground compounds-check and class divide- check. I’ll include all this butttt be a bit stupid.

Now, lets see what all can be considered cool and trendy. Tattoos-yes, Piercing-yes, black clothes-yes, leaping out of a moving train- yes, omg leaping out of a moving train onto a roof-yes, few lessons regarding selflessness and bravery-yes and oofffff…ziplining!

Now, this is some serious YA legend stuff

And with this, she started writing.

Now ma’am, I don’t hate you but yes I did hate your writing, no offence.

I mean this whole series is just so damn stupid!

Tris is the most annoying character ever( second only to Miss America Singer). Her whole personality constantly dangles back and forth these two traits- ‘I’m so brave I could roar in front of a mad tiger and fight it’ or ‘I’m so selfless that if I stay in a desert for 321111 days without water and find a bottle of it, I’ll first give it to my already dead camel.’ I mean for real, there’s nothing original or unique about her. The stuff she does that is supposed to make her look brave just appears ridiculous.

Now that reminds me of the whole Dauntless initation. Except the fear simulation what the hell was so fearless about it?! Jumping off a moving train, blind jumping into underground holes?? These are just activities for stupid people with a death wish. They might as well have included an activity where the initiated stand with an apple on their head and ask a blind man to shoot at it.

And omg why the whole genetics thing? What in the world is a defective gene? Why is nothing properly explained???

Overall, the series just made me cry for wasting my time and I might as well have banged my head on the wall

Rating:⭐- A pool of indelible stupidity

Again, I’m ready for the bullets and daggers:)


12 thoughts on “Book Review: Divergent series (aka Welcome to another rant! )

Add yours

  1. gosh your rant reviews are A++ LEVELS OF AMAZINGNESS. I SOMETIMES SLIGHTLY MAYBE LIVE FOR THEM OK?? I LOVE. also omg THIS WAS HILARIOUS DID I MENTION THAT. excuse me while i CACKLE OVER IT ALL. i mean the ‘boyfriend falls in love with her and gets coaxed into to hating/killing her’ definitely sounds intriguing BECAUSE WOW THE KID SOUNDS STUPID. also ‘A pool of indelible stupidity’ I AM LAUGHING TOO HARD EXCUSE ME

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  2. Yes. Thank you. I needed this. With this series, I didn’t even finish the first book because I was so fed up with everything. I don’t like it at all, and the fact that it’s so popular was always confusing to me. People kept telling me to read it, and so I tried!! I tried, and it turned out being incredibly overhyped. I was going to rant about it, but since I didn’t even finish the first book, I felt like it’d be too biased in case it improved later, so it’s good to know I was justified and it didn’t. Love this!! It was wonderfully satisfying.

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  3. That wa shorter than i expected not gonna lie 😂.
    But wow, you hate divergent 😭.
    I mean to be fair, it’s not the best thing out there, especially the second and the third books which are kinda slow. You really have to like the characters to enjoy it. I think the reason i enjoyed it so much was because of the narration which was amazing!
    Also that dead camel line was hilarious 😂.

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