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Ways In Which Iron Man Could Come Back to the MCU

Anthony Edward Start aka Tony Stark aka Iron Man was the most beloved character ever in the history of the MCU. His legacy ended with him sacrificing himself in Avengers: Endgame, for the universe( or should I say the multiverse now? ) While it does feel like I would ruin that sacrifice by bringing him... Continue Reading →

Musing, Music, Meeting

I wish I could do it. Have you ever gone to the sea shore at night? With the tide water creeping inside half the beach and the cool , wet sand and the moonlight dancing on the waves, I like it better than in the day. There's something about being suspended in this roaring silence,... Continue Reading →

She Dropped My Hand While Dancing

I teeter towards the end of the precipice, leading to the lake a few feet below. The moonlight dances on the surface and under it, dispersing and meeting all at the same time. Sitting at the edge, my mind floats into that consciously unconscious place where it sits peacefully blank. Yet, a look at my... Continue Reading →

The Unknown

I am scared of the unknown. Vague intro, I know, but have you ever thought about it? Aren't we all scared of just the unknown? People are scared of animals because they don't what happens when it bites or something, they don't know how much pain it'll bring or if it will at all. People... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Here's to a singer who has shown incredible versatility, to the best songwriter of this generation, one of the strongest women who never bowed down, to the artist whose music videos are fun to decode, to the person who is sweet and yet always ready to speak for herself, to a celebrity who feels real... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Fictional Characters

Dear Characters, I don't think I am sane enough to write a proper intro coz you people have really messed my head up(in both a good way and a bad way) Leta get to the bottom to it. The letter is divided into 3 parts- Protagonists, Antagonists and Side but important characters. Lets get on... Continue Reading →

A win-win for Earth?

Since the beginning of the lockdown people have been talking about how the environment has improved and how 2020 gave nature a break. Do you think its true? The pandemic has been a hindrance to ecosystem restoration. So many projects, all shut down due to the economic depression. As people are afraid to go out... Continue Reading →

When My Head Hits The Pillow

When my head hits the pillow, here are the thoughts that follow: 1. "Damn, this could have been the perfect comeback to her mean comment. Why did I not think of it before?" 2. "Uggh, I wrote the wrong answer. No that was correct but then I missed one point so its technically wrong..." 3.... Continue Reading →


You know what, I am tired of 'they'. The people whom we address as  , "They say..." You get it? Let me list some of their characteristics: They think they know everything.They have a misconception that they have a lot of brains.They think they can rule everyone's lifeThey think they are supposed to rule everyone's... Continue Reading →

One Year Anniversary!

It's been a yearThat's so hard to believeSince I started this small cornerWhich I can call minePublicizing whatever I wroteReceiving feedbacks and appreciationMaddening myself over what to postAnd how to make the content betterYet, the most wonderful partWas meeting so many othersWho are like me in so many waysAnd learning from themThanks for journeying along!... Continue Reading →

A letter from Online Class

Dear students, I don't have the energy to write a whole introduction about this letter. You have already exhausted me and all the other apps I use. So, let me just get to the point. I don't have anyone to complain to, teachers can complain to parents, parents to teachers, ya all to your friends... Continue Reading →

Indian Mythology vs Science

Indian mythology is one of the oldest of the world. They are rich with culture and traditions which teach important lessons. But some people still question the actual existence of those stories and their characters and rightfully so. But,upon wondering I came with a few questions which I am unable to answer. And this concerns... Continue Reading →

Tom and Jerry Science Laws

Tom and Jerry are our all time favourite cartoon characters. They also invented new science laws. Have a look: 1. Gravity doesn't work unless you look down Well, haven't we all seen this? 2. The characters are explosive resistant! Whenever a bomb goes off, the things around them are charred but they are not. 3.... Continue Reading →

Conversation with my question paper

*teacher distributes the question paper* *I receive with trembling hands* Question Paper: Hold me nicely. Why are you shaking me? I am already tolerating your sweaty palms, don’t test my patience. Me: My heart isn’t in my control, okay? It’s your fault anyways. It’s because of you that I am scared of exams. Question Paper:... Continue Reading →

Types of students in exams

1. The topper They study 36 hours a day but say that they don't know anything. Before entering the exam hall you'd find them saying something like, " Oh my god! What will I do? I don't know anything. I will fail.  Please help me. I didn't study.  Oh god oh god oh god." After... Continue Reading →

Crime Scene

We were sent to investigate the crime scene. Murder. Happens a lot nowadays. It was a man. Name- Abigail Jackson. Body was in hospital. We reached the scene. There was blood(of course). He had been stabbed in the parking space of his office. This case was hard. As the area was empty, we could not... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Definitions-3

Best Friend (Noun) 1. The person who has the same mental disorder as you. 2. The person with whom you can do all silly things which you are afraid to do in front of people. 3. The person you can get mad at for only 3 seconds for you suddenly remember you have something important... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Definitions-2

SIBLING (noun) 1. The retards who would blare a horn in your ear when you demand silence. 2. The creature at whom you laugh when he/she gets beated by a parent even when you were sad 2 minutes ago. 3. A creature to whom you'd donate your kidney but not let him/her use 'your' things.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts During An Exam😂

1. I can't find my seat. This must be a sign. Now now everyone is looking at me. 2. We were never taught this. I am fighting a lost battle here. 3. I only have 12 pens. What if all of them run out? 4. I'll skip this question. Oh and this one and this... Continue Reading →

An Eraser’s Thoughts

We erasers were one of those few stationery items that were taken for granted. In old times we only had that Natraj symbol symbol printed on us. Now we have so many kinds and colours. An eraser which cannot break, dustless eraser, eraser for markers, eraser for pens, behind the pencil eraser, eraser for mechanical... Continue Reading →

Who’s the thief?(Conclusion)

Now we know that TK is a she. PS:Her identity will also be revealed now PPS: This story is quite short All forces were quite puzzled when Seth permitted the infamous thief to leave. Seth looked quite puzzled and perplexed himself. The reason unknown. The next location was an antique exhibition where a buddha statue... Continue Reading →

Who’s the thief? (Part 2)

The name of the next place was given by TK. It was a bank in Los Angeles. Wells Fargo Bank. Protected by a security group well known for not allowing thievery to happen, the bank was one of the largest in L.A. Stealing here would be an absolute challenege. Before going to TK, let's go... Continue Reading →

A Tribute To My Favourite Actor

The world knows him through his movies and his fabulous acting. He started from absolutely nothing. He was the youngest of all his siblings. The only son too. A bright student from the start, his AIEEE national rank was 7. He had got admission in Delhi Technological University. He never thought that he would come... Continue Reading →

Who’s the thief? [Part 1]

"Yet another theft! We have been finding this thief for so many days but he/she just keep slipping away. And I don't even understand where it dissapear after their deed. It's always like they enter the place, dodge all our security, steal the item and then dissapear." Officer Rylie was clearly frustrated and worried about... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast #retelling

A tradesman was travelling in a carriage, from his trade ship to his village. A rebellion had broken out in their usual route and so they had to travel by the Dark Hedges, the woods of Monastero infamous for its wolves. But, according to the driver the wolves hadn't come out to the path in... Continue Reading →

Snow White  #retelling

Princess Blanche was still recovering from her father's death when her stepmother usurped the throne of Belsden.  A beauty and a powerfull sorceress, Liviana, the new queen knew how to make people follow her commands. Many people supported Blanche but they kept quiet for those who dared to rebel were never seen again. All the... Continue Reading →

The Frog Prince 🐸 #retelling

Celeste was engaged to the prince of Dermer, Aristole. His letters were so full of himself. She wouldn't have ever gotten engaged to that egg head but he became her betrothed when she was only 5 and he 7. Being the eighth princess of Santelle she was naturally overlooked by the subjects. To garner attention... Continue Reading →


I have finally crossed this milestone I was hoping to achieve. Thanks to all those people who follow me. On cloud nine right now! Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

Forever Lara Jones..

All she could feel was numbness. In that dark cell she felt that her body was overflowing with darkness. Darkness not only relating to the colour but also relating to the fear,grief and pain. It was not that she did not want to go out. She could not go out. She had never seen the... Continue Reading →

The Freedom Song

A hunter was walking through the forest when he came across a beautiful, large bird with a golden beak. It was so beautiful that he decided to not kill it. But, as he started walking away the bird sang to him. "Na na na." This annoyed the hunter as he thought that the bird was... Continue Reading →

The Book Thief Relation..

The book which helped me the most in this lockdown is a book I have read several times. A book whose each and every page is memorised by me. Each character of that book is simple yet they deliever a very powerful message. A bestseller from Markus Zusak the name of the book is The... Continue Reading →

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