One Year Anniversary!

It’s been a yearThat’s so hard to believeSince I started this small cornerWhich I can call minePublicizing whatever I wroteReceiving feedbacks and appreciationMaddening myself over what to postAnd how to make the content betterYet, the most wonderful partWas meeting so many othersWho are like me in so many waysAnd learning from themThanks for journeying along!Continue reading “One Year Anniversary!”

Never Enough

She’s never enough Always has to compete Just to be kickedBack on the streetShe’s never enough Always not goodHer soul spiralling Hiding under a hoodShe’s never enough Always a second pickThe thoughts that makeHer heart and mind sickShe’s never enoughAnd so her soul hidesAnd I awakenThe demons arise

Indian Mythology vs Science

Indian mythology is one of the oldest of the world. They are rich with culture and traditions which teach important lessons. But some people still question the actual existence of those stories and their characters and rightfully so. But,upon wondering I came with a few questions which I am unable to answer. And this concernsContinue reading “Indian Mythology vs Science”


Embrace the dropsThat slide down your cheekThe mini waterfallsThat you think makes you weakThe pearl like dewThat moistens your lashesThe transparent, soft waterUpon falling down, gently splashesLove the rain, let go of the painThe pain that’s slowly driving you insaneClose your eyes, and let the tears fallThat nectar can sweep the world and allThose areContinue reading “Tears”

Tom and Jerry Science Laws

Tom and Jerry are our all time favourite cartoon characters. They also invented new science laws. Have a look: 1. Gravity doesn’t work unless you look down Well, haven’t we all seen this? 2. The characters are explosive resistant! Whenever a bomb goes off, the things around them are charred but they are not. 3.Continue reading “Tom and Jerry Science Laws”


I dived head firstInto the abyss of a seaOf my mindTo explore the unexploredTo know the known knownsAnd remember the unknown knownsAnd gear up for the unknown unknownsAt first it had sunlightThat sparked and carried alongMy words, that I speakBefore I entered a worldGuarded and protectedBy the toughest barriersYet vulnerableIt started turning darkI didn’t wantContinue reading “Dive”

All bodies are beautiful vs Beauty does not matter

Media destroys a person’s self-esteem like a plague wherever it goes. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Related Disorders, 69 percent of adolescent girls worldwide said “magazine pictures influenced their idea of a perfect body shape,” and more than half of these teenagers use unsafe methods, such as skipping meals, in anContinue reading “All bodies are beautiful vs Beauty does not matter”

Conversation with my question paper

*teacher distributes the question paper* *I receive with trembling hands* Question Paper: Hold me nicely. Why are you shaking me? I am already tolerating your sweaty palms, don’t test my patience. Me: My heart isn’t in my control, okay? It’s your fault anyways. It’s because of you that I am scared of exams. Question Paper:Continue reading “Conversation with my question paper”

Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-6(Conclusion)

Claire kidnapped Princess Gemma of Cahran Renamed herself, to the princess’ clan Claire Gemma now went to Maguildy To find out who actually was guilty She reached there, was taken to a room A maid had just cleaned it with a broom She then carefully laid out her plan To catch the prince alone; itContinue reading “Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-6(Conclusion)”

Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-5

The tourney was not declared open, so they didn’t have to do it They took him back to palace, asked him to sit “What’s your name? ” , and a gazillion other questions I will give the answer in a gist; all his confessions “I am from Santelle, am not Maguildian My name’s Walter ScindianContinue reading “Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-5”

Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-4

Thinking hard upon it, a thought struck her mind It was in front of them, yet something they couldn’t find The announcer’s voice was male, can’t be a witch She had now finally found a glitch The very moment the sun arose She limped to the queen, with a rose Offering it with a wish,Continue reading “Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-4”

Twelve Dancing Princesses-3 #Retelling

She went to her mother, to ask why they were cursed Her mother replied with lips pursed “Long back when the kingdom was ruled by your great grandfather, Witches caused a great massacre Fighting with them wasn’t helping, A negotiation was made, that never nears an ending Each night each daughter of ours would goContinue reading “Twelve Dancing Princesses-3 #Retelling”

Twelve Dancing Princesses-2 #Retelling

Part 2 Claire was shocked, surprised and confused Even after this she was amused She looked forward to complete the story And return home with all her glory They’ll have a tourney every night Only those will be saved who have performed it right Let me tell you, she was the eldest of the twelveContinue reading “Twelve Dancing Princesses-2 #Retelling”

Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling

Part 1: Chloe was the typical teen you’d find Clumsy, worried, a bit kind Sailing through school somehow Sitting in classes with a permanent frown She busied herself in books Didn’t care much about her looks But, here’s a secret let me tell you She’ll surely care very soon One day, she went to separateContinue reading “Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling”

So much for glory, so much for freedom

The soldiers lie weary and tired Walk between bodies As people sitting far away First, glorified and admired Then opponents attacked, bombs were dropped Hospitals, schools became a pile of rumble Trees fell down, wires were chopped The sound of sirens ring in their ears The deafening silence surrounds The flying jets roar in theContinue reading “So much for glory, so much for freedom”

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