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Denying Waves

I feel the waves call out to me

The dark and blue oblivion

Made of hues colourless

Perfect for blackened souls

Maybe being submerged won’t be too bad

Yet a dive was all I dared

Controlling the numbing urge to let go

Resemble the wild water lillies

And yet look grotesque

I hold my breath, close my eyes

The water detracts my self

As every breath I take, aches

Leaving scars and indelible bruises

And every breath I don’t, burns

Leading my way to oblivion

I think of all those well-wishing fools

Who said I could be saved

But how could you save someone,

Who was convinced she deserves

To drown, rot and be forgotten?

In front of them, I wear my smile

An expression of apology, a master of disguise

Or maybe an armor of subdued vulnerability

Isn’t it better to let my salty creeks,

Mix with the ocean,

Rather than pretending they don’t exist,

Housing and hiding them?

Perhaps I want to hear a yes too soon

For the denial is the only thing

Holding me back


27 thoughts on “Denying Waves

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  1. SMiLes Dear Akshita What A Beautiful Poem About
    ‘Denying Waves’ Ocean Whole Feelings RiSinG And Falling

    AS HeART
    Beats Dance
    And Sing For More

    Senses From Head to Toe
    Dancing Singing in Synergy

    FLoWinG As Ocean Waves Come
    And Go Tides Falling And RiSinG True

    Greater FRiEnDS With Gravity as Moon
    Phases Sigh and Light the Night Again Inside

    Oh So Mysterious
    Ocean Within

    Is Particularly

    When THere is Never

    Any ‘Time’ to ‘Cry’ or Even ‘Die’

    For the Living Shall BREaTHE Ocean Whole
    Free No Longer Waves Trapped Water of Tears Free

    Salt of Ocean
    We All Share

    To SMiLes
    Again Grief
    And Numbness Relieved..:)

    Liked by 2 people

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