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Notes From Me, To Me

Alone at the edge of the universe, Humming a tune unlearnt, unheard A melody of my own Stretches far, seeking home A soul to affect, a voice to compliment The notes sway and pray for a human shell Renounced, they bounce back off surfaces Not allowed to penetrate Still the wind carries them in whispers... Continue Reading →

Whispering Wind

I speak to you, the wind wafting in The one so paradoxical Cooling me down Yet you watch the city burn With rage, hate and envy Carrying the whispers of the devil Hearing the unheard And passing it as lies Or half-truths; even worse And there you still blow In the midst of blazes Meant... Continue Reading →

The Bird’s Swan Song

The bird flew high that day To sing her song of pain A haunting tune, a shriek so loud All in the midst of rain Wet and cold but loudly still She continues her song Yet no one listens or pays heed Before its too long She climbed the branches again With her wing cut... Continue Reading →

Chasing Stars

The night sky is dark and deep Its tiny hearts glow as the world sleeps "Those are fairy dust", the little girl said "Lets collect them", said Bill "They are right there, on the hill" Just after dinner, the climbed up the mound And leapt for the moon, off the ground Their fingers touched just... Continue Reading →

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