They say that black is wrong

And also say that white is right

But there has to be a gray somewhere

Like there’s dawn between day and night

The say that one’s life

Is either black or white

But actually our lives are gray

What they say just isn’t right

There is something good in bad

The bad in good is also there

But the way we see it is what matters

At which colour we stare…

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  1. Woohoo!! Beautiful.. my thoughts are around these lines from two days .. with respect to Covid though .. what’s right and what’s wrong! No socialising is easy to say, the amount of mental trauma a couple (friend) is going through is huge. I just hope india copes well with the second wave

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  2. With No Night
    No Day With No
    Yang No Yin
    Of Labor
    No Birth

    Of Sweetest

    Eyes And Smiles

    With No Falling
    In Love No Rising
    To Stay In Love For



    That Makes
    Birth And Breath

    Even Possible

    Now Yes God

    Is DarK
    The LiGHT

    Parts of

    God Even

    Possible At

    All When We
    Attempt To




    Yang Night
    And Day Dark
    And Light We





    We Rise Up
    Whole Reborn
    Undivided As
    God Is Whole

    With SMiles🎨😊

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  3. So profoundly written. I read, and I wondered about the allegory in your writing. Absolutely amazing.
    If only we could focus on every situation, person gently , every hue would be beautiful.
    A great poem

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      1. It’s my pleasure friend !

        That I have visited your page.

        Your blog is so much nice !💙


  4. It also goes on to the fact that what kind of light from the electromagnetic sprectrum is being shone. Everything is two sided as you said. We see what we choose to see and what we want to see. The grey areas matter! This is a profound piece Akshita. Stay Blogging.

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