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Book Character Awards- Winners!!!

Aaanddddddd the much awaited moment is hereeeeeeeeeeeee *okay stop with the multiple letters akshita* First of all, I'd like to thank every person who reblogged the first post and then everyone who voted! Without you all this would have ended with just one post:D Also I must mention my irl friend Anoushka who's been such... Continue Reading →

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embers of the night

I have locked my actual self, In the realms of the night sky; Upon the distant stars, Burning' bright through the coal clouds, Distant yet scintillating, Fairy dust in my eyes, at times, Sparking my darkest nights Sometimes they fall like angels, Burn into my skin and scar; Beautifully macabre in their form, Marking their... Continue Reading →

Eyes: Yours and Mine

I saw a mirror in your eyes Stumbling in was paradise A belief of love; capsuled with forever Beckoned me and I got carried away And there it was the hidden chest Forbidden from all the rest Opening it was crashing down In a deep stumbling mess, I drowned Like a moth is to flame... Continue Reading →

Denying Waves

I feel the waves call out to me The dark and blue oblivion Made of hues colourless Perfect for blackened souls Maybe being submerged won't be too bad Yet a dive was all I dared Controlling the numbing urge to let go Resemble the wild water lillies And yet look grotesque I hold my breath,... Continue Reading →

The Mirror

I peer through my glassy haze, At the identical girls, Trapped in the smoke of incertitude, Closed to being choked. One peers through with poignant eyes, With no more tears left to cry, Yet a willingness to change the mind, Of her divided self. I watch the other hurt herself, Believing she deserves no better.... Continue Reading →

~just between us~

Can we ever go back to what we, Used to be? Or are we done there? Never to return, watching memories burn Whitewashed photographs Reminding me our past And all the sunshine we emanated, When together, Growing the arcane meadows, Of our bond; Now they scorn, for I visit alone You’re lost; away from home... Continue Reading →

Her and Me

The night sky is arcanely deep An indelible grief it weaves Unimaginable, unconquerable, palpable The darkness creeps around her Forever swirls the broken melody Of cries, tears and screams All her dreams stand out of reach Out of sight is gaeity Standing before the mirror She glances beyond, past me Through my scars, my fears,... Continue Reading →

I’ll Be There

You walk past me Smiling as if nothing's wrong A weeping star Caught in the midst of storm And they don't realise That your cheeks are tired From wiping tears and faking smiles Tying yourself with a laugh That's threatening to come undone But you don't have to try so hard Don't need to put... Continue Reading →

Death to Life

The pyre was set and ready As the sunflowers withered and died Making a way for me to tread Leading the way to raging flames That will burn my flesh, Consume me from within Endowing me with the desideratum Of living in this new world Guiding me to death And thus to vigor and life... Continue Reading →

A Pledge On A Dream

I pledge fealty to a dream, That was seen along this flag A cloth imbibed with hope And tarnished with fear Bloodied by necessity Sworn to bravery Countless men, women Have grieved, fought, bled and died To keep our tattered dreams alive Not to glorify a symbol But defend an idea, an ideal Helping us... Continue Reading →

Hi! I am back *sheepish waving*

Soooo, i disappeared again, didn't I? Um well, I had too much going on with academics and other stuff and blogging felt like something forced then. And blogging should be fun, right? So, I decided to take a break and cool everything off. But now I am back! I will be completely active from tomorrow,... Continue Reading →

Flowers Speak

Blooming midst the salty breeze Every flower speaks to me Like maple leaves from the autumn tree Swaying swiftly, gaily free Moving in it's melody Dewy petals, and nectar sweet Pollen dispersed in the wind of sea Wildly growing under the maple tree The flowers dance with my feet And we speak and speak till... Continue Reading →

Summer Haiku

So yeah, the title's pretty self-explanatory? This time I'm not following the usual meter for haikus. Hope you like it! With Sandy gleaming shells And the breeze in my hair I get lost in the sun Have a good day!!

Book Review: It Only Happens In The Movies

*cries* *sobs* *wipes away her tears* Lesss go: Blurb: Audrey is over romance. While dealing with her parents’ contentious divorce, a breakup of her own, and shifting friendship dynamics, she has every reason to feel cynical. But then she meets Harry, her fellow coworker at the local cinema. He’s brash, impulsive, and a major flirt.... Continue Reading →

Meet Me Whilst The Sun Sets

Meet me, my heart whilst the sun sets, And the cold night's still away; For soon the yellow-orange hues, To dismal dark, will give way; The warmth stolen from the sky, The small balls of fire arise; Yet not enough to thaw us both, And set our souls alight; Then, the clouds will trap the... Continue Reading →

Musing, Music, Meeting

I wish I could do it. Have you ever gone to the sea shore at night? With the tide water creeping inside half the beach and the cool , wet sand and the moonlight dancing on the waves, I like it better than in the day. There's something about being suspended in this roaring silence,... Continue Reading →

Notes From Me, To Me

Alone at the edge of the universe, Humming a tune unlearnt, unheard A melody of my own Stretches far, seeking home A soul to affect, a voice to compliment The notes sway and pray for a human shell Renounced, they bounce back off surfaces Not allowed to penetrate Still the wind carries them in whispers... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Fangirl

Blurb: Cath is a Simon Snow fan. Okay, the whole world is a Simon Snow fan.... But for Cath, being a fan is her life—and she's really good at it. She and her twin, Wren, ensconced themselves in the Simon Snow series when they were just kids; it's what got them through their mother leaving.... Continue Reading →

She Dropped My Hand While Dancing

I teeter towards the end of the precipice, leading to the lake a few feet below. The moonlight dances on the surface and under it, dispersing and meeting all at the same time. Sitting at the edge, my mind floats into that consciously unconscious place where it sits peacefully blank. Yet, a look at my... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Where The Crawdads Sing

i am so proud about creating this, ngl ~ So, here I am with my first book review which I wrote after going through atleast 10 book reviews on Riddhi's, Nehal's and Sep's blogs quite naturally🙃 Blurb: For years, rumors of the “Marsh Girl” haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet fishing village. Kya Clark is barefoot... Continue Reading →

A Bookworm’s Interview-Pt2

Here's the 2nd part of the interview I posted last week. (In bold, is Anoushka and the rest is me) First question, easyWhat is your most preferred ambience for reading a book? At night, on my bed, under the covers :)) 😭👌🏻the feelsss Number 2Which book do you wish did not have a sequel? I... Continue Reading →

Whispering Wind

I speak to you, the wind wafting in The one so paradoxical Cooling me down Yet you watch the city burn With rage, hate and envy Carrying the whispers of the devil Hearing the unheard And passing it as lies Or half-truths; even worse And there you still blow In the midst of blazes Meant... Continue Reading →

The Face That Shone

Deep under the water Submerged but I never drown Suspended in a timely frown Yous and mes, all far away The moonlight stays up The halo far above A stairway of love awaits Alone and afraid, I can't climb it I am still searching for a face That shines through the blue Colours all my... Continue Reading →

Grow Apart

My arms spread out, but they never quite reachWords are spoken, they don't cross the breachMy soul calls out, still stand my feetThe way to you, when did it get so steep? All my small made big issuesYou had called me out forGrow,this overthinking mess is now aloneYour words strampled onYou see me now, you... Continue Reading →

A New Series!

As you all already know I write about almost everything on my mind on this blog. Be it poems, articles, short stories, random ramblings, stuff about music, EVERY SINGLE THING. And you know what are on my mind most of the times, so obvious, Books! And I realized that I haven't really talked about books... Continue Reading →

The Bird’s Swan Song

The bird flew high that day To sing her song of pain A haunting tune, a shriek so loud All in the midst of rain Wet and cold but loudly still She continues her song Yet no one listens or pays heed Before its too long She climbed the branches again With her wing cut... Continue Reading →

My baby’s 2!!!

disclaimer: yes idc if some of you think of a weird analogy due to the title. Like even our own riddhi says our blogs are like our babies Ahh yes, so as you could guess I mark my 2nd year blogversary today!! Wow, I didn't expect myself to hold out this long when I started,... Continue Reading →

I Wish

Dear me, I wish there was a way I could actually pat your hand and let you cry on my shoulder. A way I could physically squeeze out all your pain, a way I could hold your tears before they fall, a way I could lift you up like I do with my friends, a... Continue Reading →


maybe i'm not that off-putting maybe i'm capable of being liked maybe i am loved maybe there's nothing wrong with me maybe it's not me, it's them maybe it's okay to crave different things maybe it's even good to be unique maybe i don't need to fit in maybe my thoughts matter maybe my feeling... Continue Reading →

Stars Outshined and Parts Found

Under the moon, as she gazed at stars She found eyes gazing at her Unwaveringly, deeply, with pools of memories She raised her eyebrows at his trance He moved closer; eyes unflinching “I am gazing at your soul, At all the infinities you hold within Amongst the forced laughter I find a love so powerful... Continue Reading →

A Lifetime Of Comets

Just a nerdy girl, with a sporty oneCatching comets and storing them in a stack of memoriesTheir minds synergised and melodies resonatedWalking along the path of growing upScared to lose, Scared to gainNot ready yet to accept the changePromising to always co-ordinate their feetEven if they lead to different destinationsA promise upon a comet, enough... Continue Reading →

Then and Now

A taste of freedom To live and love the world A song I harboured That sand of dreamy lands and words A place with no expectations A place with no restrictions A place with just fixations A place which was my dramatisation A fantasy shattered Broken expectations One taste of reality Took all, it seemed... Continue Reading →

Chasing Stars

The night sky is dark and deep Its tiny hearts glow as the world sleeps "Those are fairy dust", the little girl said "Lets collect them", said Bill "They are right there, on the hill" Just after dinner, the climbed up the mound And leapt for the moon, off the ground Their fingers touched just... Continue Reading →


The title doesn't leave much to imagination, does it?😅 I am going for an indefinite(probably till 2nd week of Feb but not sure) hiatus. Its a bit hard to manage the blog with academic stuff. Sorry for not being as active as I was anyways. I promise to read all your posts once in a... Continue Reading →

The Haiku Tag

Hey everyone! Right, just remembered I am weird when it comes to intros so lets get along with this- Rules- Tag Eva @album of amazing.Mention the person who tags you. I was tagged by Stara @ The Pool of Thoughts. Check out her blog everyone, she is amazing!! And I was also tagged by Dhriti @... Continue Reading →

My Battleground

There is no war greater than The one going on in my own mindThe spear of my fears piercingMy own flesh and yet Forcing the blood to stay in my veinsThe swords of insecurities areCutting down the dreams perched on wingsThe shield of acceptance lies Shamefully aside, not even trying to protectI look in the... Continue Reading →

Rory’s stories tag

This is a supercool tag created by Simran @Far From Perfect. You're seriously missing out form a helluva amount of fun if you're not doing this. WE ARE ALL MULES HERE ARE THE RULES: Mention the original creator of the tag ie Far from perfect and leave a link to the original postUse the tag – Rory’s... Continue Reading →

New-Year Writing Contest

Here am I with yet another contest. This is being hosted by Srishti @ The Srishti Blog. Check her out for some amazing content! Rules: Thank the person who nominated you/who’s blog you find this on. I found it on Srishti's blog, thanks for creating a contest with such an awesome concept!If you have a blog,... Continue Reading →

The Unknown

I am scared of the unknown. Vague intro, I know, but have you ever thought about it? Aren't we all scared of just the unknown? People are scared of animals because they don't what happens when it bites or something, they don't know how much pain it'll bring or if it will at all. People... Continue Reading →

The Frozen Heart

My heart is caged in iceProtected by covering of snowSecluded, alone but safeYet, it wants to break the coveringBut, the ice is too strongI decorate its cage with snowflakesAnd dried flower dustI request it to remainHidden from everything outsideAway from the worldIt fights me as I talk to peopleWilling to break freeI don't want to... Continue Reading →


She still remembered his last words to call as soon as the flight lands. She remembered his warm hug, how his arms felt against her small frame. She couldn't see, but she remembered his smell, his laugh, his descriptions of the world. Even an year later since his plane went missing, she'd run towards the... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Here's to a singer who has shown incredible versatility, to the best songwriter of this generation, one of the strongest women who never bowed down, to the artist whose music videos are fun to decode, to the person who is sweet and yet always ready to speak for herself, to a celebrity who feels real... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the society We hope you enjoy your stay You are free to be yourself As long as it is in the right way We would pity you if you lose Ignore you when you win the crown We would bully you for smiling Then ask you why you frown You have to believe... Continue Reading →

Roads to Me

I was walking forward in the quaint highway As I thought of the roads left back A sudden thought gripped me, To experience what I had experienced; to look back There was I again, in the old corridoor Shy, timid, without a sense of dignity Smiling at everyone, bawling when bullied Palpable without without capability... Continue Reading →


I sit there, Staring off into the distance. Maybe I don't cry anymore, But it feels like those tears, Have been soaked by my skin, And that they reside in me Numb That's how I'd describe the feeling Somehow, I know that its worse Than being sad That feeling something Is better than not feeling... Continue Reading →


These days I have become pretty good at Smiling, all the time Everyone says I look so happy Everyone says I am a jolly person Everyone says I have such a positive outlook And that smile, it never fades I envision someone coming to me, And say, "I saw your mask crack", Asking me if... Continue Reading →

The Single Line Story Challenge

RULES: Thank the person who nominated you. I was nominated by Khushi and Kunjal @ Duo Disseminators. Check them out, they have an amazing blog!Write 5 single line stories that fall under any of these genres (you can pick which ones you do!):fantasyromancethrillermysterywesterncontemporaryhistoricaldramadystopianadventuresci-fiparanormalyoung adultYou can choose 5 genres that’s easiest for you, or you can... Continue Reading →

Scars and Time

Photo by Maria on One time I got cut The wound, though skin deep, hurt a lot.Slowly it became a scar and faded awayTime heals everything, right?After that I was cut again A very deep cutIt bled. It hurt.Took time to become a scarBut it never faded awayIt bleeds sometimes, stillMark of a painful... Continue Reading →


Everyone says, don’t care People always and come and go But, how can I stop thinking about someone Who has been inside me, forever, who left me alone? How can I forget someone, Who has been with me since I know of? What can I do to forget my own past? How can I forget... Continue Reading →

A Small Thought

Photo by Valeriia Miller on I am supposed to write my own story But I can't decide if I am the author or just the muse? A small post but I had to keep it to 21 words. This was written in response to Saumya's contest - Write in 21! Check out her blog... Continue Reading →

A Forbidden Room

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on How nice it would be to have, A room inside our minds Where I could stash my thoughts, my memories That I don't want to rewind The swirl of consecutive broken melodies That my brain somehow relives Stay with me, out of control A refused gift they give If... Continue Reading →

Poem for Myself

I have written a thousand poems For people around me All but one Have never written a poem for Myself It's not because I don't want to But because I really don't know how to Or perhaps because I never thought to But now I am trying And yet I don't know how to fill... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Fictional Characters

Dear Characters, I don't think I am sane enough to write a proper intro coz you people have really messed my head up(in both a good way and a bad way) Leta get to the bottom to it. The letter is divided into 3 parts- Protagonists, Antagonists and Side but important characters. Lets get on... Continue Reading →

Away From Eyes

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Away from eyes, I'll do my happy dance Away from eyes, I'll take a risky chance Away from eyes, I'll sing my heart out Away from eyes, I'll click a photo with a pout Away from eyes, I'll write a love story Away from eyes, I'll rise to an... Continue Reading →

Pretending Every Day

And yesterday they said,They listen to EDMAnd today I went and sangSongs I learnt yesterdayBefore that they saidThey dislike book wormsAnd I hid My copy of Mansfield RanchEven before that they wanted my notesAnd the naive me, gave itToo late to realise that they only talked to meWhen they needed those notesSomewhere in betweenThey said... Continue Reading →


A friend is like a flower A rose to be exact Or maybe like a brand new gate That never comes unlatched A friend is like an owl Both beautiful and wise Or it is like a ghost Whose spirit never dies A friend is like a heart That goes on till the end Where... Continue Reading →

I Guess

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on I guess I never really knew you I guess I never really understood you I guess you never really found me I guess you never really wanted to know me And I guess you never really wanted to understand me I guess you always hid from me I guess... Continue Reading →

Our Beloved Classroom

That chalk and duster Accompanied by the blackboard With which the teachers taught Even if we were bored That occasional chattering Passing secret notes With worksheets and question papers Making paper boats With divider and compass Sculpting our own masterpiece( on the table!) Eating food in between classes With our besties In the exam hall,... Continue Reading →

Life of a Topper

How many of us, how many have actually made fun of toppers? All of us, I guess. Let me share their viewpoints now and situations which they all hate with all their heart. 1. "You are so lucky" Whenever they get a good score in an exam( which is almost always ) there will be... Continue Reading →

It Took Over

I see you lying there It's a bittersweet feeling It feels me jubilation and yet grief As I see you there, still and lying A gasp marks your face Your eyes wide with shock I think I see a few unshed tears A lot of red though, on your frock I loved you friend, trust me when... Continue Reading →

Of Mountains and Hills

The mountain feels to high today And all I wanna do is stay in bed Curl up on it, make my pillows wet Revel in that moment I feel doing nothing But I still trudge through Paint a mask in face And get over with this day too I guess I never realised That if... Continue Reading →

A win-win for Earth?

Since the beginning of the lockdown people have been talking about how the environment has improved and how 2020 gave nature a break. Do you think its true? The pandemic has been a hindrance to ecosystem restoration. So many projects, all shut down due to the economic depression. As people are afraid to go out... Continue Reading →

Alone or Lonely?

I tried explaining them why I am sad. Nothing came out. Perhaps I didn't understand it myself. And that's when they all start talking, saying I am not alone. I know I am not alone but right now I feel like a shooting star. Everyone looks at me, acknowledges me but I am destined to... Continue Reading →


Happiness. Such a subjective term We all want it. But we all don't have it To some it comes easily. Some struggle for it Everyone chases it. Through whatever means necessary For some it's money, for some fame For some it's by hard work, for some by attention For some it's by doing nothing, for... Continue Reading →

When My Head Hits The Pillow

When my head hits the pillow, here are the thoughts that follow: 1. "Damn, this could have been the perfect comeback to her mean comment. Why did I not think of it before?" 2. "Uggh, I wrote the wrong answer. No that was correct but then I missed one point so its technically wrong..." 3.... Continue Reading →

I Dreamt A Dream

Last night I viewed a strange view That people had given up on war There were no more gun shots heard On streets there was no gore There was no more discrimination Everyone lived in harmony They did not kill in the name of love Nor in the name of money Lush green forests were... Continue Reading →

What We Need..

When you're suffering from a problem And you need help; that's said People, wanted or unwanted Come to your aid You are huddled inside a room With those people filled in And all at once they start Begrudgingly, talking They hurl advices and suggestions Which you've listened to a hundered times And what you did... Continue Reading →


You know what, I am tired of 'they'. The people whom we address as  , "They say..." You get it? Let me list some of their characteristics: They think they know everything.They have a misconception that they have a lot of brains.They think they can rule everyone's lifeThey think they are supposed to rule everyone's... Continue Reading →

Why me?

If you have to ask "Why me?" When in your heart you have no glee When the world is pouring its colossal drops And you can't handle the mess it has caused When the sky doesn't look blue again When sunlight is not fresh but a strain And you'd rather stay in Lying in bed;... Continue Reading →


I am tired Not by the lack of rest Not by the fact that I have a lot of work Or there are assignments waiting on my desk   It’s something else The tiredness is embedded At the back of my eyes In my nerves, deeper within myself   I am tired of the fake... Continue Reading →

My Secret Keeper

I could never trust a person I always concealed the truth As all that I said was held against me So I trusted it with you Every single emotion I had That I had lied about Was something I opened up to you Said everything without a doubt Every moment of sadness Every tear that... Continue Reading →

A letter from Algebra

Dear Students, I am not gonna ask you whether you are fine 'cause I know that most of you will say that I have made your life a living hell. So, let me start with the main topic of this letter. You people are extremists! Don't deny this because I'm gonna prove it. Some of... Continue Reading →

A War Against One’s Own

The night is my biggest enemy Or perhaps I have made it so to be It makes me think about things Which I want to forget, which can't return swinging As I lie on the bed The night's silence envelops my head All those memories start seeping in It makes me overthink It's hard to... Continue Reading →


I felt like the waves of the ocean Flowing and just being there I had lost attention of my surroundings Numb, I stared into no where That was how every day felt like Just existing just being Going through that routine like water Going up and crashing down That's it, I was alive but dead... Continue Reading →

I am Jealous

It's hard to watch Hard to remember All that she does to me All that she did So well liked She had so many friends who loved her Always the best, coming out on top Skillfull and affable Smart and confident Every quality you'd like I wonder when the success got to her head And... Continue Reading →


I woke up with a smile on my face Knew I could funally embrace You, the lovliest sweetest gift My heart's racing can't stop it I've waited for you for such a long time But every efforts's paying off a dime There's a skip in my step as I wander about Smiling and grinning throughout... Continue Reading →


They say that black is wrong And also say that white is right But there has to be a gray somewhere Like there's dawn between day and night The say that one's life Is either black or white But actually our lives are gray What they say just isn't right There is something good in... Continue Reading →

My Doll

I had a doll Which did all sort of bad things Scary, terrifying and terrible Incidents you'll be afraid of reminescing She took out my cat's eyes And played with them like ball We never saw her doing it But she was with them in the hall A voice used to sing at night A... Continue Reading →

Bullet Tears

She looked at his crisp uniform He looked at the sullen sky Tears had started welling up When he said that it isn't a goodbye He left his harmonica with her The teary eyes looked at his medal clad chest She said," Play one tune when you return, Just one part if not the rest."... Continue Reading →


I think I just lost myself But where, is something I am not entirely sure of Perhaps in the movies I watched Perhaps between the lines of the books Perhaps while listening to that old song Or maybe when I was reminescing memories Perhaps it was on that walk barefoot on the grass Perhaps when... Continue Reading →


Disclaimer: This poem(especially the word 'you' used here) does not intend to point to any person or community in particular. They are just my thoughts on something that has been in this world for a long time, from a perspective. You're pink when embarrassed Pale when stressed Green when sick Red if someone pricks Blue... Continue Reading →

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