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My Battleground

There is no war greater than 
The one going on in my own mind
The spear of my fears piercing
My own flesh and yet
Forcing the blood to stay in my veins
The swords of insecurities are
Cutting down the dreams perched on wings
The shield of acceptance lies
Shamefully aside, not even trying to protect
I look in the mirror, my scars my wounds hidden
The reflections shows a smiling, ever smiling girl
With hidden haunted eyes and hurting cheeks
I forget in moments like these
What it is like to be gentle to myself
That I am a person to be loved
That I am my own home
And not a mere vessel
It strikes me that peace cannot co-exist with war
Maybe I was always acting like my own enemy
Maybe I need to tend and nurture
My own mind, and spread white flags
In the battleground, that I have made my insides to be
Maybe I don't need the kind of self love
Which is all draining
But the kind that energizes me
Maybe all the love that girl wanted
Was the love of herself
I need to stop myself from being myself
And discover the real me
That I have stopped myself from becoming
Maybe all I ever needed was to be needed by myself

This one’s based on the quote-

“You can not stop you from being who you are.”

Tell me the name of the book if you can guess!!

Rory’s stories tag

This is a supercool tag created by Simran @Far From Perfect. You’re seriously missing out form a helluva amount of fun if you’re not doing this.


  1. Mention the original creator of the tag ie Far from perfect and leave a link to the original post
  2. Use the tag – Rory’s stories tag
  3. You must keep all the headings I have used or atleast come up with weird ones of your own cuz the post HAS to be weird
  4. The story HAS to be weird (I am saying this again people spin the most weird stories)
  5. Thank the person who has tagged you and mention them
  6. Make/use a weird featured image
  8. Put all the story combinations in your post and then choose one to make a story on and highlight the words which indicate the image you have used, for eg if the image is alien and you have interpreted it as ET then highlight the word ET
  9. Also put the game rules in your post so everyone understands how to play
  10. Tag people (please don’t forget)

This may bring me fame here are the rules for the game

Begin with ‘Once Upon a Time’ and tell a story that links together all 9 face-up images. Start with the first image to grab your attention. Use three cubes for the beginning, three for the middle, and three for the end of the story. There is one rule: there are no wrong answers.

Stop thinking of captions here are your options

This is cause for jubilation here is my combination

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20220104_174321.jpg

This is my pride and glory let’s begin my story

Once upon a time there lived a fish called Nemo(yes this is the same pixar character; he grew up) who taught abacus in the “Oceania School For Baby Aquatic Fauna”. He had a huge and beautiful house amongst hydrillas(just having a biology moment) made up of corals and sea weeds. Nemo being the only abacus teacher was in a lot of demand(who doesn’t want their kids to be smart math brain-nerds) and thus he was veryyy rich. He was the only one to have the latest model of cPhone( sea what I did there).

It was yet another day when he went to school. He saw a SMS notification on his cPhone that his credit card had been used for transaction. He rushed home to see if someone had broken into his house. Sure enough, the lock was opened with the extra key he hid under the doormat. He entered the house and found his credit card on the table. He thought that maybe the intruder was in his bedroom but he couldn’t find anyone. He also noted that nothing was out of place. He took a torch and went outside to investigate. He waved his fins and swam out. That’s when he saw that his doorbell was not there. The intruder had stolen the doorbell out of everything!! Right there, he found a note:

” Hey Nemo,

I have taken out your doorbell and purchased a new one for you. It will be delivered by next week.

Yours lovingly,

The eel who got electrocuted by your faulty doorbell thrice.”

Did you see my bag? Here are the people that I tag

As usual, I’ll keep the nominations open in a hatke (different) way. The first 10 people to comment are nominated!!

Hope this was weird enough for you, Simran~ (I just realized I need a nickname for you😬)

Please participate people, this is super fun! Took out my Monday blues

New-Year Writing Contest

Here am I with yet another contest. This is being hosted by Srishti @ The Srishti Blog. Check her out for some amazing content!


  • Thank the person who nominated you/who’s blog you find this on. I found it on Srishti’s blog, thanks for creating a contest with such an awesome concept!
  • If you have a blog, list down the rules in a post, if not, contact/email the creator (contact page).
  • Add the logo of this post that is:
  • Last date for submission is 20th January 2022, winners will be announced on 24th January 2022.
  • Link back to the original post and the post of the one who nominated you.
  • Word limit ranges to 1000 words.
  • Inappropriate content shall be disqualified.
  • You can submit only one entry.
  • Nominate at least 5 people to participate in this contest.

My submission:

Well so, I am submitting my last post as an entry. I wrote it like a random thing, tbh. It was scary seeing all the cheery posts on new year’s eve when I wasn’t feeling cheery at all, and people actually liked it. I wasn’t expecting that, ngl, but it felt nice knowing that I wasn’t the only one panicking and also to see how many people actually calmed me down. So, here it goes:

I am scared of the unknown. Vague intro, I know, but have you ever thought about it? Aren’t we all scared of just the unknown? People are scared of animals because they don’t what happens when it bites or something, they don’t know how much pain it’ll bring or if it will at all. People are scared of heights because they don’t know what will really happen once they fall. People are scared of the dark as they don’t what’s lurking behind it. And that’s it, we are all scared of just the unknown. Whatever our tiny minds can’t comprehend or make sense of, scares us.

Read more


You have already probably realized that I never particular nominate anyone. So this time, anyone with the letters N/E/W/Y/A/R can participate!! Have fun!!

The Unknown

I am scared of the unknown.

Vague intro, I know, but have you ever thought about it? Aren’t we all scared of just the unknown? People are scared of animals because they don’t what happens when it bites or something, they don’t know how much pain it’ll bring or if it will at all. People are scared of heights because they don’t know what will really happen once they fall. People are scared of the dark as they don’t what’s lurking behind it. And that’s it, we are all scared of just the unknown. Whatever our tiny minds can’t comprehend or make sense of, scares us.

So now, what about the future.

I was once excited for the future. To see what it brings, to see what all might happen, but right now the future scares me, again, because I have no idea what it brings. Growing up, scares me because I suddenly realise that some things are not gonna be the same anymore. Everything that the future awaits scares me now becasue I am not ready to let it go. I am not ready for life as it is now to end.

Once again, maybe things would be better, but just becasue I don’t know it, I am scared of it.

The new year starts tomorrow and even though I am ready to leave 2021 behind, I am not ready to embrace 2022.

Yet again, I have understood that somehow letting it all unfold is probably all we can do. Maybe the end doesn’t matter, maybe I’ll live through so many more new things, maybe, just maybe I can mix my past joys with my future happiness.

Happy 2022, guys✨

That’s what you call a ramble, i guess😅

Yet, let me know what you think about my thoughts. Lets talk about our plans for the new year and the (scary) concept of future. Waiting for you in the comments

The Frozen Heart

My heart is caged in ice
Protected by covering of snow
Secluded, alone but safe
Yet, it wants to break the covering
But, the ice is too strong

I decorate its cage with snowflakes
And dried flower dust
I request it to remain
Hidden from everything outside
Away from the world

It fights me as I talk to people
Willing to break free
I don't want to mess up
I don't want to be taken advantage of
So, I contain it there

Late under moonlight
When its just me, the wind and moon
I feel spring come up, I hear the ice cracking
And nestle my heart in my warmth
Asking it to not be grieved, I forever know its here

I wrote this poem for the December Vibes Poetry Contest being hosted by Khushi and Kunjal@ Duo Disseminators. Check out their blog guys, they are splendid!!

Rules of the contest:


  •  Design a post of your own and link back to the original post to notify the creator. Unnotified posts will not be judged.
  • Paste the rules of this contest on your post if you have a blog. If not, contact us at with your entry!
  • Tag this post as December- Vibes- Poetry
  • Last date of submission is 10 January.
  • Word limit ranges to 200 words.
  • Inappropriate content shall be disqualified
  • You can send no more than 2 entries.
  •  Nominate at least 5 people to participate in this contest.
  • Thee last date for submission is *** 
  • Its necessary that you all further nominate people for this contest so that it carries on as a tag too! And you have to create illustration/poster/abstract art/image that resonates with your poem.

The poster I made was:

Not much, I know😅


Now, for the hardest part. I nominate everyone with W/I/N/T/E/R in their names! Hope you all will participate:)

I also nominate my 5 newest followers:

1. Candy

2. Rabhya

3. Gelina

4. Swara

5. Sitcomstartup

Poem inspired by Charles Bukowski


She still remembered his last words to call as soon as the flight lands. She remembered his warm hug, how his arms felt against her small frame. She couldn’t see, but she remembered his smell, his laugh, his descriptions of the world. Even an year later since his plane went missing, she’d run towards the sound of the ringing telephone, crashing into things in her haste. The brain unlearnt how to expect but the brain never learnt how to discard hope.

So, this is a post I wrote for Betty@ The Box of Wonder’s contest. Check out her blog, she has an ahh-ma-zing one!

Unconventional but here are the rules:

Here are the rules-

  • Thank the person who nominated you/who’s blog you find this on, give them some fun book-character name (like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc)- Nominated by Betty the creator herself! I guess I can call you Liesel!
  • If you have a blog, list down the rules in a post, if not, contact/email the creator (contact page).
  • Add the logo of this competition below the rules.
  • Link back to the original post and the post of the one who nominated you.


Ahh here comes the hard part. So, this time everyone whose names start with B,E,T or Y can do it coz its betty’s contest!

Yes, to all those who think so, this is a repost. I had forgot to include the rules and the nominations😅

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Here’s to a singer who has shown incredible versatility, to the best songwriter of this generation, one of the strongest women who never bowed down, to the artist whose music videos are fun to decode, to the person who is sweet and yet always ready to speak for herself, to a celebrity who feels real and to one of the kindest people ever! Happy Birthday! *all hail the queen*

So, today I’d like to list a song from each of her albums which I feel are gravely underrated. Here we go:

1.Tied Together With A Smile ( Taylor Swift )

Taylor Swift – Tied Together with a Smile - Song Meanings and Facts

Hold on, baby; you’re losing it

The water’s high, you’re jumping into it

And letting go, and no one knows

That you cry; but you don’t tell anyone

That you might not be the golden one

And you’re tied together with a smile

But you’re coming undone


Can we please appreciate the fact that she was 16 when the album released? The lyrics of the song feel so real and they hit you in your soul as someway it holds true for all of us. The soft melody, her voice, everything’s soothing and the words make you realize your own phases. This one’s a definite favorite for me.

2. Change (Fearless)

Taylor Swift - Change on Make a GIF
isn’t she like soo pretty?

These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down

This revolution, the time will come

For us to finally win

This is one of those songs you hear to uplift yourself. Its catchy and doesn’t sound like someone’s just saying things for the sake of it. I mean there are songs or stories meant to make you feel motivated but you don’t ever feel connected to them. This one’s not a part of them.

3. Enchanted ( Speak Now )

Walls of insincerity, shifting eyes, and vacancies

Vanished when I saw your face

What can I say except the fact that this song is enchanting and always leaves me wonderstruck every time I hear it?😍

4. Holy Ground (Red)

We blocked the noise with the sound of “I need you”

And for the first time I had something to lose

This one is like my 3rd favorite song on Red ( as All Too Well and State of Grace exist~) and everyone pays it dust! Her vocals in this one are sooooo good.

5. How You Get The Girl (1989)

How You Get The Girl - Taylor Swift (Cover Art) by JustinSwift13 on  DeviantArt

And then you say

I want you for worse or for better

I would wait for ever and ever

This one is such a fun bop and an instant mood lifter. Listen to it when you’re angry or frustrated and trust me you’ll vibe to it.

6. I Did Something Bad ( Reputation )

Taylor Swift They Say I Did Something Bad GIF - Taylor Swift They Say I Did  Something Bad Bad - Discover & Share GIFs

I never trust a narcissist

But they love me

So I play ’em like a violin

And I make it look oh so easy

Taylor Swift gave a new feeling to the word ‘shit’ and I firmly stand by this opinion. This one is like one of the best songs of her. A rebel anthem and soo empowering

7. Death By A Thousand Cuts (Lover)

Dbatc Death By A Thousand Cuts GIF - Dbatc Death By A Thousand Cuts Death  By A Thousand Cuts Taylor - Discover & Share GIFs

You said it was a great love

One for the ages

If the story’s over

Why am I still writing pages?

Everything about this song screams beauty! We always love a sad song by Taylor ’cause they are always amazing, and this is no exception.

8. My Tears Ricochet (Folklore)

My Tears Ricochet Mtr GIF - My Tears Ricochet Mtr Folklore - Discover &  Share GIFs

I didn’t have it in myself to go with grace

And so the battleships will sink beneath the waves

You had to kill me, but it killed you just the same

Brace yourselves before you hear this sing ’cause I swear your mind will blown up into the exosphere or perhaps even beyond that!

9. No Body, No Crime (Evermore)

Taylor Swift & HAIM's "No Body, No Crime" Set To Impact Country Radio On  January 11

Is it just me or was everyone hooked up with Este’s story?

The vocals and the music are seriously commendable

And that’s it. Tell me which ones you have heard and the ones which you think need more ears. Lets converse in the comments!


Welcome to the society

We hope you enjoy your stay

You are free to be yourself

As long as it is in the right way

We would pity you if you lose

Ignore you when you win the crown

We would bully you for smiling

Then ask you why you frown

You have to believe what we say

Even if we call a day a night

You are free to have your own thoughts

If we deem it to be right

You have to abide by our rules

You can’t make up your own

If you don’t follow them, we promise

Pain will seep into your skin to your bone

Your clothing should be of our choice

It can’t be short,long,bright or dull

If you wear any of these

With insults we’ll grind your skull

You cannot be too happy

Nor can you be too sad

You have to be just the right mixture

Happy and a tinge of sad

There is one universal rule

Bind it with your sleeve

Once you enter the society, mind it

You can never ever leave

This was something I wrote way back, thought of sharing it again as it makes much more sense to me right now

Hope you like it. Have a great day!

(Inspired by E.H)

Roads to Me

I was walking forward in the quaint highway

As I thought of the roads left back

A sudden thought gripped me,

To experience what I had experienced; to look back

There was I again, in the old corridoor

Shy, timid, without a sense of dignity

Smiling at everyone, bawling when bullied

Palpable without without capability

There I was again, sitting in the empty classroom

Sobbing gently over a lost friend

Who was wrong not wronged

And yet was the one to announce the end

There I was again, sitting on my bed

Emotionless, rudderless and blasé

Broken in the worst way

As I could no longer understand who I was

And here I am again, on the highway

After living through that intense grief again

It strikes me then, that I am no longer

The shy timid girl, who never stood up for herself

Or the one who blamed herself for everything wrong

Or the one who couldn’t keep in touch with herself

Maybe what they say is true sometimes

Maybe it takes suffering to change one

Maybe I have changed, for the better

Here we are again, in this lil’ blog

As you might have guessed the “there was I again” line was inspired by All Too Well by none other than Taylor Swift!

Here’s the book quote: “Perhaps that was why I had to endure pain— because true transformation can only happen in the crucible of suffering. All impurities fall away from gold only when it’s heated to melting.”

Lets see who knows the book!


I sit there,

Staring off into the distance.

Maybe I don’t cry anymore,

But it feels like those tears,

Have been soaked by my skin,

And that they reside in me


That’s how I’d describe the feeling

Somehow, I know that its worse

Than being sad

That feeling something

Is better than not feeling at all

And yet, it feels strangely better

As I hold no hope of being known

And without expectations

I couldn’t dream of better times

Nor wake up into dissapointment

And that is when this thing starts

The overwhelming feeling that asks me to feel

This thing in my head that asks me to feel the pain

And not keep it in

For if I shove it in any more,

It’ll probably never leave me

And I desperately want it to

As I want to feel again

I want to be able to smile

Without putting too much of an effort

I want to feel things which I thought were impossible

All I want is to feel..

quote: “And I’ve just got to let myself feel the pain, because if I don’t, if I keep numbing it, it’ll never really go away.” know the book?

PS:Also, have you ever felt this? A place where you feel the inability to feel itself?

PPS: RED(TV) IS OUT AND I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT (swifties will relate)


These days I have become pretty good at
Smiling, all the time
Everyone says I look so happy
Everyone says I am a jolly person
Everyone says I have such a positive outlook
And that smile, it never fades

I envision someone coming to me,
And say, "I saw your mask crack",
Asking me if I am okay
I imagine that someone, knows me well enough
To know that I am feigning

But, no one around me bothers
To know what's going inside
No one seems to even think
That I probably cry myself to sleep each time
No one thinks of me

But, maybe I am the one wrong here
Isn't it me who is pretending?
Shouldn't I ask for help?
Shouldn't it be me who opens herself?
But again, don't people know its hard to do so?

So, here’s another post of #BookBits based on the quote:

“Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it twenty-four hours a day.”

Excited to see, who guesses the book!!

The Single Line Story Challenge


  • Thank the person who nominated you. I was nominated by Khushi and Kunjal @ Duo Disseminators. Check them out, they have an amazing blog!
  • Write 5 single line stories that fall under any of these genres (you can pick which ones you do!):
    • fantasy
    • romance
    • thriller
    • mystery
    • western
    • contemporary
    • historical
    • drama
    • dystopian
    • adventure
    • sci-fi
    • paranormal
    • young adult
  • You can choose 5 genres that’s easiest for you, or you can challenge yourself to try something new!
  • Nominate 5 blogger/writers who you’d love to see participate and leave an open nomination for all writers!
  • You can do this challenge more than once

Soo, here we go!

Fantasy: In her dream world, she was free of scars.

Paranormal: I kept my promise-“till death do us part”, yet he didn’t leave.

Mystery: I jumped, and my mind changed.

YA: I am probably that nerdy girl in YA books but I sure don’t need a boy to complete my novel.

Sci-fic: I finally built the perfect version of me, only without a soul.


Its hard to choose among so many amazing bloggers. So, the first five people to comment are nominated! And so is everyone else who wants to do it!!

Scars and Time

Photo by Maria on
One time I got cut
The wound, though skin deep, hurt a lot.
Slowly it became a scar and faded away
Time heals everything, right?

After that I was cut again
A very deep cut
It bled. It hurt.
Took time to become a scar
But it never faded away
It bleeds sometimes, still
Mark of a painful memory
It hurts but I don’t cry like I did
Maybe just got used to the pain

Time heals everything is a fallacy
It just hides


Everyone says, don’t care

People always and come and go

But, how can I stop thinking about someone

Who has been inside me, forever, who left me alone?

How can I forget someone,

Who has been with me since I know of?

What can I do to forget my own past?

How can I forget who I once was?

The bubbly happy girl, always positive

Nothing on her brain, just small things

Not thinking about the problem

She would have to deal with, first thing in the morning

It’s funny how I wanted to be older as a kid

And now all I want is to be a kid again

Maybe if I sit in the rain right now

I can drown in something

Other than my nemesis,

Other than my own thoughts

A Small Thought

Photo by Valeriia Miller on
I am supposed to write my own story
But I can't decide if I am the author or just the muse?

A small post but I had to keep it to 21 words. This was written in response to Saumya’s contest – Write in 21! Check out her blog if you haven’t already. It’s awesome!

A Forbidden Room

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

How nice it would be to have,

A room inside our minds

Where I could stash my thoughts, my memories

That I don’t want to rewind

The swirl of consecutive broken melodies

That my brain somehow relives

Stay with me, out of control

A refused gift they give

If I had that room, I would have a place

To bury those vicious things

A pause button to all terrible films

No more helplessness they will bring

Over time, it’ll be labelled the forbidden room

Where things just go inside

And stay there for the rest

Of eternity

The image then shatters

For I don’t , can’t have it

All I can do is run away for myself

And that too is impossible, isn’t it?

“If you hear a song that makes you cry and you don’t want to cry anymore, you don’t listen to that song anymore. But you can’t get away from yourself. You can’t decide not to see yourself anymore.”

This poem got inspired from the above line from a book really close to my heart. Can you all guess it? And after people have guessed it correctly and you know the name, read it!! ’cause its so heartfelt and amazing

Poem for Myself

I have written a thousand poems

For people around me

All but one

Have never written a poem for


It’s not because I don’t want to

But because I really don’t know how to

Or perhaps because I never thought to

But now I am trying

And yet I don’t know how to fill that page up

I think I know myself well enough

But all that comes to me

Are mere lines and not

Beautiful expressions and metaphors

That I used for others

Yet, I’ll still tattoo that page with ink

As I have written poems

For everyone I love

And I don’t want to be excluded

From that list

A Letter to Fictional Characters

Dear Characters,

I don’t think I am sane enough to write a proper intro coz you people have really messed my head up(in both a good way and a bad way) Leta get to the bottom to it. The letter is divided into 3 parts- Protagonists, Antagonists and Side but important characters. Lets get on with it


Clearly speaking you lot either make me want you or want to be you. Like I wanna be a demigod, a witch, a shadowhunter, a tribute/warrior, a fighter, a princess spy etc etc. And what do I say about the damn guys? All the perfect guys are you!! Leo Valdez, Zachary Goode, Rudy Steiner, Michael Moscovitz, Mathieu Beauchamp etc. Seriously, I have loved and crushed on so many perfect fictional guys that no real guy will ever be enough, you know. Like they can’t compare. Also look at the gals. While they are hunting Kronos beside a talented guy or training to be a Princess at the Plaza, I am solving trigonometry and learning the Ohm’s law with tons of other things. That’s the height of comparison. What hurts the most is when you people die. That too when I am reading night. Coz night has heightened emotions. And its really tough to not cry. And then I remember you never really existed( like my friends like to annoyingly remind me). And then I cry even more ’cause I am crying for someone whom I love, who doesn’t exist. *people just grew bored of your multiple sentences, Akshita*

Never mind, we’ll just move on 😪



I understand that you are intellegent and I appreciate that but why do you have to come and ruin the ✨perfect✨ lives. “Are you allergic to awesomeness?”*TS quote people* They say that games make yoi violent but I grow violent enough with just thinking about you( Kronos, Scar, Alan Lewis!!!) Honestly, I don’t wanna waste more energy on you, lets move on

Side but important Characters

Sep here, just reminded me how much I feel bad for you 😔 Everyone overlooks you. I know how that feels. Like most of the times the incidents happen because of you. Like without Prim we would never had Katniss! Without Mrs Ruchet, no Maude Laurent! Without Lilly no adorable Boris and Tina😉😉 get what I am saying right? And so you people ARE IMPORTANT. Take ’em seriously people!

Sometimes I wonder, people say that technology makes you ignore people but I ignore people just as well with your(characters’) help! I would just ask you to not mess with my head(not happening), not die(no chance) and just be real(impossible) Feels really hard but adieu for a second!( coz I am picking up my book as soon as I stop typing)

Yours BookLovingly,

Akshita cum all bookworms

Away From Eyes

Photo by Jonathan Borba on

Away from eyes, I’ll do my happy dance

Away from eyes, I’ll take a risky chance

Away from eyes, I’ll sing my heart out

Away from eyes, I’ll click a photo with a pout

Away from eyes, I’ll write a love story

Away from eyes, I’ll rise to an imaginative glory

Away from eyes, I’ll wear jeans

Away from eyes, I’ll hit the mean

Away from eyes, I’ll take a walk barefoot

Away from eyes, I’ll illogically hoot

Away from eyes, I’ll cry if I want to

Away from eyes, I’ll laugh too

Away from eyes, I’ll be careless

Away from eyes, I’ll be fearless

But note it, it has to be away from eyes

As the eyes judge too much

What do you all think the eyes are here?👁‍🗨 Eager to hear all your interpretations !!

This poem was inspired by my fellow blogger @ frameofsoul’s poem, check it out here

Pretending Every Day

And yesterday they said,
They listen to EDM
And today I went and sang
Songs I learnt yesterday
Before that they said
They dislike book worms
And I hid
My copy of Mansfield Ranch
Even before that they wanted my notes
And the naive me, gave it
Too late to realise that they only talked to me
When they needed those notes
Somewhere in between
They said they like eyeliners
I bought one that very day
And wore it daily
Today when I look in the mirror
I don't recognise the face staring back at me
Pretending so long
To fit in, to be someone else
I have forgotten who I am
Or who I perhaps was

I have seen people pretending so that someone likes them. THAT’S. NOT. HEALTHY.

Be yourself ’cause no one’s better


A friend is like a flower

A rose to be exact

Or maybe like a brand new gate

That never comes unlatched

A friend is like an owl

Both beautiful and wise

Or it is like a ghost

Whose spirit never dies

A friend is like a heart

That goes on till the end

Where would we be in this wide world

If we did not have a friend?

Happy Friendship’s Day to all my friends in the blogosphere!! All the love to you people!!!!

“”School bell rings, walk me home

Sidewalk chalk covered in snow

Lost my gloves, you give me one

“Wanna hang out?”

Yeah, sounds like fun

Video games, you pass me a note

Sleeping in tents

It’s nice to have a friend”” ~TS❤

I Guess

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on

I guess I never really knew you

I guess I never really understood you

I guess you never really found me

I guess you never really wanted to know me

And I guess you never really wanted to understand me

I guess you always hid from me

I guess you were afraid of me

I guess I was scared to find you

I guess I never knew you were there

And I guess I am not the one for you

It hurts to say this

But you is me

And me is you

And yet we know nothing of each other

How much do we allow ourselves to know ourselves?

Our Beloved Classroom

That chalk and duster

Accompanied by the blackboard

With which the teachers taught

Even if we were bored

That occasional chattering

Passing secret notes

With worksheets and question papers

Making paper boats

With divider and compass

Sculpting our own masterpiece( on the table!)

Eating food in between classes

With our besties

In the exam hall,

“Psst! What’s question 10?”

And ah, the sword fights

With our beloved pens

Giving our teachers

Funny nicknames

Throwing balls into the dustbin

From our seats, with good aim

Who isn’t familiar,

With this aspect of our lives?

For some it continues

While for some the heart strives…

How many of you relate to this post? The comment section is always open. Thanks for reading and have a good day.😊

Life of a Topper

How many of us, how many have actually made fun of toppers? All of us, I guess. Let me share their viewpoints now and situations which they all hate with all their heart.

1. “You are so lucky”

Whenever they get a good score in an exam( which is almost always ) there will be a few people who say you are so lucky. LUCKY?! Studied for around 4 hours a day, made notes, practiced papers and all you can say is LUCKY?!😤

2. “You study all day, don’t you?”

Yeah, everyone thinks all they do is study. Guys, they do have their own hobbies and they don’t study all day! No one can study all day! If they can they are probably Martians!!!!🤯

3. “Friends”👀

Most people except your close friends ignore you thinking you’re too boring and stuck up(coming to this point later). But magically you become their BEST FRIENDS when they need “something”( we’ll come to this as well)

4. “Toppers are boring and stuck-up”

Gah, what do I say about this? NOT ALL OF THEM ARE! I mean its not like they would break out suddenly into a math formula or a science fun fact. And oh please not all are stuck up, actually most aren’t. And trust me, toppers do have friends who are not toppers and not once do they undermine them.

5. “Notes”

How can I ever forget this? Their notes are distributed like prashad( sacred food ) to everyone. The whole sections at times. And some people want to be their friends just for that one reason!😡

Toppers aren’t the worst of people you would find and these are some misconceptions.

It Took Over

I see you lying there

It’s a bittersweet feeling

It feels me jubilation and yet grief

As I see you there, still and lying

A gasp marks your face

Your eyes wide with shock

I think I see a few unshed tears

A lot of red though, on your frock

I loved you friend, trust me when I say that

But I couldn’t forgive you for that night

And that’s why you are at a chaotic peace

As I stand by with happiness and fright

You could have saved me from the torture of jail

After all, I did save and gave you a cover

But sorry,sweetheart 

The darkness took over

Is this a bit too cryptic? Sorry for that

Of Mountains and Hills

The mountain feels to high today

And all I wanna do is stay in bed

Curl up on it, make my pillows wet

Revel in that moment

I feel doing nothing

But I still trudge through

Paint a mask in face

And get over with this day too

I guess I never realised

That if the mountain’s too big

I can atleast try to climb

The underlying hill

A win-win for Earth?

Since the beginning of the lockdown people have been talking about how the environment has improved and how 2020 gave nature a break. Do you think its true?

The pandemic has been a hindrance to ecosystem restoration. So many projects, all shut down due to the economic depression. As people are afraid to go out there is a lack of law enforcement officers in forest departments, poaching and deforestation is on an all time rise. Is the blessing everyone talked about?

Another concerning fact here is the increase in bio-medical waste. Hospitals which procured waste around 550 kgs/day are now doing producing 1000 kgs/day. Lack of safe disposal is causing them to end up in rivers in oceans. Flora and fauna is being destroyed. This is the break we gave?

The benefits people talked about are so short-termed that they will return once the world goes back to business. We saw that in 2020 in the last few months, didn’t we?

We are not helping nature in any way by staying at home. Aren’t we all now doing more online shopping, that increases the amount of plastic waste? Aren’t we all using more soaps and sanitisers which goes into the sewage and most of goes to the rivers untreated? Aren’t we using ACs and other electronic devices more while staying at home which gives out radiations and CFCs? We are.

We cannot lay back and think that we have greatly helped the earth. All we can do now at home is by reducing online shopping, usage of gadgets and wastage of water. The earth has not won and is not winning. With things going back to normal we have to work more towards restoring our home.

Alone or Lonely?

I tried explaining them why I am sad. Nothing came out. Perhaps I didn’t understand it myself. And that’s when they all start talking, saying I am not alone.

I know I am not alone but right now I feel like a shooting star. Everyone looks at me, acknowledges me but I am destined to fly with other stars which aren’t like me. They don’t understand me. And they don’t even try.

It hits you now right? That being alone and being lonely is not one and same.


Happiness. Such a subjective term

We all want it. But we all don’t have it

To some it comes easily. Some struggle for it

Everyone chases it. Through whatever means necessary

For some it’s money, for some fame

For some it’s by hard work, for some by attention

For some it’s by doing nothing, for some by doing everything

And yet none of us really have it

As the destination’s correct but the mode of journey faulty

As happiness,truly, can come from only one place

And that’s deep within


When My Head Hits The Pillow

When my head hits the pillow, here are the thoughts that follow:

1. “Damn, this could have been the perfect comeback to her mean comment. Why did I not think of it before?”

2. “Uggh, I wrote the wrong answer. No that was correct but then I missed one point so its technically wrong…”

3. ” How could I have cracked that bad joke? And how did I not notice the fake laughs?”

4. “If I totally cover myself with the blanket I’ll feel hot and cold if I don’t take it all. I should keep one leg out but what about that hairy monster..”

5. “I have to complete this book. It would be a sin to leave it at this point.”

6. “Just one more episode and I’ll sleep..”

7. “So tomorrow I am gonna sleep early and wake up early. Yes”

So that’s it. Let me know if you relate to any of these or if there are more thoughts.

Struggle to sleep is real but I’ll still wish that you sleep well!

I Dreamt A Dream

Last night I viewed a strange view

That people had given up on war

There were no more gun shots heard

On streets there was no gore

There was no more discrimination

Everyone lived in harmony

They did not kill in the name of love

Nor in the name of money

Lush green forests were together in existence

With the tall skyscrapers

No more people protesting on streets

With bold slogans on papers

Animals weren’t hunted anymore

For the sake of joy or hobby

They loved us, stayed with us and laughed along

Teased us by being snobby

It shattered like all god things do

And all I had was a memory’s gleam

For once it wasn’t good to realise

That I had dreamt a dream

What We Need..

When you’re suffering from a problem

And you need help; that’s said

People, wanted or unwanted

Come to your aid

You are huddled inside a room

With those people filled in

And all at once they start

Begrudgingly, talking

They hurl advices and suggestions

Which you’ve listened to a hundered times

And what you did wrong and how to do it

Is thrown at you like dimes

You’re stuck in there

Talk and talk is all they do

You are supposed to listen to it all

‘Cause they know what’s best for you

I don’t know why they don’t understand

Even after years

That what we need isn’t a talking mouth

But, just a listening ear


You know what, I am tired of ‘they’. The people whom we address as  , “They say…” You get it?

Let me list some of their characteristics:

  • They think they know everything.
  • They have a misconception that they have a lot of brains.
  • They think they can rule everyone’s life
  • They think they are supposed to rule everyone’s life.
  • They think that everyone should live by their rules.
  • They think their opinions are the only correct ones.
  • They believe in stupidness
  • ‘They’ say a lot of things and we are supposed to go by that.

It’s time ‘they’ stop telling us what to do, how to do, when to do etc. I have not employed them and I am the sole person reponsible for my life. I know who I am and I know what I want to do.

Just the fact that I am correct does not make you wrong and just the fact that you are correct does not make me wrong.

Everyone’s opinions matter and are very important. Respect that.

Perspectives are healthy to have and we must no be afraid or ashamed to state it if it does not match everyone else’s . We are unique and our thoughts are unique.

Well, for clan ‘they’, stay happy knowing that we don’t care about what you think🙂🙂🙂

Why me?

If you have to ask “Why me?”

When in your heart you have no glee

When the world is pouring its colossal drops

And you can’t handle the mess it has caused

When the sky doesn’t look blue again

When sunlight is not fresh but a strain

And you’d rather stay in

Lying in bed; covers up till chin

Then when the sun shines bright again

The lusture, the rainbow again attains

When you bid problems adieu

Please then ask, “Why me?too


I am tired

Not by the lack of rest

Not by the fact that I have a lot of work

Or there are assignments waiting on my desk


It’s something else

The tiredness is embedded

At the back of my eyes

In my nerves, deeper within myself


I am tired of the fake people that exist

Who pretend they care about you

Who use you, make you love them

And then throw you into the dark mist


I am tired of having hope

Only to have it crushed down

By people again no less

They have left me no scope


Unfortunately, the thoughts don’t leave me

And nor do the people

I am weared down by the world

I have given up on most humans


I don’t want to be tired

But, there aren’t enough hours at night

For the kind of rest at night

So, I make a fleeting attempt to be energetic

My Secret Keeper

I could never trust a person

I always concealed the truth

As all that I said was held against me

So I trusted it with you

Every single emotion I had

That I had lied about

Was something I opened up to you

Said everything without a doubt

Every moment of sadness

Every tear that escaped my eyes

You dried it without a question

By just staring at me

I could hold your tranquil gaze

Fir days and weeks and months

And every moment you’d calm me

With you I could be upfront

All that I hated about the world

Which people didn’t want to hear

As it made them feel wrong

Was something you’d hear

It wasn’t like you would disown me

For something that I have said

That didn’t match your view

Or for which you would want me dead

That’s the reason why

I often stare so high

Standing at the window

I let my thoughts escape to you,sky

People always want to hear what will please them and act as if our opinions don’t matter. That’s why most of us often stand at windows and watch the alluring sky which soothes me and you.

A letter from Algebra

Dear Students,

I am not gonna ask you whether you are fine ’cause I know that most of you will say that I have made your life a living hell. So, let me start with the main topic of this letter.

You people are extremists! Don’t deny this because I’m gonna prove it. Some of you don’t even look at the problem and just say that Algebra is hard and I can’t do it. And the question is 2+2. I am not even there. I mean you don’t even need to work. And some of you love even questions like Riemann Hypothesis. Do you think you are the only one with problems? Half the times my child x goes missing. When I am unable to find her, I seek your help and you don’t even try😡 Yesterday, Pythagoras Theorem and Theory of Special Relativity were fighting for my niece c^2. I can even give you proof. See👇

Few days back I called up =equals to be in one of my sums. He didn’t agree with the money I was giving. I became angry and said that he is very arrogant. He then said that he is the most humble person. When I asked how he said, ” Because I am not > or < than anyone🤷‍♀️. Many people don’t even understand me. I simply said,

And people are like I don’t get you. I mean its I ate some pie!( i 8 sum pi) What is there to not understand ?🤔

Everything doesn’t end here. People come to me and crack such silly jokes. I don’t even understand how people laugh at it. They are like, ” You know why Romans liked you. For X was always 10. Haha” I was like🙄😑

You aren’t the only person with problems (that is me; get the pun?😁) I too have various other ones. That was all. I am most certainly not waiting for your reply. Yeah, before using a hundered x(s) at the end kf your letter. Remember you’re referring to me.😜

Your Satan,


Sent from:

X Land, Mathonovia.

A War Against One’s Own

The night is my biggest enemy

Or perhaps I have made it so to be

It makes me think about things

Which I want to forget, which can’t return swinging

As I lie on the bed

The night’s silence envelops my head

All those memories start seeping in

It makes me overthink

It’s hard to not do so

As my mind takes a mind of its own

I am at war again

Wasting, brawn and brain

A garrison of reasons, plethora of wrongs

Capture me like a pair of tongs

Sometimes the silence seeps in too

It never lasts though I wish it could

It’s just a glimpse, a glimpse of hope

A vision of what it could be before it copes

With reality again it crashes my mind

In the middle of war again I find

Myself, at a war not easily won

A war fought against one’s own


I felt like the waves of the ocean

Flowing and just being there

I had lost attention of my surroundings

Numb, I stared into no where

That was how every day felt like

Just existing just being

Going through that routine like water

Going up and crashing down

That’s it, I was alive but dead

Or perhaps too dead to die

I am Jealous

It’s hard to watch

Hard to remember

All that she does to me

All that she did

So well liked

She had so many friends who loved her

Always the best, coming out on top

Skillfull and affable

Smart and confident

Every quality you’d like

I wonder when the success got to her head

And when she turned into what I am

I am jealous of her

I am jealous of my past

I am jealous of what I was

I know this is too vague, cryptic and probably even cringy but I had vot this idea and so had to write on it.

Have a great Sunday and week ahead!!


I woke up with a smile on my face

Knew I could funally embrace

You, the lovliest sweetest gift

My heart’s racing can’t stop it

I’ve waited for you for such a long time

But every efforts’s paying off a dime

There’s a skip in my step as I wander about

Smiling and grinning throughout

I am gonna protect you like no other

To my heart I’ll keep you tethered

Oh, every second feels so long

I am awaiting the door bell’s ding dong

It finally rings, my heart roars

As I open the door my heart soars

I take the box and unpack it

The last book of the series! Today, I’ll complete it!

If you thought that this was a romantic poem( which it is in a way) then you’ve probably watched a lot of Bollywood movies😛


They say that black is wrong

And also say that white is right

But there has to be a gray somewhere

Like there’s dawn between day and night

The say that one’s life

Is either black or white

But actually our lives are gray

What they say just isn’t right

There is something good in bad

The bad in good is also there

But the way we see it is what matters

At which colour we stare…

My Doll

I had a doll

Which did all sort of bad things

Scary, terrifying and terrible

Incidents you’ll be afraid of reminescing

She took out my cat’s eyes

And played with them like ball

We never saw her doing it

But she was with them in the hall

A voice used to sing at night

A sad and haunting croone

It lead to the doll’s cupboard all the time

That prolonged lullaby tune

She killed the neighbour’s dog one day

With its insides all pulled out

We found a blood knife

It was her, without a doubt

My parents are throwing the doll away

Instead I got a new ball

Now I’ll have to be good and quiet

Till I get another doll

Bullet Tears

She looked at his crisp uniform

He looked at the sullen sky

Tears had started welling up

When he said that it isn’t a goodbye

He left his harmonica with her

The teary eyes looked at his medal clad chest

She said,” Play one tune when you return,

Just one part if not the rest.”

He heaved a painful sigh

As her eyes spoke of all her fears

No bullets had hit him

As hard as his daughter’s tears


I think I just lost myself

But where, is something I am not entirely sure of

Perhaps in the movies I watched

Perhaps between the lines of the books

Perhaps while listening to that old song

Or maybe when I was reminescing memories

Perhaps it was on that walk barefoot on the grass

Perhaps when I was drawing on a paper

Perhaps it was while writing a poem

Or maybe when I was imagining a fictional world

Thinking of it I am not entirely sure if I lost myself

I think I found myself in these places


Disclaimer: This poem(especially the word ‘you’ used here) does not intend to point to any person or community in particular. They are just my thoughts on something that has been in this world for a long time, from a perspective.

You’re pink when embarrassed

Pale when stressed

Green when sick

Red if someone pricks

Blue when cold

Happiness comes with gold

White when scared

Purple in rage when you glare

I am black when embarrassed

Black when stressed

Black when sick

Black if someone pricks

Black when I’m cold

My skin holds no gold

Black when scared

Black when I glare

And you call me coloured.

To Be Vulnerable

As thoughts swirl, I watch the rain
They run around, dominate my brain
Those soft tears of grief or mirth
Shedded by nature to clean the dirt
You could just stand and watch them
For an eternity, just look at them falling on stems
When I dig deeper into their meaning
The results are astonishing
There's no promise in there
They might hit the ground, or just evaporate into thin air
They are vulnerable just like me
The realization sets me free
It's so good to know
That to be vulnerable is to be brave

The Mask

She smiles, my eyes cry

She is outgoing, I’m shy

She loves, my mind is alone

She is amazing, my qualities uknown

She is beautiful, my insides are a mess

She is happy, I feel stressed

My mask is perfect- It hides me

Note: This is fiction.

One Year Anniversary!

It's been a year
That's so hard to believe
Since I started this small corner
Which I can call mine

Publicizing whatever I wrote
Receiving feedbacks and appreciation
Maddening myself over what to post
And how to make the content better

Yet, the most wonderful part
Was meeting so many others
Who are like me in so many ways
And learning from them

Thanks for journeying along!

It’s been an year already but it feels like I started this just yesterday. Thanks to all of you for supporting me:

Prishaa & Alekh( Who are not a bloggers but my closest friends, who have been supporting me since I started this blog)

Raghavsree @ desertflower5 ( One of my first followers who always has something positive to say)

Era @ The Hidden Soul ( A very inspiring blogger who has always supported me)

Nandika @ Queervistor ( A very sweet blogger who’s posts are awesome)

Anisha @ crazienerds ( Someone who’s always given a positive feedback and her alternative endings to my posts are a delight)

Rishika @ The Ethereal Unicorn ( Who writes such mature poetry that you’ll be mistaken about her age. She always has a positive thing to say)

Shweta @ My Random Ramblings ( Someone who’s posts are a delight to read and has always told me where I could improve)

Aashi @ Falling Upwards ( Who’s supported me throughout)

Preeths @ Offshorewritings ( A motivational poet who motivates me as well)

Bharath @ Bharath’s Banter ( The Prince of Darkness who always has something unexpected(in a good way) to say about a post)

Ishita @ Thoughts Resonate ( A poet with beautiful words who always a good word to say)

Sir@ Katiemiafredrick ( Who always shares his thoughts about my writings)

BG @ The Bold Vibe ( An inspiring and …bold person who always says whatever she thinks quite frankly)

HS @ Live Love Laugh Learn ( An incredible blogger and person who has been a constant support)

Kim @ Kimmagic ( A very talented poet who has been there to read my posts always)

Cindy @ Unique Times ( An inspiring blogger who has always supported me)

Nawazish ( A talented person who has been there to read my work always)

Nehal @ Books and Words ( The most sarcastic person I know, who always has a good word to say)

Yashita @ Cure of Boredom ( Sistahh, who’s always supported me)

Radhika ma’am @ Radhika’s Reflection ( A prolific poet who has been a constant viewer)

Ananya @ Drawing My Fantasies ( A very funny persona whose sense of humour is to die for)

Secrets @ Secret Thoughts Within ( Who’s been a constant support)

Ash @ The fictional journal( A fun person to talk to, who always praises me immensely through her comments)

Avishi @ Schreibens from Avishi ( A sweet and talented person, who has been there to read and give a feedback)

Poorwa@ poorwa’s blog ( A lifestyle blogger who has her way with words)

Vani @ Storytime with Shivani ( Whose stories are awesome!)

Riya @ Riya’s World ( Strong articles and lovely poems whose been a new addition to my followers)

TaylorAlan Piper Wild @ Tomboy’s Attic (A person brimming with excitement who has been a constant support)

Aanya @ Soaring Firebolt( Who already has two published books go check ’em out!)

SS@ The Bored Side Of The Phone ( A wonderful blogger who has been with me since long back)

Pbs @ Science-tastic ( someone who makes my chemistry concepts clearer and always has agoodword to say)

PavithraPavithra@ Introverted Bags ( A lovely writer who is a constant viewer)

Anushka@Anushka stories ( An amazing poet cum artist cum viewer!)

And YOU!

Thank you so much once again!!! *throws confetti around*


When I hold my pen

Words rain down in the open

Penning down my feelings

Leaving my heart empty and head reeling

When I am purple with rage

The angry words enclose the paper cage

When sad or gloomy

They reflect melancholy

As excitement takes over

Words on that paper, flutter

Or when I am giddy with happiness

They fill the paper with exuberance

Today the paper is empty

Nothing could better describe how I feel

As I Awaken

I woke up to see

The sky with the stars

Glowing as the fall

I wanted them to find me

As I awaken

I am carried by that glow

And I long for that flame

In it I want to be taken

I feel like a moth drawn to it

Yet it doesn’t come near

I want it to find me, burn within me

Yet the flame remains in the sky, lit

Its all made of light

Oh, how I long for the flame to find me

It still remains there

Burning bright

It strikes me now, fully

I already have the flame

The journey was always to discover the flame hidden within

I awaken truly

Letting go…

I used to hold onto things too tight

Thought it made me brave, and everything alright

My fingers would ache holding onto the past

But I thought it was worth the pain it cast

Would remember my mistakes every time the wind blew

The pain would hit me anew

Yet I held onto it tightly

Even if it blistered my fingers slightly

Then one day a thing happened

Something I never imagined

I let go of the past, I held so dear

It filled me with happiness, instead of fear

Sometimes its good to lose something

For it isn’t always meant to be a loss

A letter from Online Class

Dear students,

I don’t have the energy to write a whole introduction about this letter. You have already exhausted me and all the other apps I use. So, let me just get to the point. I don’t have anyone to complain to, teachers can complain to parents, parents to teachers, ya all to your friends and vice versa but I can’t. All of those stated above will blame me instead. So, here’s where I am gonna blow out the steam.

The main topic us that: YOU DON’T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!

I know writing that in bold and caps didn’t help ’cause well you don’t take me seriously anyways but I had to try. So, under that main topoc we have a few subtopics. Read them with care:


If I am to start at 10:00 am most of you wake up at 9:59 am. The steps that follow are: Logging in, Giving attendance, Going back to sleep with a static picture on. Some of you are even more foolproof. The steps for them are: Logging in, Giving attendance, Putting on a static picture, Changing display name to “Reconnecting….”, Going back to sleep. This ensures that the teacher thinks that your net is slow.


You all now have a few trusted excuses of being late or not answering. They are: Slow Net, No Internet, Power Cut In The Area, Teacher’s Voice Breaking, Unable to login, Camera Malfunctioning, Cannot hear you teacher, Mic Is Not Working and a plethora of other such excuses.


Ya’ll probably know what I am talking about, don’t ya? When the teacher asks a question the first option is the book . If that’s not available at the moment then option 2 is Google and if that has no answer then you either leave the meeting due to “net issues” or you say that the teacher’s voice is breaking.


How many of you actually have only one tab open when I am going on?! Almost none of you. Either reading blogs, playing games or chatting.

There are many other complains I have but that will make the letter too long. If you really want to read a part 2 let me know.

Your Idea Of A Joke,

Frustrated Annoyed Online Class.

Sent From: Techie Land made by Coronavirus.

The First Step

Everyday, I look at myself in the glass.The torn girl. Hiding her scars Sitting around without a purpose. Cluttering her mind with questions. It felt like a never ending journey. I wanted to explore. Myself. Yet I could never take the first step. I didn’t know what it was, where it was or how do I do it. I just wanted to want. Wanted to want to do something. Just shake myself and rise. It was still impossible.

Drained of ideas. Searching for myself. Trying to discover. That’s when I looked into the mirror again. And at my reflection, not past it. It all clicked. All the girl in the mirror wanted was her own love.

I have taken my first step. Have you?


The memory again hits my mind

As the frightening lullaby plays in rewind

The darkness again closes around me

What happened that night? How could it be?

A midnight stroll beneath the stars

The moonlit night devoid of scars

I gazed into the oblivion just to see

The sight that’ll never set me free

She lay in a pool of blood, on the ground

The Whistler standing above her, frowned

Stabbed her again, played out his tune

And whistled a very haunting croon

The fear, the terror developed around me

Couldn’t tell anyone except me

As I lie in my bed, 2 years later

The knife in my mind, his needs does cater

The memory again hits my mind

As the frightening lullaby plays in rewind

Never Enough

She's never enough 
Always has to compete
Just to be kicked
Back on the street

She's never enough
Always not good
Her soul spiralling
Hiding under a hood

She's never enough
Always a second pick
The thoughts that make
Her heart and mind sick

She's never enough
And so her soul hides
And I awaken
The demons arise

Mistaken Fairytales

When I was a kid

They told me fairy tales

With handsome princes

And princesses with ponytails

The princes were said to be strong

Formidable and good looking too

They were also intelligent

And every good quality you could brew

The princesses were not this special

They were just beautiful

With evil parents

And injustice plentiful 

The princesses would always wait

Locked in towers or with dragons

The princes would come and fight

Rescue them, take them home in wagons

As a kid I loved it

The palace, horses and lakes

But growing up I realised

There was this big mistake

Why were the princesses,

Just mere objects of beauty?

While the princes were fortunate

And also considered mighty?

Why weren’t the princesses,

Also strong and wise?

And instead of waiting for their Prince Charming,

Rescue themselves, start their own paradise?

From long before in time

The society has looked down upon women

But actually the truth is

They are are equal to men

When I write my fairytales

They’ll be filled with dragons and goons

But the princes would be locked

And the princesses would rescue them soon

Being Me

It is a known fact
Its a burden being a woman
She has to conceal her pain
As she is a woman

She is a bud, a garden
A legacy of sacrifice
Ethereal and mustical
A chaff hidden in rice

She is a view, a mirror
Our holy Gita
Suppressed and blocked
She is a Draupadi, A Sita

The world of man
Has made her a satire
Lost her in a game of dice sometime
Or made her go through an ordeal of fire

Be it a state of morality
Or one of moral decay
She has to take the blame
She hesitates to voice her thoughts
They extinguish her flame

Why must she feel afraid?
To travel alone
The darkness grows behind her
A shadow crepts around her
Her fists are closed, heartbeat rapid
She worries, scurries and does not talk
Silently, she just walks

But now a voice rings out
Loud and free
I refuse to believe its a burden being me

She has changed,
Stronger and confident
The woman of today, woman of today

A Birthday Present🎁

Stories, yours and mine
Came together, did greet
Just likes waves
In an ocean meet
I'll flow with you as well

As I have known you
I have known how to make
Life better in its own way
Add a cherry to its cake
I'll be there as well

I may not be very popular
And the whole world may not like me
But, I know you'll be there
In any situation, for me

Just want to let you know
You are enough for a 1000 friends

We are the twin stars
Of the same sky
So similar, yet strikingly different
Two wings, that help a flight
I'll share the same sky

We are the tires
Of a running car
We bump and break
But, thats how it remains unscarred
I'll make the journey smoother

Just want to let you know
You are enough for a 1000 friends

Happy Birthday BFF!🤗❤

Always remember you’re ethereal and ammmmaaajjjiiing!😍

The Divorce

A man in Phoenix calls his son and says,” Your mother and I are getting divorced. We are sick of each other and can’t stand each other.” “What are you saying? Wait, I am calling my sister!”, his son replied from Oxford.

“Father called me and said that they are getting divorced!”, he tells his sister on phone. ” They are not getting divorced. I am calling them right now.” “You people are not getting divorced! I am calling my brother back. We are coming tomorrow.”

The father hangs up, turns to his wife and says, “Ok, they are coming for Thanksgiving. What should we tell them for Christmas?”

Indian Mythology vs Science

Indian mythology is one of the oldest of the world. They are rich with culture and traditions which teach important lessons. But some people still question the actual existence of those stories and their characters and rightfully so. But,upon wondering I came with a few questions which I am unable to answer. And this concerns Indian mythology as well as The Brahmins of the Vedic Age..

1. Ramayana and Mahabharata are two great epics of India and these stories are seperated by eons of time. But, some characters are common in them. Hanuman, Parashuram and Vishnu’s Garuda. How did these characters live in both the epics? Coming to science vs mythology now. All these characters have one thing common in them which is that they can travel at the speed of thought. According to the Einstein’s theory of relativity- If anything travels faster than light then it observes time passing slower than it’s static counterparts. Does that mean that the Brahmins who wrote these epics knew about this theory before Einstein and so they incorporated these characters?

2. In the 16th century, Galileo said that the earth is round. These epics were written long before that and yet it talks about the Earth being a sphere and they talked about the navagraha or the nine planets. How did these authors know about this before the discovery of telescope?

3. The Sushruta Samhita a book written by the Vedic surgeon Sushruta talks about various surgeries including the cataract eye surgery very closely. How did they do it without anaesthesia?

Ponder on them and let me know.

Mirror ,Mirror Off The Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall

Its time for you to leave the hall

I know my looks don’t matter at all

They can’t make me rise,can’t make me fall

And I am not afraid of what I see

‘Cause what you show me I know already

Whatever you show me is my damaged outside

I know my abilities, I know what’s inside

Why worry about something useless?

My looks can’t be changed neither more nor less

I will continue to enrich my soul

Work very hard and achieve my goal


Embrace the drops
That slide down your cheek
The mini waterfalls
That you think makes you weak
The pearl like dew
That moistens your lashes
The transparent, soft water
Upon falling down, gently splashes
Love the rain, let go of the pain
The pain that's slowly driving you insane
Close your eyes, and let the tears fall
That nectar can sweep the world and all
Those are tears not a sign
Of weakness, like you think
Just droplets that fall
When trouble sinks

Just like you laugh
When you can't hold
The exuberance inside
You cry, 'cause you can't control
The grief inside

So let them and wash and let go the pain
The pain that's slowly driving you insane
Embrace the mini drops
That are sliding down your cheek
Those mini waterfalls don't make you weak

A Comparison


Is like a kite

You never know how high you soar

Or whether you’ll fall down and be crushed with feet


Is like a raindrop

You never know whether you’ll reach the ground, your destination

Or mix with the other drops or the air


Is like a rose, tragicomic

Can’t complain about getting pricked

As without that, I can’t hold the rose


Is like a knot

Which may open and lose its identity

Or stay strong

Problems are always gonna come

Should I now just expect them?

Tom and Jerry Science Laws

Tom and Jerry are our all time favourite cartoon characters. They also invented new science laws. Have a look:

1. Gravity doesn’t work unless you look down

Well, haven’t we all seen this?

2. The characters are explosive resistant!

Whenever a bomb goes off, the things around them are charred but they are not.

3. The characters can change into the shape of the object

Well, when they eat something they take their shape or even when they fall into it they take their shape..flexible cells!

4. Flat as a chappati if a car runs over

There’s no other damage to the characters except them getting flat. Again, a result of flexible tissues!

5. I can walk through snow and other mountains!

They can walk through anything, leaving their silhouettes

In spite of all this, we still love it.

Last one which is not a law:

Ever wondered how she looks?

Dear ______

When I was grown up enough

I found you

Beside me you stayed

In summers and winters too

You got me in trouble too

But I did not stop seeing you

You distracted me from everything

Any faint sound from you, made in my mind, bells ring

You got my attention so very fast

Our IQs were totally contrast

When I lost you

It took time to replace

But I found one very similar to you

So it filled your empty space

Yes, it’s an ode to

My dear phone


My friend came to me. Distress was etched across her face. Sunken eyes, pinched face and hunched shoulders. An unhealthy aura of hopelessness around her. She told me that she is a dissapointment and can’t do a single work properly. That she is worthless. “We all have phases like this and just because we don’t have the solution to everything, does not make you worthless. You need not be strong all the time. And you are one of the mosting amazing people I know”, I said the words.(that I needed to hear myself) She smiled, some colour returned back to her cheeks.

It’s so easy to fix someone else. Why is it so hard to fix yourself?

Star Light

“Star light, so bright,

Clenching my eyes tight

I see your shine

Things feel fine

Wish I may, wish I might

That one day I shine so bright”

Those were the words, she uttered whenever she saw the stars at night. They glowed but not with anger or displeasure but with love. Love she never got, she never showed. People moved away whenever they saw her. Called her the murderer’s daughter. Her six year old mind did not understand that. Life was the same all the time for her on the lane. Sleeping on the road, eating whatever she found on the streets or whatever the rich brats threw down, watching the stars and singing and going off to sleep again.

No one knew this would be the last time she slept. The bitter cold nature had covered her in a white warm blanket, no one wanted to do that. Call it cruelty, shamelessness or foolishness. At least the plants withered around her.  It was a starless sky now. Everyone saw her body in pity. The murderer’s daughter lying frozen. No one knew that the star that glowed the next day sang,

“Now I shine, full of light

Brilliant white, full of might”

Irony At Its Best

How do I mend a broken heart?

My world has simply fallen apart

Those were my thoughts when Rudy Steiner died,

For “The Book Thief”, buckets of tears I cried

I jumped in joy and laughed a lot

As the criminal, it punishment got

I cheered aloud for “Perry Mason”

As he came home from the station

I turned red with rage

When the police officer wasn’t put in a human cage

Brought forward the old scar

And protested along side Starr

I went inside a chocolate river

Even if I wasn’t a skilled swimmer

With Augustus Gloop I saw the pipe

And with Violet Beauregarde, tasted a berry ripe

I felt sad while hearing the tapes

On my eyes, my fingers I did drape

Felt terrified for Clay Jensen

Wished it was all a hallucination

Authors write and make us feel so many emotions

Ranging from terror, rage and feeling afraid

But, is there anyone who writes

About the author’s feelings unsaid?

Irony at its best

The Moon of 2020

The moon loked down upon

As the virus did its task

And on its beautiful patched face

Resided a mask

It looked down

As earthquakes shook the ground

And when the floods swept everything away

He still looked down and frowned

As all work places shut down

And the schools lost their charismatic chatter

And soon students’ life was filled with

Laptop and mobile’s pitter patter

Theatres closed down

The screens lost their feel

Web series took over

And we were locked in the Beast’s castle

Just like Belle

Blogs opened

Plates were banged

The world was put in a lock and key

Protests happened

The moon then said,

“All in all it was eventful year, in itself

I bid you adieu now 2020

I hope your history

Doesn’t repeat itself!”

There was a funeral in my heart

There was a funeral in my heart

A burial in my brain

And I tell you for sure that very moment

Quite heavily it did rain

Where you would have said a soul exists

Now resides a grave

My insides are tearing them out

Outside I look brave

She lies there, inside the earth

Trying to tear her way out

I can hear her speaking

As she tries to talk me out

I want to do so

It’ll make things so easy

But then I remember

What made me so breezy

I remember her through hazy memories

As she tore herself apart

As she sulked around the house

How all the mess did start

Although, she is dead

I can feel as an emotion

I need to shut them down inside

To stop all the commotion

I can hear he speaking

“Happiness is an illusion”

But, now I want to try and live

That very illusion

I now know that I hear the grave speaking

And the grave isn’t me    


Don't you feel that weight,
Of not having expectations,
But of people having them from you?

Does it not feel like
An added responsibility?

I know it's good to have it
It means people think you are able
But, just the thought of
Dissapointing them is enough
To make it seem like a precious burden
To make tumultuous thoughts rise
To make the outere serene face
Hide the noise of inside
Don't you feel so?


I dived head first
Into the abyss of a sea
Of my mind
To explore the unexplored
To know the known knowns
And remember the unknown knowns
And gear up for the unknown unknowns
At first it had sunlight
That sparked and carried along
My words, that I speak
Before I entered a world
Guarded and protected
By the toughest barriers
Yet vulnerable
It started turning dark
I didn't want to go further
But, I needed to
Questions and What ifs
Were scattered throughout
Doubts and I can'ts
Took up the space left
It was the deafening silence
Of inactivity that surrounded me
The deep waters looked serene
They were not
I wanted to ask you
To inform me if you find the answers
Of these questions
But, I won't
For I wasn't a diver anymore
I turned into the glowing jellyfish
Bringing light to the deep sea

All bodies are beautiful vs Beauty does not matter

Media destroys a person’s self-esteem like a plague wherever it goes. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Related Disorders, 69 percent of adolescent girls worldwide said “magazine pictures influenced their idea of a perfect body shape,” and more than half of these teenagers use unsafe methods, such as skipping meals, in an attempt to achieve that “perfect body.” Women everywhere suffer from poor body image and wounded self-confidence because of the skewed perception that they’re not beautiful. The “all bodies are beautiful” movement proposes to destroy the harmful, manufactured version of beauty the media has spun out, hoping to educate women on healthy body image and boost their self-confidence. Their methods include darling video campaigns from Dove’s “True Beauty” and outspoken support from full-figured celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence who openly refuse to diet. It girls that they are beautiful no matter how their body is. 

Despite these undoubtedly noble efforts to boost person’s self-esteem, I can’t help but find something terribly wrong with the principle of it. Telling person they’re beautiful, always, no matter what, only reinforces the idea beauty is incredibly important. The idea of calling a person “ugly” is so appalling because somehow we have associated a person’s physical beauty with her worth as a person.

Society has tied physical beauty to self-worth, and, instead of attacking the idea that beauty is equivalent to a person’s worth, the “all bodies are beautiful” movement instead attacks the idea that some person are not beautiful. Let that sink in for a moment. These campaigns are not telling a girl that she is worthwhile no matter what anybody says. The campaigns aren’t saying a person’s self-love shouldn’t be proportional to how others see her. They aren’t saying appearance is negligible next to strength of character. They’re saying a woman should love herself just because she’s still beautiful and her body is beautiful.

Telling a woman she’s beautiful only makes her believe it’s important. A woman who isn’t beautiful and knows she isn’t shouldn’t bother herself with caring, nor should anybody else. Beauty is not important, and shouldn’t be considered a person’s most cherished compliment. The shape of their jawline, the size of their eyes, their waist size and the breadth of their nose does not determine their eligibility, good-naturedness and boldness. Don’t you think, beauty does not matter?

I say sorry to all girls I have called beautiful,

And not intelligent, eligible or warm-hearted

I am sorry to make you believe that being called beautiful

Is the best compliment ever

I am sorry that I was like the rest

I will change now

Call you bright, good-natured and brilliant

Not because I think you’re not pretty

But the fact that it doesn’t affect me

Nor does it matter



I see what you’re doing.

I don’t speak against you.

But, just the fact that I choose not to speak,

Doesn’t make me voiceless.

You see the wrongs.

You know them.

You understand them.

Yet you aren’t speaking.

Does that not make you voiceless?

Hush, keep it a secret…

Hush, keep it a secret

I know yours, I won’t reveal

Keep mine in your heart’s sturdiest pocket

I promise you, you won’t regret

They all saw the funeral

Hush, keep it a secret

They believe you’re dead

Killed by a heart attack

Hush, keep it a secret

It was choking, from a nugget

What brought that on? Lies between us

Hush, keep it a secret

These occurrences with me are quite frequent

Who put that poison coated gold in your food?

Hush, keep it a secret

I know the culprit, you too do I bet

One knows oneself the best

So, hush keep it a secret

Hush, keep it a secret


Patriarchal Society Defined According to Feminism

Perhaps it developed due to insecuruty

A system that aims at gender authority

The eldest male is the supreme power

Rules that they say one can’t overpower

Installing gender inequality from the roots

A system where girls tend to be mute

Resigning to illogical restrictions

Can’t say that gaps in opportunities are going through dereliction?

Humiliation and guilt is used to block the temerity

Ya’ll know I am talking to you. Spare your minds from thoughts gritty

~Heavenly Gift~

Notes blend together

To create that soothing sound

Instruments make a mess

That feels good to be around

The lyrics washing over me

Instilling their meaning throughout

The octaves resound

As all my previous thoughts move out

The tunes meddle with my brain

As they rejuvenate it

The feelings of the voice

Move to my heart’s pit

With music I either remember everything

Or forget it


She is out-going, I am shy

She is creative, my mind’s dry

She is popular, I am unknown

She is a calm breeze, I am a cyclone

I am brainy, she likes sports

I like cells, she is interested in forts

I like my solitude, she likes a crowd

I love a book, with YouTube she is endowed

But we’re best friends

Dying Flower

 When a flower is dying
And it has dried
You water it
Put it in more sunlight
You care for it
Observe it for days
Enrich the soil
Keep it away from a blaze
You let the dying petals
Fall to the ground
While doing this
You were happy, did not frown
When it starts blooming again
You leave it alone
But take care of it
More than what you did before
Why not do this for yourself too?


Light and Darkness — A LifeWords Devotion – Hope 103.2


I am called a hero

I have secrets

People love me for my work;

Defeating darkness

And without it I am nothing


I am called a villain

I have secrets

People fear me for my work

Enclosing light

And without it I am nothing

Northern Lights

They say I am weak
They say I am shy
They say I am a dork
They say I can't fly
They say I have no future
They say I don't have a voice
They say I can't think
Thay say I don't have a choice
Well, I am the Northern Lights
But you won't see me coming


Fear sits on my tongue, like a joke
I can't swallow it, it'll choke
I can't spit it out
Too familiar to be without

Mommy’s Dish

She cuts vegetables, swiftly with her knife

Grounds the spices to give them life

Puts the utensil on the gas stove

From the chopping board, gives the vegetables a shove

Adds a bit of oil to enrich the taste

And a bit of ginger-garlic paste

Puts in the spices that give the tempting aroma

Adds a bay leaf that beckons any soma

Goes in the essential salt

That is necessary to give your tastebuds a halt

But then she adds a special ingredient, without any doubt

That no recipe book will tell you about

It’s beautiful, mysterious and lies all above

She calls it ‘A pinch of love’

Rainy Ride

Blake was tired. It was a long day for him. Moreover, at 9pm his cab had broken down and he couldn’t find another one due to heavy rains. He was standing around to hitch a ride.

Having waited for around for an hour , he was getting impatient. Just then he saw a car approaching. Without waiting for permission he jumped in and that’s when he realised that no one was behind the wheel! Again the car lurched forward without a driver . Blake was sure that the ghost car would close up on him now. Imagine the scenario for poor Blake, night rains and a ghost car. He passed out on the car seat.

Two men sat down on their house’s front porch, dripping wet. That’s when they saw the hitchiker in their car. “Look, there’s the idiot who jumped inside our car when we were pushing it!”

My Hidden Soul

It was you
It was me
Underneath the stars and
Fireworks which bursted with glee
You said nothing
I believed everything
Words unspoken hanging in the air
Just the silence and nothing
In that one moment I actually felt
The feelings of you, when you stay
And it simply felt like
Nothing could be astray
That one moment
I found life
I found you
I found me

Conversation with my question paper

*teacher distributes the question paper* *I receive with trembling hands*

Question Paper: Hold me nicely. Why are you shaking me? I am already tolerating your sweaty palms, don’t test my patience.

Me: My heart isn’t in my control, okay? It’s your fault anyways. It’s because of you that I am scared of exams.

Question Paper: Exams, huh? When you have to study you are like, “Exams. Humph, why will they scare me? I will scare them.” Do you even know what they are?

Me: Exam is that phenomenon where a student goes through immense torture while yielding a pen and scribbling over a paper while an invigilator is watching and he/she does not allow one to open one’s mouth and socialize.

Question Paper: Bravo! Good job! If you would have learned refraction and reflection this way then you wouldn’t be in the position you currently are in.

Me: Why are you rubbing salt on my wound?

*Half an hour passes*

Question paper: Write something, write man. Half an hour has already gone. I know I am very beautiful but how much will you stare?

Me: I want to but am helpless. Why have you filled yourself with such hard questions?

Question Paper: 😡

Me: Sir, may I go to the washroom? *YES*

Question Paper: Leave me behind. Leave me ugghhh

*A few minutes later*

Question Paper: O, Michelangelo’s son. You don’t need to draw on me. Use these skills tomorrow in Biology exam.

Me: As if I am gonna pay heed to you. It gives me stress relief.

Question Paper: Stress, ha! Why did you not study then?

Me: I did. It is physics. Where did this maths come from?

Question Paper: 🤦‍♀️

*A few more minutes later*

Me: *crunches up the paper in anger*

Question Paper: Oww,aa. No one respects intelligent things. Don’t do this anymore. When you go home and dad asks about me and you give me to him in this state then you’ll get more visits from his shoes.

*Half an hour left for the exam to end*

Question Paper: Where is the answer script?

Me: Submitted.

Question Paper: Oh high and mighty one, turn me over…..


  • 😨
  • 😰
  • 😱
  • 😭



I have left my chair, my house, my road

Slipped on a magic cloak

Drunk a magic potion

Felt the waves of the ocean

Cried for other people

Laughed with them

Fought with dragons

Stood as a bystander witnessing people’s lives

Heard a stranger’s(but not quite) voice

Wrote conspiracy theories to find the murderer

Touched the dew of the morning

Stood drenched in the stormy night

Visited a land of geometric shapes

Conversed with an old king and a princess

I came back to my chair

I had been absent, as always

Lost in bound pages which is lying on my lap


They won’t tell us about princesses

Who held swords and did win

Only about meek ones

Who considered fighting, a sin

It must be terrifying for them

To think of a Red Riding Hood

Who knew what she was doing when she let the wild in

So, let afraid be her mood

They changed her-story

Into a battle, quite gory

Where we’ll have brave,handsome(tired?) men

And this would be the new history

Dear ‘They’ I know you can

Muffle our voices on the outside

But how will you ever manage,

To completely extinguish the flame inside?


I can feel its cold stare

As I walk down the path

I can see the dark shadow

As it watches me with wrath

I can hear its footsteps

A shiver runs down my spine

It mumbles, it moans, walks more and groans

Shadowing its own shadow, it stealthily looks at mine

I want to run

A scream rises up my throat

But I am bound to the pace I am in

I am unable let the scream out

Suddenly, I hear nothing

No shadow in the night,starless

With the same suddenness something hits me

As I stumble into darkness

There wasn’t a single creature when the girl went missing

It wasn’t even night

It was four ‘o’ clock in the evening

But she is nowhere in sight

If there wasn’t an animal

Nor a man or a run-in

I can’t help but wonder

Was it the darkness within?

Some Days

Some days my thoughts run bold

Some days they turn cold

Some days my pen’s ink runs out

Some days it remains intact throughout

Some days the paper can’t hold words any more

Some days it sports a blank score

Some days my stationery in it’s place can’t be

Some days they stare and taunt me

I can’t decide whether its better to drown

Or die of thirst

Types of students in exams

1. The topper

They study 36 hours a day but say that they don’t know anything. Before entering the exam hall you’d find them saying something like, ” Oh my god! What will I do? I don’t know anything. I will fail.  Please help me. I didn’t study.  Oh god oh god oh god.” After this there might be two scenarios.  The first one goes like:  

*crying*                                                           Another student: ” Why are you crying?”                                                          Topper: ” I missed a half mark question. Now I will get only 99.5″😭     

The second goes like:

*resultday*                                                  Other students: “Who got the highest?”                                                        Topper: “Me obvio!”

2. The Gambler

They are the ones who do selective study and leave the rest to God.  Like if there are 5 chapters coming, they’ll learn 2 chapters and just one topic from the rest. You’d see them enyering the exam hall like a pro and saying their favourite quote, ” A piece of paper can’t decide your future.”

3. Religious one

They enter the room chanting some devotional mantra and praying more than what they did in their whole life.  For good measure they might also make a symbol of their God at the top of their answer scripts.

4. The OCD

These people have more coloured pens than the whole class. They are equipped with notes, mind maps, flowcharts and all those sort of things and everything is written in a different colour.

5. The Jay-Veeru Duo

They sit in classes together, study together, and Xerox each others answers too together. Thus the name.

6. The extra sheet takers

They probably write everything they know in every answer or write just anything to fill the paper like it shouldn’t go blank. They take 5 extra sheets when the other people take 1 or 2.

7. The one night before study-ers

Even if they study a bit each day the world rocking study happens a night before the exam. And if they don’t study before this then I guess I don’t have anything to say.🤷‍♀️

8. Honest guys

These are the people who seriously don’t know what they are doing with their lives. They attend classes because they know they have to and give exams for the same reason. Upon asking whether they studied or not they give an honest and blatant NO.

9. The chit hider

These are one of the most creative people in the class. The girls here let there nails grow and stick chits on their underside. The boys put the chits in their socks, in their pen caps, erasers or even in their hair. The visual is like:

10. The know-what-they-want guys

These people know exactly how much marks the need to pass and study exactly in the same meticulous way. Neither more nor less.

These were some type of students you will definitely find in exams.


Sitting on a swing, my mind wanders

Not to my worries, or the time I squandered

It calms down in an inexplicable stillness

Seeking solace in the tranquilness

It’s not silence, it’s just some things

The absence of oneself is what it often brings

The chirping of birds, the sound of crickets

The rustling of leaves in the thicket

The warmth of sunshine, falling on my face

I am smiling, my lips aren’t twisted in a grimace

My heart wasn’t black, it just lacked light

I came here to gain respite from the plight

I let it break, so that light could enter

It did and passes right through the centre

What amazing things I find here all time

And it doesn’t even cost a dime

Couldn’t you hear the music?;Touch their soft notes?

See the mirth they flashed? ; I couldn’t help but gloat

Nature always brought the most beautiful things

And it’s effect sure does cling

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