My Writings

  • Unsaid
    Everyone says, don’t care People always and come and go But, how can I stop thinking about someone Who has been inside me, forever, who left me alone? How can I forget someone, Who has been… Continue Reading →
  • A Small Thought
    I am supposed to write my own story But I can’t decide if I am the author or just the muse? A small post but I had to keep it to 21 words. This was written… Continue Reading →
  • A Forbidden Room
    How nice it would be to have, A room inside our minds Where I could stash my thoughts, my memories That I don’t want to rewind The swirl of consecutive broken melodies That my brain somehow… Continue Reading →
  • Poem for Myself
    I have written a thousand poems For people around me All but one Have never written a poem for Myself It’s not because I don’t want to But because I really don’t know how to Or… Continue Reading →
  • A Letter to Fictional Characters
    Dear Characters, I don’t think I am sane enough to write a proper intro coz you people have really messed my head up(in both a good way and a bad way) Leta get to the bottom… Continue Reading →
  • Away From Eyes
    Away from eyes, I’ll do my happy dance Away from eyes, I’ll take a risky chance Away from eyes, I’ll sing my heart out Away from eyes, I’ll click a photo with a pout Away from… Continue Reading →
  • Pretending Every Day
    And yesterday they said,They listen to EDMAnd today I went and sangSongs I learnt yesterdayBefore that they saidThey dislike book wormsAnd I hid My copy of Mansfield RanchEven before that they wanted my notesAnd the naive… Continue Reading →
  • Friend
    A friend is like a flower A rose to be exact Or maybe like a brand new gate That never comes unlatched A friend is like an owl Both beautiful and wise Or it is like… Continue Reading →
  • I Guess
    I guess I never really knew you I guess I never really understood you I guess you never really found me I guess you never really wanted to know me And I guess you never really… Continue Reading →
  • Our Beloved Classroom
    That chalk and duster Accompanied by the blackboard With which the teachers taught Even if we were bored That occasional chattering Passing secret notes With worksheets and question papers Making paper boats With divider and compass… Continue Reading →
  • Life of a Topper
    How many of us, how many have actually made fun of toppers? All of us, I guess. Let me share their viewpoints now and situations which they all hate with all their heart. 1. “You are… Continue Reading →
  • It Took Over
    I see you lying there It’s a bittersweet feeling It feels me jubilation and yet grief As I see you there, still and lying A gasp marks your face Your eyes wide with shock I think I… Continue Reading →
  • Of Mountains and Hills
    The mountain feels to high today And all I wanna do is stay in bed Curl up on it, make my pillows wet Revel in that moment I feel doing nothing But I still trudge through… Continue Reading →
  • A win-win for Earth?
    Since the beginning of the lockdown people have been talking about how the environment has improved and how 2020 gave nature a break. Do you think its true? The pandemic has been a hindrance to ecosystem… Continue Reading →
  • Alone or Lonely?
    I tried explaining them why I am sad. Nothing came out. Perhaps I didn’t understand it myself. And that’s when they all start talking, saying I am not alone. I know I am not alone but… Continue Reading →
  • Happiness
    Happiness. Such a subjective term We all want it. But we all don’t have it To some it comes easily. Some struggle for it Everyone chases it. Through whatever means necessary For some it’s money, for… Continue Reading →
  • When My Head Hits The Pillow
    When my head hits the pillow, here are the thoughts that follow: 1. “Damn, this could have been the perfect comeback to her mean comment. Why did I not think of it before?” 2. “Uggh, I… Continue Reading →
  • I Dreamt A Dream
    Last night I viewed a strange view That people had given up on war There were no more gun shots heard On streets there was no gore There was no more discrimination Everyone lived in harmony… Continue Reading →
  • What We Need..
    When you’re suffering from a problem And you need help; that’s said People, wanted or unwanted Come to your aid You are huddled inside a room With those people filled in And all at once they… Continue Reading →
  • 🙂🙂🙂
    You know what, I am tired of ‘they’. The people whom we address as  , “They say…” You get it? Let me list some of their characteristics: They think they know everything. They have a misconception… Continue Reading →
  • Why me?
    If you have to ask “Why me?” When in your heart you have no glee When the world is pouring its colossal drops And you can’t handle the mess it has caused When the sky doesn’t… Continue Reading →
  • Exhausation
    I am tired Not by the lack of rest Not by the fact that I have a lot of work Or there are assignments waiting on my desk   It’s something else The tiredness is embedded… Continue Reading →
  • My Secret Keeper
    I could never trust a person I always concealed the truth As all that I said was held against me So I trusted it with you Every single emotion I had That I had lied about… Continue Reading →
  • A letter from Algebra
    Dear Students, I am not gonna ask you whether you are fine ’cause I know that most of you will say that I have made your life a living hell. So, let me start with the… Continue Reading →
  • A War Against One’s Own
    The night is my biggest enemy Or perhaps I have made it so to be It makes me think about things Which I want to forget, which can’t return swinging As I lie on the bed… Continue Reading →
  • Waves
    I felt like the waves of the ocean Flowing and just being there I had lost attention of my surroundings Numb, I stared into no where That was how every day felt like Just existing just… Continue Reading →
  • I am Jealous
    It’s hard to watch Hard to remember All that she does to me All that she did So well liked She had so many friends who loved her Always the best, coming out on top Skillfull… Continue Reading →
  • Meeting!
    I woke up with a smile on my face Knew I could funally embrace You, the lovliest sweetest gift My heart’s racing can’t stop it I’ve waited for you for such a long time But every… Continue Reading →
  • Gray
    They say that black is wrong And also say that white is right But there has to be a gray somewhere Like there’s dawn between day and night The say that one’s life Is either black… Continue Reading →
  • My Doll
    I had a doll Which did all sort of bad things Scary, terrifying and terrible Incidents you’ll be afraid of reminescing She took out my cat’s eyes And played with them like ball We never saw… Continue Reading →
  • Bullet Tears
    She looked at his crisp uniform He looked at the sullen sky Tears had started welling up When he said that it isn’t a goodbye He left his harmonica with her The teary eyes looked at… Continue Reading →
  • Lost/Found
    I think I just lost myself But where, is something I am not entirely sure of Perhaps in the movies I watched Perhaps between the lines of the books Perhaps while listening to that old song… Continue Reading →
  • Coloured
    Disclaimer: This poem(especially the word ‘you’ used here) does not intend to point to any person or community in particular. They are just my thoughts on something that has been in this world for a long… Continue Reading →
  • To Be Vulnerable
    As thoughts swirl, I watch the rainThey run around, dominate my brainThose soft tears of grief or mirthShedded by nature to clean the dirtYou could just stand and watch themFor an eternity, just look at them… Continue Reading →
  • The Mask
    She smiles, my eyes cry She is outgoing, I’m shy She loves, my mind is alone She is amazing, my qualities uknown She is beautiful, my insides are a mess She is happy, I feel stressed… Continue Reading →
  • One Year Anniversary!
    It’s been a yearThat’s so hard to believeSince I started this small cornerWhich I can call minePublicizing whatever I wroteReceiving feedbacks and appreciationMaddening myself over what to postAnd how to make the content betterYet, the most… Continue Reading →
  • Ècrit
    When I hold my pen Words rain down in the open Penning down my feelings Leaving my heart empty and head reeling When I am purple with rage The angry words enclose the paper cage When… Continue Reading →
  • As I Awaken
    I woke up to see The sky with the stars Glowing as the fall I wanted them to find me As I awaken I am carried by that glow And I long for that flame In… Continue Reading →
  • Letting go…
    I used to hold onto things too tight Thought it made me brave, and everything alright My fingers would ache holding onto the past But I thought it was worth the pain it cast Would remember… Continue Reading →
  • A letter from Online Class
    Dear students, I don’t have the energy to write a whole introduction about this letter. You have already exhausted me and all the other apps I use. So, let me just get to the point. I… Continue Reading →
  • The First Step
    Everyday, I look at myself in the glass.The torn girl. Hiding her scars Sitting around without a purpose. Cluttering her mind with questions. It felt like a never ending journey. I wanted to explore. Myself. Yet… Continue Reading →
  • Oblivion
    The memory again hits my mind As the frightening lullaby plays in rewind The darkness again closes around me What happened that night? How could it be? A midnight stroll beneath the stars The moonlit night… Continue Reading →
  • Never Enough
    She’s never enough Always has to compete Just to be kickedBack on the streetShe’s never enough Always not goodHer soul spiralling Hiding under a hoodShe’s never enough Always a second pickThe thoughts that makeHer heart and… Continue Reading →
  • Mistaken Fairytales
    When I was a kid They told me fairy tales With handsome princes And princesses with ponytails The princes were said to be strong Formidable and good looking too They were also intelligent And every good… Continue Reading →
  • Being Me
    It is a known factIts a burden being a womanShe has to conceal her painAs she is a womanShe is a bud, a gardenA legacy of sacrificeEthereal and musticalA chaff hidden in riceShe is a view,… Continue Reading →
  • A Birthday Present🎁
    Stories, yours and mineCame together, did greetJust likes waves In an ocean meetI’ll flow with you as wellAs I have known youI have known how to makeLife better in its own wayAdd a cherry to its… Continue Reading →
  • The Divorce
    A man in Phoenix calls his son and says,” Your mother and I are getting divorced. We are sick of each other and can’t stand each other.” “What are you saying? Wait, I am calling my… Continue Reading →
  • Indian Mythology vs Science
    Indian mythology is one of the oldest of the world. They are rich with culture and traditions which teach important lessons. But some people still question the actual existence of those stories and their characters and… Continue Reading →
  • Mirror ,Mirror Off The Wall
    Mirror mirror on the wall Its time for you to leave the hall I know my looks don’t matter at all They can’t make me rise,can’t make me fall And I am not afraid of what… Continue Reading →
  • Tears
    Embrace the dropsThat slide down your cheekThe mini waterfallsThat you think makes you weakThe pearl like dewThat moistens your lashesThe transparent, soft waterUpon falling down, gently splashesLove the rain, let go of the painThe pain that’s… Continue Reading →
  • A Comparison
    Life: Is like a kite You never know how high you soar Or whether you’ll fall down and be crushed with feet Life: Is like a raindrop You never know whether you’ll reach the ground, your… Continue Reading →
  • Tom and Jerry Science Laws
    Tom and Jerry are our all time favourite cartoon characters. They also invented new science laws. Have a look: 1. Gravity doesn’t work unless you look down Well, haven’t we all seen this? 2. The characters… Continue Reading →
  • Dear ______
    When I was grown up enough I found you Beside me you stayed In summers and winters too You got me in trouble too But I did not stop seeing you You distracted me from everything… Continue Reading →
  • Fixing
    My friend came to me. Distress was etched across her face. Sunken eyes, pinched face and hunched shoulders. An unhealthy aura of hopelessness around her. She told me that she is a dissapointment and can’t do… Continue Reading →
  • Star Light
    “Star light, so bright, Clenching my eyes tight I see your shine Things feel fine Wish I may, wish I might That one day I shine so bright” Those were the words, she uttered whenever she… Continue Reading →
  • Irony At Its Best
    How do I mend a broken heart? My world has simply fallen apart Those were my thoughts when Rudy Steiner died, For “The Book Thief”, buckets of tears I cried I jumped in joy and laughed… Continue Reading →
  • The Moon of 2020
    The moon loked down upon As the virus did its task And on its beautiful patched face Resided a mask It looked down As earthquakes shook the ground And when the floods swept everything away He… Continue Reading →
  • There was a funeral in my heart
    There was a funeral in my heart A burial in my brain And I tell you for sure that very moment Quite heavily it did rain Where you would have said a soul exists Now resides… Continue Reading →
  • Expectations
    Don’t you feel that weight,Of not having expectations,But of people having them from you?Does it not feel like An added responsibility?I know it’s good to have itIt means people think you are ableBut, just the thought… Continue Reading →
  • Dive
    I dived head firstInto the abyss of a seaOf my mindTo explore the unexploredTo know the known knownsAnd remember the unknown knownsAnd gear up for the unknown unknownsAt first it had sunlightThat sparked and carried alongMy… Continue Reading →
  • All bodies are beautiful vs Beauty does not matter
    Media destroys a person’s self-esteem like a plague wherever it goes. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Related Disorders, 69 percent of adolescent girls worldwide said “magazine pictures influenced their idea of a… Continue Reading →
  • Voiceless
    I see what you’re doing. I don’t speak against you. But, just the fact that I choose not to speak, Doesn’t make me voiceless. You see the wrongs. You know them. You understand them. Yet you… Continue Reading →
  • Nightingale of Dreams
  • Hush, keep it a secret…
    Hush, keep it a secret I know yours, I won’t reveal Keep mine in your heart’s sturdiest pocket I promise you, you won’t regret They all saw the funeral Hush, keep it a secret They believe… Continue Reading →
  • Patriarchy
    Perhaps it developed due to insecuruty A system that aims at gender authority The eldest male is the supreme power Rules that they say one can’t overpower Installing gender inequality from the roots A system where… Continue Reading →
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  • ~Heavenly Gift~
    Notes blend together To create that soothing sound Instruments make a mess That feels good to be around The lyrics washing over me Instilling their meaning throughout The octaves resound As all my previous thoughts move… Continue Reading →
  • ~Contrast~
    She is out-going, I am shy She is creative, my mind’s dry She is popular, I am unknown She is a calm breeze, I am a cyclone I am brainy, she likes sports I like cells,… Continue Reading →
  • Dying Flower
    When a flower is dying And it has dried You water it Put it in more sunlight You care for it Observe it for days Enrich the soil Keep it away from a blaze You let… Continue Reading →
  • Opposites
    Light: I am called a hero I have secrets People love me for my work; Defeating darkness And without it I am nothing Darkness: I am called a villain I have secrets People fear me for… Continue Reading →
  • A Tapestry
  • Dilemma
  • Hide and Seek
  • Just A Small Hope
  • Northern Lights
    They say I am weakThey say I am shyThey say I am a dorkThey say I can’t flyThey say I have no futureThey say I don’t have a voiceThey say I can’t thinkThay say I don’t… Continue Reading →
  • Fear
    Fear sits on my tongue, like a jokeI can’t swallow it, it’ll chokeI can’t spit it outToo familiar to be without
  • Mommy’s Dish
    She cuts vegetables, swiftly with her knife Grounds the spices to give them life Puts the utensil on the gas stove From the chopping board, gives the vegetables a shove Adds a bit of oil to… Continue Reading →
  • Rainy Ride
    Blake was tired. It was a long day for him. Moreover, at 9pm his cab had broken down and he couldn’t find another one due to heavy rains. He was standing around to hitch a ride…. Continue Reading →
  • My Hidden Soul
    It was youIt was meUnderneath the stars andFireworks which bursted with gleeYou said nothingI believed everythingWords unspoken hanging in the airJust the silence and nothingIn that one moment I actually feltThe feelings of you, when you… Continue Reading →
  • Conversation with my question paper
    *teacher distributes the question paper* *I receive with trembling hands* Question Paper: Hold me nicely. Why are you shaking me? I am already tolerating your sweaty palms, don’t test my patience. Me: My heart isn’t in… Continue Reading →
  • Lost
    I have left my chair, my house, my road Slipped on a magic cloak Drunk a magic potion Felt the waves of the ocean Cried for other people Laughed with them Fought with dragons Stood as… Continue Reading →
  • Flame
    They won’t tell us about princesses Who held swords and did win Only about meek ones Who considered fighting, a sin It must be terrifying for them To think of a Red Riding Hood Who knew… Continue Reading →
  • Obscurity
    I can feel its cold stare As I walk down the path I can see the dark shadow As it watches me with wrath I can hear its footsteps A shiver runs down my spine It… Continue Reading →
  • Some Days
    Some days my thoughts run bold Some days they turn cold Some days my pen’s ink runs out Some days it remains intact throughout Some days the paper can’t hold words any more Some days it… Continue Reading →
  • Types of students in exams
    1. The topper They study 36 hours a day but say that they don’t know anything. Before entering the exam hall you’d find them saying something like, ” Oh my god! What will I do? I… Continue Reading →
  • Respite
    Sitting on a swing, my mind wanders Not to my worries, or the time I squandered It calms down in an inexplicable stillness Seeking solace in the tranquilness It’s not silence, it’s just some things The… Continue Reading →
  • Repercussions
    Taking a stroll, you find a flower quite pretty It’s purple with a tinge of blue Its unique, you’re taken aback In a mundane life there’s something new You go near it and admire It looks… Continue Reading →
  • Crime Scene
    We were sent to investigate the crime scene. Murder. Happens a lot nowadays. It was a man. Name- Abigail Jackson. Body was in hospital. We reached the scene. There was blood(of course). He had been stabbed… Continue Reading →
  • Storm
    There’s thunder, dark clouds envelop the sky Away to home, the birds fly The blue parts go into solitude Rain is what it brews I step out to greet it The wet green bed kisses my… Continue Reading →
  • Beauty
    Beauty. What is it?Does it have a definition?It can be in a sunset,in a sunriseIn a rose, in a thornIn a poem, in a bookIn presence, in absenceIn a person, in a character In a soft… Continue Reading →
  • Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-6(Conclusion)
    Claire kidnapped Princess Gemma of Cahran Renamed herself, to the princess’ clan Claire Gemma now went to Maguildy To find out who actually was guilty She reached there, was taken to a room A maid had… Continue Reading →
  • Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-5
    The tourney was not declared open, so they didn’t have to do it They took him back to palace, asked him to sit “What’s your name? ” , and a gazillion other questions I will give… Continue Reading →
  • Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-4
    Thinking hard upon it, a thought struck her mind It was in front of them, yet something they couldn’t find The announcer’s voice was male, can’t be a witch She had now finally found a glitch… Continue Reading →
  • Twelve Dancing Princesses-3 #Retelling
    She went to her mother, to ask why they were cursed Her mother replied with lips pursed “Long back when the kingdom was ruled by your great grandfather, Witches caused a great massacre Fighting with them… Continue Reading →
  • Twelve Dancing Princesses-2 #Retelling
    Part 2 Claire was shocked, surprised and confused Even after this she was amused She looked forward to complete the story And return home with all her glory They’ll have a tourney every night Only those… Continue Reading →
  • Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling
    Part 1: Chloe was the typical teen you’d find Clumsy, worried, a bit kind Sailing through school somehow Sitting in classes with a permanent frown She busied herself in books Didn’t care much about her looks… Continue Reading →
  • ~Bittersweet~
    I seek calm in the foldings of rose The feelings of relaxation, it does arose The velvet like petal gives a sense of calm The soft sleeping ground provides a balm The sweet smell filles my… Continue Reading →
  • So much for glory, so much for freedom
    The soldiers lie weary and tired Walk between bodies As people sitting far away First, glorified and admired Then opponents attacked, bombs were dropped Hospitals, schools became a pile of rumble Trees fell down, wires were… Continue Reading →
  • Dynamic Definitions-3
    Best Friend (Noun) 1. The person who has the same mental disorder as you. 2. The person with whom you can do all silly things which you are afraid to do in front of people. 3…. Continue Reading →
  • What I say vs. What I think
    What I say: “Yeah, I have seen that movie” What I think: ” No I have not seen that movie and I won’t ever see it as it is quite crappy but I also don’t want… Continue Reading →

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