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Denying Waves

I feel the waves call out to me The dark and blue oblivion Made of hues colourless Perfect for blackened souls Maybe being submerged won't be too bad Yet a dive was all I dared Controlling the numbing urge to let go Resemble the wild water lillies And yet look grotesque I hold my breath,... Continue Reading →

I’ll Be There

You walk past me Smiling as if nothing's wrong A weeping star Caught in the midst of storm And they don't realise That your cheeks are tired From wiping tears and faking smiles Tying yourself with a laugh That's threatening to come undone But you don't have to try so hard Don't need to put... Continue Reading →

Flowers Speak

Blooming midst the salty breeze Every flower speaks to me Like maple leaves from the autumn tree Swaying swiftly, gaily free Moving in it's melody Dewy petals, and nectar sweet Pollen dispersed in the wind of sea Wildly growing under the maple tree The flowers dance with my feet And we speak and speak till... Continue Reading →

Grow Apart

My arms spread out, but they never quite reachWords are spoken, they don't cross the breachMy soul calls out, still stand my feetThe way to you, when did it get so steep? All my small made big issuesYou had called me out forGrow,this overthinking mess is now aloneYour words strampled onYou see me now, you... Continue Reading →

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