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Denying Waves

I feel the waves call out to me The dark and blue oblivion Made of hues colourless Perfect for blackened souls Maybe being submerged won't be too bad Yet a dive was all I dared Controlling the numbing urge to let go Resemble the wild water lillies And yet look grotesque I hold my breath,... Continue Reading →

Her and Me

The night sky is arcanely deep An indelible grief it weaves Unimaginable, unconquerable, palpable The darkness creeps around her Forever swirls the broken melody Of cries, tears and screams All her dreams stand out of reach Out of sight is gaeity Standing before the mirror She glances beyond, past me Through my scars, my fears,... Continue Reading →

Notes From Me, To Me

Alone at the edge of the universe, Humming a tune unlearnt, unheard A melody of my own Stretches far, seeking home A soul to affect, a voice to compliment The notes sway and pray for a human shell Renounced, they bounce back off surfaces Not allowed to penetrate Still the wind carries them in whispers... Continue Reading →


maybe i'm not that off-putting maybe i'm capable of being liked maybe i am loved maybe there's nothing wrong with me maybe it's not me, it's them maybe it's okay to crave different things maybe it's even good to be unique maybe i don't need to fit in maybe my thoughts matter maybe my feeling... Continue Reading →

Roads to Me

I was walking forward in the quaint highway As I thought of the roads left back A sudden thought gripped me, To experience what I had experienced; to look back There was I again, in the old corridoor Shy, timid, without a sense of dignity Smiling at everyone, bawling when bullied Palpable without without capability... Continue Reading →

A Small Thought

Photo by Valeriia Miller on I am supposed to write my own story But I can't decide if I am the author or just the muse? A small post but I had to keep it to 21 words. This was written in response to Saumya's contest - Write in 21! Check out her blog... Continue Reading →

Poem for Myself

I have written a thousand poems For people around me All but one Have never written a poem for Myself It's not because I don't want to But because I really don't know how to Or perhaps because I never thought to But now I am trying And yet I don't know how to fill... Continue Reading →

I Guess

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on I guess I never really knew you I guess I never really understood you I guess you never really found me I guess you never really wanted to know me And I guess you never really wanted to understand me I guess you always hid from me I guess... Continue Reading →

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