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Then and Now

A taste of freedom To live and love the world A song I harboured That sand of dreamy lands and words A place with no expectations A place with no restrictions A place with just fixations A place which was my dramatisation A fantasy shattered Broken expectations One taste of reality Took all, it seemed... Continue Reading →

My Battleground

There is no war greater than The one going on in my own mindThe spear of my fears piercingMy own flesh and yet Forcing the blood to stay in my veinsThe swords of insecurities areCutting down the dreams perched on wingsThe shield of acceptance lies Shamefully aside, not even trying to protectI look in the... Continue Reading →

Roads to Me

I was walking forward in the quaint highway As I thought of the roads left back A sudden thought gripped me, To experience what I had experienced; to look back There was I again, in the old corridoor Shy, timid, without a sense of dignity Smiling at everyone, bawling when bullied Palpable without without capability... Continue Reading →


I sit there, Staring off into the distance. Maybe I don't cry anymore, But it feels like those tears, Have been soaked by my skin, And that they reside in me Numb That's how I'd describe the feeling Somehow, I know that its worse Than being sad That feeling something Is better than not feeling... Continue Reading →

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