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Her and Me

The night sky is arcanely deep An indelible grief it weaves Unimaginable, unconquerable, palpable The darkness creeps around her Forever swirls the broken melody Of cries, tears and screams All her dreams stand out of reach Out of sight is gaeity Standing before the mirror She glances beyond, past me Through my scars, my fears,... Continue Reading →


maybe i'm not that off-putting maybe i'm capable of being liked maybe i am loved maybe there's nothing wrong with me maybe it's not me, it's them maybe it's okay to crave different things maybe it's even good to be unique maybe i don't need to fit in maybe my thoughts matter maybe my feeling... Continue Reading →

Away From Eyes

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Away from eyes, I'll do my happy dance Away from eyes, I'll take a risky chance Away from eyes, I'll sing my heart out Away from eyes, I'll click a photo with a pout Away from eyes, I'll write a love story Away from eyes, I'll rise to an... Continue Reading →

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