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Grow Apart

My arms spread out, but they never quite reach
Words are spoken, they don't cross the breach
My soul calls out, still stand my feet
The way to you, when did it get so steep?

All my small made big issues
You had called me out for
Grow,this overthinking mess is now alone
Your words strampled on
You see me now, you don't really look
I stand here waiting,your eyes swerve past mine

When did we stop all the collective laughter?
When did all the memories burn about?
When did you stop talking to your best friend?
I am left with a broken patched dream still lost

'Cause even in my wildest dreams
And sulken thoughts
Never did I think
That we would grow apart

And I don't know, if we could call it growing
As all we do is hold back
Hugs so hard and inside jokes
Now stilted smiles are all I have

When did the oath of forever fade away?
When did always turn to sometimes?
When did you stop talking to the one who gets you?
I am left with my stupid thoughts, still lost

And even in our angry jabs
And glares so hard
Never did I think
That we would grow apart

You call me invisible
Before,you seeked me through the crowd
And talks so often directed to me
Are reduced to, 'hey can you help me with these?'
All our words were faithless
Or you've wiped them out of your mind

For even in my midnight screams
And a broken heart
Never did I think
That we would grow apart

26 thoughts on “Grow Apart

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  1. wow yes this is soo relatable. “but not always a person can be there with you, sometimes they’ll let you go cause they were a part of your life not a part of you. they make you see the path but its you only who has to walk in the life of art” I missed ur work <33 how r u dng? long time no see

    Liked by 1 person

  2. FRiEnD
    Ship Dear
    Akshita A Boat
    Requiring Anchors
    of Safety and Sails

    Unafraid to Explore Change

    For This Is How Life Goes And
    Comes Through Storms Returning

    To Safe Harbors

    For It’s True

    There Are North
    Stars And Constants

    Of Life Yet The Only
    FRiEnD We Shall Ever

    Truly Master is FRiEnDS to
    Others Truly Anchors of Safety

    And Sails Unafraid of Storms

    That Do

    Come and
    Go And Return Again

    True FRiEnDS Are Life
    Savers Who Do Not Give Up

    On Boats

    Lost at Sea

    With Neither
    Anchors or
    Sails Working Properly For Now

    Yet Again it is Up to Us to Be That Ship..:)

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  3. It’s always sad and difficult when friendship changes especially with your forever friend.
    ” When did the oath of forever fade away?”

    Maybe it’s an opportunity to love yourself more my sweet Akshita.
    Excellent poem my dearest! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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