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The Freedom Song

A hunter was walking through the forest when he came across a beautiful, large bird with a golden beak. It was so beautiful that he decided to not kill it. But, as he started walking away the bird sang to him. “Na na na.”

This annoyed the hunter as he thought that the bird was mocking him. He kept walking and the bird continued singing. Finally the hunter took out a bow and an arrow and shot it down. He put it in his sack and continued his journey. Suddenly, he heard the song coming from the sack.

The hunter had been certain that the bird was dead and so he was very frightened. He carried it home and buried it in the soil. But, just as he finished covering the sack he heard the same song coming from the supposedly empty sack. He opened the sack and out flew a hundered birds singing the same song. He could kill the bird but not the song. It was the freedom song.


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