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A Conversation Between PUB-G Guns

AWM: (Singing) I am the best, I am the best, I am the best. I know this but these teenage players. They exhaust me ! I swear if I weren’t a part of a virtual game I would jump at them and fire their heads off! I mean just look at me. Smart, confident and lethal. I should be used for tough enemies not just any wee little child.

KAR 98: Stop procrastinating you supercilious, egoistic….leave it. More than you they use me. Anything happens and its KAR 98. I swear if I had my own free will I would stop working altogether.

AKM : What you say is true bro. This AWM is filled with pride. So what if these time- wasting teenagers treat him like God. We too are of the same cult.

P92: You people do this all the time. Rub salt, pepper , chilli, turmeric eveything on my wounds. Be glad they use you. Half of them don’t use me and when they do they keep on cursing.

( A player starts playing)

KAR 98: Not again. These carefree teenagers just keep using me. Although, the way this guy is playing is pretty impressive.

AKM : Wow. Did you look at that headshot. What a clean sweep. That too with our miserable friend, P92.

P92: He used me! He used me! I love this guy.

AWM : Foolish little guy. Should use me. I am the best sniper rifle.

AKM: He must be the next gen champion. People will worship him. He will get the PUBG OSCARS for BEST PLAYER IN THE UNIVERSE. I really want to know who this guy is.

All the guns except AWM: Same here!

Player: *giggles of a baby* Ooo…Caar *more giggles*

I tried writing this but this is far from a good one. I am not a player myself but I got to know about these guns due to my friends. Thanks for reading. Have a good day.


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